Sunday, July 9, 2023

Flower Meadow♡ She's a Flimsy♡


Hello lovely lovelies♡ Welcome to my little place, this sunny, Sunday afternoon♡ A beautiful day, with sunshine beaming warmth everywhere; ricocheting happy shadows and reflections all over the place. Love, love, love when dancing sunbeams illuminate all manner of pretties, in glass doors and windows. My sewing room was such a pleasant place to while away a few hours. I spent the morning in there, tidying up a little, finding new homes for bits and pieces....and I must say it was bliss, drinking in all the sunshine and pretty pretties.

When last I chatted here, I was buried under an avalanche of fabric, coming up for air only when I found the perfect fabric for the next hexie flower for my Flower Meadow. Oh....and of course......for food. =) Oh dear, the floor was covered with fabric, fabric, fabric. Gosh, such a helluva mess. Well, I am pleased to say I can now see the floor and all my fabrics are neatly stored away again in my armoire and all the itty bitty scraps well contained in a basket. All is well with my little sewing room. Neat and tidy. Just how I like it.

And.....why are all the fabrics and scraps corralled together once again?? Why, I finished stitching the hexies for my Flower Meadow. She's now a flimsy!! Yay oh Yay!! Truly, I'm beside myself with great joy!! Flower Meadow is now a vision of bright and happy hexie flowers jostling for space in drifts of colour and pattern. All the little hexies for the border are finished, too. Love, love, love the green border........assymetrical as it is. =) Love, love, love all the fussy cut flowers, too. Let's just say I love everything about my Flower Meadow.  Love too, the backing fabric which is a pretty green with itsy bitsy flowers flourishing all over. I think this fabric teams beautifully with the quilt top.

Now for the quilting of my Flower Meadow. Because I want the quilt to look like a wild and relaxed meadow of flowers, I'm thinking I will hand quilt around each hexie flower. The KISS method once again....'Keep It Simple Stupid' case you were wondering. =) One of these days I will hand quilt in  fabulous and fancy designs.....but not this day. =)

Have a lovely Sunday, when it beams sprinkles of sunshine at your place (well....I hope it does). Later on this evening I will visit Kathy's slow hand stitching party, from the comfort of my rather squishy squashy sofa and see what all the other lovely lovelies are working on. I will have to find a pretty to stitch, of course. But then, there is some baby knitting I could enjoy, too. Mmm.....decisions, decisions.  Just like Cecily, unable to make a decision, I'll enjoy a cup of tea instead. Thank you for blessing my Sunday with the gift of your sweet visit♡ Have a lovely day♡

Until the next time............

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