Sunday, October 27, 2019

Oh Spring......How Beautiful You Are!!

A lovely welcome to my little placeIt is a place where spring is gushing with loveliness everywhere. It is a place where blossom after blossom delights the eyes.

It is a place where the dutch irises are starring in the garden. They have popped up everywhere. These silky, orchid-like flowers are truly the easiest of plants to grow. After planting the bulbs you can forget about them and they will gift the garden with flowers year after year; after year. 'Tis truly a vision splendid.

Remember my little slipper chair?? How pretty it looks nestled among the irises. =)

It is a place where sweet flower hexies (or perhaps I should say, hexdens) have been growing too; albeit ever so slowly. These pretties once again bedecking oodles of blossoms; this time the wisteria.

It is Sunday evening here at my little spring place. I see in my crystal ball a little hexie stitching as I watch TV. Thus far I have fashioned forty little flower hexdens, then stitched them onto the squares.....about eighty to go I should think. Just as well I love  EPP. =)

Thank you for gifting me with your sweet visit. May each one of you lovelies enjoy a week filled with beauty Until the next time...............

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sing.....Spring, Spring, Spring ♪♫♬♩

A lovely welcome to my little spring world♥ It is a place where, ever so slowly the wintry, damp earth is beginning to awaken under the caress of the gentle warmth that early spring days bring. It is a place where a spring song is beginning to gently pervade the air. A song of spring days, and if you listen carefully, the timbre of the different blooms' song lyrically serenading those who pass by. It is a sweet song of the promise of things to come; warm sunshine kissing the earth, and in their  allotted time, the blossoming of each flower, delighting whoever sits awhile surrounded by the floral beauty. Aah yes, spring is singing the sweetest of songs.


This last little while, not only have I been playing florists with the arranging plonking of flowers into pretty receptacles.........and fashioning concoctions of couture, drink-in-the-fragrance-of-real floral fancies for dress mannequins; I have been playing with pretty fabrics, too. Would you believe I have begun another hexie quilt. Yes, I have. This gal can never have too many hexie quilts. As hexie quilts are my all-time favourites and I haven't stitched one this year I was itching to fashion another of these pretties which includes a little EPP stitching.

Behind the glass doors of my armoire are many fabrics which have never been showcased in one quilt. Fabrics, I think, that need to have their beauty shine. Fabrics that have not been used for a very long time. This quilt is going to be a simple patchwork one. Each square will be a different floral fabric, as the background for a pretty hexie rosette-type flower dancing among the flowers. It is going to ooze with busy-ness, spilling over with colour, pattern and my very favourite I will be stitching this hexie quilt as well as  ensuring more flowers are 'growed' on my big girl's, garden quilt. As you know, working on more than one pretty at any given time is how I roll.

Are not these little 'hexie' blossoms sweet?? I love the rounded petals of each flower.

Love, love, love the explosion of floral patterns! My eyes crinkle with a smile just looking at each exuberant, floralicious square. I must say, these pretties do bedeck the blossom tree beautifully.

It is a sunny Sunday here today. The sun is shining as it smiles upon the flowers in the garden. The daffodils and jonquils are past their best and have passed the flower baton over to the bluebells, rhododendrons irises, granny bonnets, forget-me-nots and other such pretties. Aah....spring in Tassie is a joy for all the senses. Wherever one goes, spring is singing the sweetest song. Can you hear it??

Thank you for visiting my little spring place. I hope you have the loveliest of days enjoying something you love. As for me I am going to snatch a few moments this afternoon enjoying a little hexie stitching; perhaps in the garden listening to the mellifluous song that only spring can sing.......♪♫♬♩......ahh....such bliss

Until the next time.......

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