Sunday, February 18, 2024

Knitting for my sweet Riley♡


Hello lovely lovelies♡ A beautiful, Sunday morning greeting to you♡

This week I've enjoyed a little knitting. A pretty jumper for my sweet Riley. A simple design dancing in colours of green and lilac. There have been many moments this past week where I have put my feet up, settled down in a comfy sofa and relaxed with the constant rhythmic clickety clack of knitting needles.....back and forth, back and forth.

The pattern is a Patons pattern with simple triangles dancing all over. I'm knitting in a soft 4 ply cotton yarn, Bellissimo Airlie in pretty shades of Lilac and Sea Foam. Love these soft, pretty shades together. Although the pattern is for wool, I decided on a cotton yarn as it's more suitable for the warm climate in which Riley lives.

So, as I was happily knitting along I realised I made a little boo boo way, way down near the beginning. Being a persnickety gal whose eye tends to always go to the aberration,  I unravelled lots and lots of loopy, curly yarn and started knitting again. So, so annoying to see all those stitches disappear into a tangled mess but it isn't long till stitches are picked up and I'm off and away again, immersing myself once more in the repetitive pattern.....relaxed by the rhythmic motion of my knitting needles.......but not too relaxed, as there will be another tangled, loopy mess of unravelled wool!

Pretty pink anemones for Granny, this week. =)

As it's Sunday I'm going to pick up my knitting needles and enjoy a little more knitting. I'm sitting in the fernery, with the sunshine filtering in as I knit, purl, knit, purl......with just my thoughts for company; thinking upon my sweet Riley. Just enjoying the rhythmic knitting and the quiet song of the morning......oh.....and a pot of tea......sip and knit.....knit and sip. Later this evening I will visit Kathy to have a bo-peep at what all the other lovely lovelies who enjoy a little slow stitching on a Sunday are working on. There is always oodles of fabulous inspiration being showcased there.  Have a pleasant Sunday, lovely lovelies♡ May you dance a little, sip a little tea and enjoy many smiles throughout your day♡

A pretty posy of sweet anemones for you♡

Until the next time.......

Sunday, February 11, 2024

A Crochet Finish♡

Hello lovely lovelies♡ Another week filled with summer days, summer flowers, and a little crocheting; has sped by. Another week joying in every moment of the warmth of hot days of late summer♡  

I can sense a change in the light in the early mornings and late evenings. An ever so slight change; so slight that you can hardly notice, but I can sense it. The hydrangeas are beginning to morph into their late summer, early autumn beauty. The sweet peas have come to the end and the roses are beginning to fade as well. The cosmos and dahlias though,  are still flowering without any hint that autumn might be thinking about returning to my little place. So, I'll be happily snippity snipping pretty flowers for a little while longer.

This week I've been crocheting my pretty. I started the sleeves crocheting single rows in different colours; the same colours as in the front and back. As I crocheted along one sleeve and had finished fifteen or so rows I decided I didn't like the sleeve in all the colours. The sleeve together with the granny square front and back just looked too busy.....even for me. What??!! I am that gal who loves busy, busy, busy, but not this time. For this crochet pretty, less is definitely more. never heard those words escape from my lips. =)

So I decided to crochet the sleeves in the same pretty blue as the border dancing around the granny squares of the front and back. And I must say I'm loving this much better. Also, I decided to make shorter sleeves rather than longer ones. I will wear a skivvy or a blouse under my crochet pretty.

I ran out of the blue wool early in the week and until I could purchase some more, I thought I would attack all those messy, tangly ends and weave them all in. A tedious job but of course, needed to be done. With all the threads having been weaved in I slip stitched the seams together.

BUT.....after trying on my crochet pretty I didn't like the wide boat neck. It was just too wide so I decided to make the neckline smaller. I just wasn't happy with it. But, to make the neck smaller it meant I had to frog the sleeve, undo the slip stitched shoulder seams, frog the scalloped neckline and  unravel the shoulder tabs......AND.... re-crochet everything again! Oh dear, back to where I was last Saturday! Such a pain in the derriere!

So, Friday and Saturday I began to right the wrongs of my crochet pretty; crocheting along; one treble crochet, two treble crochet, three treble crochet......until all the interlocking little clusters were done and my crochet pretty was finished. Sigh (a very big sigh)....yes last!

Another crochet pretty finished. Another woolly pretty in readiness for the autumn and winter seasons. I finished crocheting the sleeves and joining the seams this morning. I  thought  about crocheting a scalloped edging around the hem.....I still might. I'm loving this crochet caper. I'm loving how quickly it is to finish crochet pretties.   I started this pretty in January and it is finished mid February. Pretty good, considering I kept unravelling as I crocheted along Such a lot of unravelling. =) Though, I might put down my crochet hook for a bit and get out my knitting needles and fashion a woolly for my sweet Riley. She's growing  and will be in need of some sweet woolly pretties for the cooler seasons. A cardie perhaps with a pretty pattern. I'm off to browse through some pattern books.

Enjoy your Sunday, lovely lovelies♡ May you delight in many moments that cause you to smile with thankfulness and gratefulness♡ I know I will♡ I'll see some of you lovely lovelies at Kathy's place later this evening♡

Until the next time......

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Happy Crochet♡

Hello lovely lovelies♡ A beautiful Sunday morning, welcome to you♡ 'Tis a sunny morning here. A lazy day ahead to do whatever I please. I hope you enjoyed a pleasant week. I did. 'Twas another week of summery days to soak in.

As Into the Woods is now a flimsy I picked up my crochet again. When I last chatted about my crochet pretty I was unsure about the sizing. I thought my jumper might be wider than longer; not so. It's a little longer with the addition of the shoulder tabs. I crocheted two large granny squares; one for the front and the other for the back. As my crochet hook and woolly yarn do-si-do-ed around the large granny squares, interlocking loops of yarn as I went, I just kept holding the pieces against me to determine the  size. I know, a thoroughly  higgledy piggeldy, let-it-happen kinda approach to determine the finished size. Again, flying by the seat of my pants! I crocheted five rows of a lovely darker blue around  the coloured granny square for a border. I also crocheted four rows for the shoulder tabs. It's such a lovely shade. It reminds me of a french blue. I used the blue also for the tabs at the shoulders. YouTube came to the rescue to help me figure out how to shape the neckline. But, oh my goodness, I must admit it took a few attempts. After shaping the neck I then crocheted a scalloped edging. I like the soft look of the scalloped neckline rather than a ribbed one. The neckline is more of a boat neck look, but that's okay. The shoulder seams are joined together with slip stitches.

I've had a lovely time snapping happy snaps of my crochet pretty.......and flowers. Flowers enhance.....well......everything, don't you think??  They certainly make for a pretty picture. =) Oh, I do love to play 'stylists'. =)

The crochet bag in some of the photos was gifted to me by my lovely friend, Michelle. She of course crocheted it with her magical fingers. It's so, so pretty. It's a fabulously spacious, fit-all-your-worldy-possessions-in-it, kinda bag! Wish oh wish she was here at my little place to keep me on the straight and narrow, woolly crochet path. She could set me right with all my li'l crochet foibles. But she's not, so I will just keep on keeping on, muddling my way along  the crochet path. 

A tangly, puddley mess of woolly threads to be sewn in!

I rather love my granny square pretty as a vest......but I'll begin the sleeves and see how my pretty looks. The fabulous thing about crochet is it's so easy to unravel. So much easier than knitting. 

Thank you, lovely lovelies for visiting my little place, and taking the time to read my 'stuff and nonsense'♡ Now to work on the sleeves. I look forward to partying with some of you over at Kathy's place later this evening.  Have a wonderful day♡ I'm off to enjoy a li'l happy crochet; and take some time to smell the roses♡

Until the next time......