Monday, December 21, 2020

The End Of An Era


Hello lovely lovelies❣ A beautiful welcome to my little place. It is a place where an end of an era has arrived, and, to be honest, I am a little sad. Those of you who have followed my dribble of a blog for some time know that for nine years I have been teaching all things stitching and creative to school children. For nine years, after school, the local school bus has been hurtling along our bumpy, country road, screeching to a sudden stop in front of the hydrangea-hugged front gate, ejecting my sewing children, who then skipped along the flower-lined front path, bursting through the bright pink front door all excited to while away a few hours stitching a whirlwind of creativity, at 'The Kim Sharman School of Stitching Excellence'. Why am I sad?? Holly, my very last student has now graduated; and I might add, graduated with flying colours. Why, she has passed with Honours! Yep, she has her very own degree and her very own uniquely designed mortarboard...graduation cap! =) She is a clever girl, is Holly!

Sweet Holly, my delightful partner in crime at 'The Kim Sharman School of Stitching Excellence' has concluded her time here, at the place where all things textiles have twirled and whirled in a muddly and creative mess, and more often than not escaping the confines of the sewing room, swirling their way throughout the house entangling Holly, me and whomever else  happened to be in the path of the runaway textiles. Holly's friend, Akasha, used to come also but she left a couple of years ago. Throughout the past nine years quite a few students have whipped up a creative storm here, but as is often the way in life, they stayed a while and left to follow other adventures, other creative pursuits. As for Holly she has been coming since the very beginning. Nine years!! Where oh where did that time go??!! 

Holly has learnt 'all-things-stitching' here at my little place. She has sewn quilts, wall hangings, cushions, birthday presents, Christmas presents, Mother's Day presents, purses, bags, softies, clothes, home decor pretties........even patchwork curtains which  adorn the windows in her, so many amazing pretties. Why, as I rewind the video tape of these past years I can see Holly ay her very first lesson, ever-so-carefully hand stitching a little heart sachet which she would then fill with lavender. It was obvious from the beginning that Holly was a natural. She has so much talent with all things pertaining to textiles and design. Holly or I would see a picture or a photo of something she wanted to fashion, we would design it, draft the pattern and then she would choose the fabrics, then happily stitch away to her heart's content. Do you know, in all these nine years we never had a pattern to which we would refer, we just made it up as we went along and drafted the pieces needed for any given project. When fashioning clothes, Holly used a commercial pattern, but more often than not, she strayed from the pattern path and added her own ideas. Mmm......I wonder who encouraged Holly to meander off the path to gather and explore her own ideas. =) Holly has attained skills she can easily fall upon with ease throughout adulthood. Yes indeed, Holly has learnt a plethora of design and stitching skills; skills which she will have forevermore. Why, Holly has a little stitching business called Holly Dolly,  where she designs and stitches pretties to sell at fairs and on-line.

It seems as if only yesterday  Holly arrived for her first lesson; tentative, shy, quiet, her hair in pigtails and feet dangling on two suitcases, in order to reach the sewing machine pedal, so that she might sew. And now, she is no longer shy; but confident, smart, funny, witty, clever, kind, honest, committed, and so, so brave. Just before Holly's thirteenth birthday, her beloved dad passed away suddenly, leaving both Holly, her brother James and her beautiful mum, Trish......and everyone who loved her dad, in stunned disbelief and shock. Holly has faced gargantuan struggles that one so young should never have to, but she has met them head on with such quiet strength and courage. Holly always brightens my days. Let me count the ways in which I am proud of Holly. Alas, I cannot, as they are innumerable. I am so, so very proud of Holly! She is off to complete Years 10 and 12 of high school (college) and then on to study Osteopathy at university. I might add that Holly has worked hard throughout her school years to attain dux of her school and a bursary for university. Holly truly is a most remarkable young lady! It has been one of the delights of my life to travel along some of the path with Holly, to laugh with her, to cry with her; to support her and encourage her to fulfil those lifelong dreams. It truly has been a joy to teach Holly skills in all things textiles; to teach her life skills which she will call upon throughout her life. It has been the best fun to share Wednesday afternoons with this most amazing young lady. A young lady who is ready to claim her place in the world, making it a better place.  I have no doubt Holly will sprinkle sunshine, love and delight, to those she happens to walk with along the path of life.

Thank you for strolling through the photos of the years celebrating Holly's days at The Kim Sharman School of Stitching Excellence. Such  a long post, I know, but then, the life of an extraordinary young lady such as Holly needs to be celebrated.

Another year will soon draw to a close. A year like no other, really. As I sit here and think of you, I would love to say thank you to each one of you who has visited my little place throughout the year. Thank you for the gift of your visits, patiently reading my 'stuff and nonsense', and for blessing me with your sweet comments each time. This has been a difficult year for all of us. There have been many sadnesses that have come our way. But, I believe this blogging world is a gift to each one of us. A beautiful gift where you and I can visit each other and see what we have been up to or how we are going. We can support each other, encourage each other, inspire each other; show random acts of kindness to each other. For some of you Christmas will be difficult this year.....and sad. I am sending you an armful of hugs wrapped in much love As I sit here I am reflecting upon the real spirit of the joyousness of Christmas......Jesus'  'Birth'day, the miracle of Christmas. To me, this is the most precious gift that could ever be given to me♥

May you all enjoy a Blessed Christmas❣

Until next year.........................

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