Sunday, July 26, 2020

Let me tell you about the birds and the bees..........

Hello lovely lovelies. I do hope you are all well. 'Tis been a little while since I chatted here at my little wintry place. To be honest there has been many a day where I haven't even turned the computer on. Down here on this little island we are all braving the outside world, though admittedly with social distancing and all the proper and sensible COVID precautions upmost in our minds. We have been fortunate here in Tassie as it has been quite a while since a person has reported positive to COVID. Though in saying this, just this week a person returning from mainland Australia has been quarantined after testing positive. But other than that, this little island whose borders are still closed is doing quite well. We have had excellent governance here in Tasmania.

Here in Tassie I sense a change in the wintry days; the slightest of change in the light. Just a wee bit of a change, but change nevertheless.  The days are ever so slightly inching towards more daylight and Old Man Winter has thus far behaved himself. Oh, he has unclasped his bag of frigid tricks and dived deep down where the chilliest of glacial gimmicks lay waiting for him to toss them wherever he will, but he has also acquiesced just a little, to enable us to enjoy beautiful, sunny days as well. Of course it is a wee bit chilly outside but each day, here inside my family room, with the sun's rays reaching across the room warming everything, there is a delicious sense of warmth. I won't speak too soon though, because I am quite certain Old Man Winter might just have the last biting laugh. But.....I won't think about that now because today was a glorious, sunny Sunday.

Though I have been rather lax in chatting to you all, I have been stitching. Here in my humble abode, with the fire ablazing and warm, sunshiny beams warming my heart, mind and soul there have been many delightful moments filled with joyful, slow hand stitching. Joyful embroidering of the finer details on the flowers of my garden quilt. The pansies' sweet personalities are now apparent on their faces. Simple long and short stitches, but oh, how the pansies have been transformed. It is always amazing how just the simplest of touches of embroidery adds dimension and charm to a subject. The cosmos fern-like leaves have been embroidered, too, along with the veins of other leaves. Oh.....and those sensory appendages, the antennae, have been stitched onto my flutter of butterflies.

Let me tell you about the birds and bees that have found a home in the fabric garden. Sweet birds perching on a flower or two and bright and happy bumble bees taking delight in the fabric flowers. I snippety-snipped the birds from a fabric which has been laying in my stash for yonks and as for the bees; well, I happened upon a magazine called Daphne's Diary this week and lo and behold there were a few sheets overspilling with buzzy bees. Once again a 'happenstance' kind a moment. Aah...such serendipity.

So......I photocopied the bees onto transfer fabric paper, snipped around each little bee and appliqued them onto my fabric garden. They were a tad finicky but so glad I persevered. Would you believe each little bee took an age.

Today was one of those gloriously sunny, wintry days. I spent a good part of today travelling around the countryside with my husband, who was the guest speaker at a few churches, deep, deep in rural Tasmania. So, as he drove merrily along I enjoyed some slow stitching as the countryside rolled by. The stitching was slower than slow as there was many a bend in the road. Not to worry though as I enjoyed the best of Sundays;  meeting and chatting to gorgeous people, drinking in the countryside vistas outside the car window as I happily embroidered away; oh....and a coffee or two in a cafe. Those country roads have taken us back home again, where this evening I am going to put my feet up and continue embroidering as I watch TV.

Thank you for popping by and gifting me with your visit. The very best characteristic about this bloggy world is all you lovely lovelies who take time out of your day to visit my little place, to see what I have been up to. Hope you enjoy a lovely week. Mine no doubt will see me enjoying more embroidering of details on the flowers and leaves. Such a pleasant way to spend my week, don't you think.

Until the next time....................

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