Sunday, December 18, 2022


A lovely, almost Christmas, welcome to all you, lovely lovelies It's not long now till Christmas Day comes aknocking softly on your front door, and mine. Though truth be told Christmas arrived at our place just a wee bit early. So, so much has happened in this last little while. Christmas came early to me. The best present anyone could gift me. Just two weeks ago I was able to enjoy time away with my two girls. A little holiday in Melbourne.

The last time I chatted here, I was meeting my youngest daughter in Melbourne all set for a fabulous time together. Well, after disembarking from the plane 'like a bat out of hell' hurrying to meet my youngest daughter, lo and behold my daughter, who lives in San Francisco, was waiting for me, too. She had just disembarked from a fourteen hour flight ready to meet her dear ol' mum. Of course I lost 'it', rather reminiscent of those airport scenes from the movie Love Actually. It seems, my Pete and my girls had been plotting and manoeuvring behind the scenes to cause this momentous event to happen. As for me, completely and utterly unaware of what they were up to. So, so glad they did, though.

We three girls shopped till we dropped. I hardly bought anything for me. This was a time when a mother spoils her girls. I mean, shopping where we three are in the same country at the same time is very rare. =) We 'high tea-ed' partaking in delectable, baked confections, sipping champagne and drinking cups of tea. Such a celebratory occasion♡

We three girls went to the Monet and Friends immersive exhibition. And, may I say, it was beyond amazing! I felt I was part of an epic adventure into the exhilarating world of the Impressionist artists. It was a revolutionary experience where old and new culture, and art collide. It seamlessly blended traditional art with modern technology. I felt submerged in an exhilarating symphony of light, colour and sound as animated masterpieces of Monet, Renoir, Manet, Pissarro, Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, Toulouse-Lautrec, Morisot, Caillebotte, Cassatt, Sisley, Guillaumin, Seurat, Signac, Cross; rippled across the floor and up the vertiginous walls of 3,000 square-metres of gallery space. Why, I felt as if I was part of the art myself. I felt as if I was one of Renoir's pretty ladies in the midst of his charming scenes, or standing on Monet's bridge arched over his pond of water lilies. But then, I equally felt like one of Toulese-Lautrec's dancing girls kicking up my heels in a lively can can dance in Moulin Rouge. A multi-sensory experience invigorating all my senses as I was transported back in time to this artistic period; all while the vivacious sounds of Debussy and Tchaikovsky music floated across the room. It was truly the most sublime of experiences. I will never forget it

Then we saw Hamilton! Another fabulous experience. I have been to quite a few musical theatre productions but nothing quite like Hamilton. Lin Manuel Miranda's fast-paced, high-energy show tells the story of US founding father Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant from the Caribbean who became George Washington's right hand man during the American Revolutionary War, as well as the first US secretary of the treasury. Have you seen it?? I loved every minute of it! Each and every actor was brilliant...and all their voices....the music....just wow!! A story and production, for our times.

Just this week, my Pete had knee replacement surgery but is home now, and slowly recovering. So, he will be out of action for a little while. Nursemaid, chief cook, gardener......that will be me. Not that I mind, of course. A very quiet couple of months in this little place; me thinks.

The garden♡ The beginning of summer has been a wee bit cool down here, but the garden is beginning to get into a summery groove. As are the weeds. With Pete out of action for a while it will be my task to try and curtail those pesky, weedy interlopers! I just may well need a knee replacement after all the weeding! The roses, poppies, nigellas, sweet peas, snap dragons are in flower; and the dahlias, gladdies and the hydrangeas are just beginning to get into the groove. A sense of excitement is mounting as each little hydrangea flower begins to  form then morphing into their glorious hues.

When I last chatted here, I was enjoying a little embroidery on a bodice of a dress. Well, I finished the embroidery but alas haven't quite finished sewing the dress. Who knows when this will be done. There is only the neckline and cuffs to be done....perhaps this week.....but then, perhaps not. =)

Next Sunday it will be Christmas Day. Can you believe it??!! I cannot. A little decorating has been achieved here and believe it or not all the presents are wrapped. A first for me with a week to go before the joyous day begins, but I knew if I didn't tick the Christmas decorating on the list before Pete's surgery I knew it would never have got done.

And so,  another year will soon be drawing to a close. Thank you, for visiting my little place throughout this year. There is such love and kindness which swirls around in blogland. So many lovely lovelies, who each week visit Kathy's place, encouraging one another; delighting in the hand stitching each lady is working on. Thank you for the gift of your visits, patiently reading my stuff and nonsense, for taking the time to gaze upon much too many happy snaps; and for blessing me with your sweet comments each time. You truly make my heart sing! May your Christmas be decorated with love and joy as you celebrate with your family and friends.  There are some of you, I know, who will find Christmas difficult for your own unique reasons. Sometimes Christmas is well.....just darn hard. To you I am sending an armful of hugs wrapped up in much love Here at my little place Christmas will be a quiet one, but I am peaceful; joyful with the gift of having spent  time with my two girls and delighting in them. Truly the best gift a mother could ever have I am deeply thankful; filled with gratitude Wishing each one of you a wonderful Christmas♡ May there be moments where you ponder the Christmas story and the beauty therein♡ I know there will be many moments this week, where I will gaze upon our tree bedecked in all its wonderful wonderment and think upon the Christmas story, when Jesus was born that first Christmas morning long, long ago; and the love and grace that is woven throughout the story. So very thankful for the depths of God's love for amazing! I am reminded yet again, that Jesus is the reason why I celebrate Christmas♡

Until next year.............