Sunday, April 21, 2024

Shades of Blue ♡


Hello, lovely lovelies♡ Welcome to my little place where shades of blue are brightening my day....and my soul♡ Blue♡ 'Tis the colour in all it's shades which makes my heart sing♡ So many colours in all their variational tones make my heart smile, but it is the hue blue that will always sing the most lyrical of songs♡

Why am I waxing lyrical (again) about the hue blue?? Why, I'm crocheting another granny square cardie, and it is dancing in lovely shades of blue.  After crocheting a cardie for my  foray into crocheting I decided I 'needed' a blue one. After all, a girl can never have too many cardies. Oh, I do love me a cardie or two.

I'm enjoying crocheting my little blue cardie. The wool is Patons 5 ply Bluebell,  manufactured here in Australia. Crochet is fast and easy...well the humble granny square is. 'Tis even faster if one didn't make little boo boos and have to frog what has been crocheted already. =) This pretty was started two weeks ago, with the sleeves left to be done. I continued crocheting these this afternoon for Slow Sunday Stitching......and will do some more this evening. It was a pearler of a day here with the sunshine beaming happiness upon my little place. The perfect Autumn day. As I sit here crocheting I'm struck again just how quickly crochet morphs into a finished garment in next to no time. Now......I really need to advance my crochet skills and learn some other granny square patterns. A flowery granny square pretty, would be tickety boo. I'm thinking a garment in pretty greens for my next garment.

A sweet brooch to cinch the two fronts together.....sweet hydrangeas, of course.

As I sit here in the fernery with the blue, blue sky above me and sunshine beaming happy rays through the windows; with the birdsong breaking the silence and the leaves slowly changing colour, one feels cocooned from the outside noisy and blaring, dark world. And it is deafening, isn't it?? Oh, if only we could be kinder, more understanding, more compassionate; treating others how we would like to be treated. Simple really. Apparently, not so. But enough of me philosophising....I'm off to cook a roast lamb dinner. =)

May my little light, and yours,  in our little corner of the world, shine bright, through the day, through the night♡

Until the next time...   

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Autumn Days♡


Hello, lovely lovelies♡ Autumn has truly settled in with chilly, misty mornings, and a taste of what is to come; a landscape awash with those burnished hues for which autumn is renown. Ahh....yes,  nature has began to do its thing. 

The flowers are beginning to die off but in the process seeds are forming, then dropping to the ground burrowing into the soil in readiness for the magic of the flower kingdom next spring. How far away is spring again??!! =) Talking about flowers, autumn is the time when I pilfer proteas from my friend Trish's garden. Well, it's not pilfering exactly because Trish allows me open slather with her heavy-laden protea bush. Such a lovely friend, is Trish♡

Tomatoes and pumpkins are being harvested. Both did well this year as we've had a lot of warm and sunny days, though Jack Frost is just around the corner and the crop will be no more. I can see, in my glass ball, many a delicious bowl of pumpkin soup enjoyed through the coming months. My Pete cooks a mean pumpkin soup. A bowl of Pete's pumpkin soup with fresh bread for dunking, in front of the fire......yes please!

Fires have been lit this week, for ambience and warmth. A crackling fire with flames leaping upwards, coughing smoke up into the chimney really does induce one to read, to stitch, to knit....  or to do nothing at all but to get lost in ones thoughts. I've been reading and poring over each photo in a book, 'Chateau Awakening'. The story of a former Australian politician, Tim Holding and his partner, Felicity Selkirk, who bought and are renovating a crumbling 18th-century mansion, Purnon. It's a delightful read. Renovating an 18th-century chateau.....certainly not for the faint of heart.

There were also moments spent crocheting and hand quilting. Sweet Riley's vest is finished. I used leftover wool from my crochet cardie that I made last year. Little granny squares crocheted together which were rather quick to whip up.

The hand quilting of Flower Meadow is still happening, albeit slowly. Hand quilting is such a slow process, isn't it?? Most of the time I love  the slow and meditative nature of hand quilting but other times, not so.  Though I love all the bright and happy hexies in my Flower Meadow, and I'm loving the simplicity of the quilting, I'm finding it a bit monotonous stitching in and out, in and out; around each hexie. Sometimes my needle and thread skip around the hexies .....and other times, they don't. But I will persist; one hexie at a time, because it is a simple look I'm after. I find that when many months have gone by since I last hand quilted, and I start begin to quilt again, I feel as if I'm out of sync, with my stitches all over the place. They seem to be more wobbly and uneven than I would like. Hopefully the rhythm of the little stitches following one after the other in an orderly manner will eventuate. 

Ahh.....the dahlias. They rather adorn my floralicousness Flower Meadow rather gloriously. I'm going to miss my showy parade of dahlias when Jack Frost arrives.

The weather forecast is for grey skies and a little rain today.  They never get it wrong..... do they?? What the weather forecasters say is always gospel, isn't it?? Whatever the colour of the skies this Sunday I will throughout the day, enjoy moments of cosying down in front of the fire and practise corralling those errant, quilting stitches, and joining the other lovely slow stitchers at Kathy's place later. Though the weather may be a tad grey outside my window I must say inside my little place it is awash with floralicous delight. Hope the sunshine is beaming rays of happiness upon you Have a lovely day, lovely lovelies

Until the next time......

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Easter Greetings♡

Fond greetings to you, lovely lovelies, this Easter time♡

Easter ♡ Thankful. Grateful. Humbled. Appreciative.  Saddened. Indebted. Overwhelmed. Despair. Joyful. Blessed............

As I sit here, crocheting for Slow Sunday Stitching, so many emotions deep within my innermost being, the quiet of my soul this Easter time; but I think the most constant emotion is one of thankfulness. Thankful for so many things, but this Easter time, thankful that Jesus loves me and I love Him. Thankful for His sacrificial love and new life on that first Easter, so that I might have a relationship with Him for eternity. Thankful for each day  walking in His steps, following Him. Thankful for  walking along the path of life with Him, sometimes skipping, sometimes dragging my heavy feet along with me. And, in those times when I just can't pick up those heavy-laden feet of mine, when I simply cannot take another step, I am thankful Jesus carries me. For, as Larry Crabb once said, as a Christian 'it's not for me to ask Jesus to solve every problem I face but for me to move through my problems to find Jesus'. 

Thankful for His daily, saving grace. Thankful that over a half of a century ago Jesus whispered my name and in the deepest chambers of my heart, my soul,  I heard and answered, 'yes Lord??'. Thus, began my faith journey, my walk of faith.  So very thankful for that Friday afternoon, in a maths lesson when my friend told me about Jesus and how His love for me cost Him His life. It was as if the scales fell off my eyes and I saw life differently.  So very thankful for His  mercy and love which will follow me all the days of  my life. Yes.....just so thankful♡

I've often  imagined what it would be like to look into Jesus' eyes. What it would be like  to hear his voice....gentle, calming, peaceful, understanding, forgiving....reverberating with kindness and love. What it would be like over two thousand years ago, to  sit on that dusty hillside scrambling for a vantage point with thousands of others waiting to hear Him speak His pearls of wisdom of the sermon on the mount,  His voice filled with love; with me hanging onto every word.  I will hear His voice one day. I will look into those tender, compassionate, forgiving, love-filled eyes. I will see Jesus face to face. I will see the scars in His hands. Those torturous scars He suffered for me....and you. This fact, this truth, fills me with overwhelming emotions, but again, ever so thankful ♡

May you, this Easter time, hear when Jesus whispers your name, ever so softly♡ May your Easter be a blessed one♡

Until the next time.........