Thursday, April 18, 2019

Easter Greetings to You♥

This Easter time, when the world is so fragile, brittle, broken; and is groaning, may the message of Easter renew my faith, filling me with wonderful wonderment at Jesus' love for me. May the joy of Easter lift me from sometimes....sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, weakness and despair; to hope, joy, strength and beauty. In my own small way, in my own little corner of the world, may I dwell upon the love of Jesus that He showed me all those centuries ago; when He walked utterly alone along that long and dusty road to his death. May I immerse myself in His love that He shows  Each day may I fall down on my knees in humility, with gratitude; with a heart brimming over with thankfulness of His ultimate gift to me. Then, may I pick myself up again and follow Jesus every day, living each day as He would want me to, knowing I no longer need to walk alone. Certainly big shoes to fill, but in my own small way, I can but try. Jesus' love demands nothing less, really. May I reflect upon, today and every day, that Jesus paid the ultimate price of love for me. He died and rose again so that I may live with Him forever. For this I will be forever thankful. May I linger in Jesus' amazing love, in His amazing grace. To me Easter is all about Jesus' amazing grace.

May you and yours enjoy a blessed Easter as you gather together and joy in the presence of each other. May you experience a sweet renewal of faith, hope and joy. Oh, and from one who has been known to enjoy  nibbling on a chocolate bunny's ears......may you enjoy some chocolate, too♥

Until the next time...................

Friday, April 5, 2019

Showy, Flirty Dahlias

A lovely welcome to all you lovely, lovelies♥

This week there has been a flush of Dahlias blooming in the garden. It is as if they have en masse, banded together to bring the last carnival of vivid, intense colour and delight to those who gaze upon them. It is the Dahlias' last hurrah for the year.  Dahlias are extroverts.  They are flamboyant and indeed, shrinking violets they are not. Dahlias are showy, flirty  pretties with  petals of frilly concoctions which rather remind me of a ballerina's tutu.

Gazing upon Dahlias, in my mind's eye I can see the dressing rooms of a theatre, where tutus hang on special hangers waiting to be worn for the final ballet performance. I can almost hear the buzzing excitement and nervous chatter of the principal dancers, the ballerinas, the danseurs; all applying the final touches to their makeup, perhaps catching those wispy strands of hair and tucking them into their coiffured buns. There are dressers tut tutting as they help each dancer quickly change into their costumes between each act. There is not a minute to spare! Aah yes.....I can catch a glimpse of the corps de ballet dressed in frilly, multi-layered, dahlia-like tutus twirling and twirling....and pirouetting across the stage. these pretties will soon be nipped by Jack Frost's icy fingers, I had to....just had to play and have some fun with these pretties, and a pretty fabric or two.

Yellows to peachy apricots to bright oranges.

Vibrant reds ranging from single flowers to magnificent full blown, dinner plate size, pretties.

Bright pinks.....pastel pinks.....glorious in between pinks.

Would you believe there are sixteen types of Dahlias. There are decorative singles or cactus types with pointy petals. Ones with peony-shaped flowers, spherical ball and pompoms to anemones, fimbriated ones with split ends to the petals and large flat collarettes. It seems to me that I will need to go in search of some of the Dahlias that we do not have growing in our garden. Me thinks a little flower catalogue browsing and shopping is going to be enjoyed throughout the coming winter.

Sending all you lovelies a little Dahlia LOVE from my little autumnal place. As always it is a delight to have you visit...thank you. Perhaps next time when you pop in there will be some stitching to show you. =) But for now, I am thinking I just might go in search of my dahlia-like tutu, slip on my pointe shoes and pirouette tippy toed, through my weekend.

May you all enjoy a most beautiful weekend♥ Until the next time......