Sunday, March 13, 2022

Skipping Around The Garden Path♡

Hello lovely lovelies♡ Sitting here in bed ('tis Sunday morning) looking out the window at all the cosmos blooming in pink profusion. They are such happy flowers.  A little observation sitting here enjoying my morning cuppa. All the cosmos petals are facing to the east waiting for the sun to rise. I hadn't noticed this before. Mind you if I was a flower, I too, would wake up with my face in search of the sun waiting for sunbeams to shine upon me and warm me up. It is a universal truth that sunflowers turn to wherever the sun is; but cosmos??  I wonder if this fact is ubiquitous worldwide or just for the cosmos in our little plot. Who know, perhaps our garden is a magical one. =)

I have looked out my windows a lot this week, thinking upon Ukraine and her people; thinking of those whom I know are struggling with life......thinking, thinking.....praying, praying. It seems these days I spend a lot of time talking to God about all manner of things. My prayer list seems very long of late.

At the moment, here in my humble abode every window has a lovely view. Late summer/early autumn views are so pretty, calming...restful. Views of cosmos, hydrangeas....and far off into the distance forests of trees; and mountains rising up to the heavens. Very soon, the canopy of green will slowly change into glorious autumnal hues; trees standing tall, statuesque with the naked limbs silhouetted against the landscape. Looking through the windows reminds me to  be thankful. I can't quite shrug off the feeling of guilt, though. Looking out the window as I stitch, I am thankful for every day I have been given. To cherish every moment; for every day is a miracle is it not?? One never really knows what tomorrow may bring. My heart is both thankful; and filled with sadness at the same time, for all who are facing what seems insurmountable difficulties. Is there ever a time in this thing we call life, when conflicting emotions do not sit side by side and wrestle each other?? I really don't think so.  

But......I have spent moments of my week capturing those views. Capturing still life moments....a moment in time. Moments of time, ever fleeting.  I am struck by the thought that windows shining with sunbeams create beautiful reflections. Probably a 'no-no' to professional photographers but I rather love to see what reflections are captured in an instant.

Many bunches of dahlias were picked this week. Glorious colours.  At the first sighting of Old Jack Frost the dahlias will flee with horror and dive deep down into the earth until next summer. Much like me, really. I have been known to flee with horror, dive under the bedcovers and ignore the undeniable presence of Jack Frost. I wouldn't mind at all hibernating through winter under layers of pretty quilts to ward off the freeze. So not a fan of Jack Frost! But, I must say he does sprinkle beauty in shards of ice everywhere catching sunbeams, capturing shadows of rainbow colours in the reflections. Many, many hydrangeas were picked also. I am bringing many bunches inside, joying in the metamorphosis process of the hydrangeas changing into earthy hues of autumn. Fingers crossed that some will dry in that gorgeous way that only hydrangeas can; leaving behind crinkly, paper like, dried petals. There is no rhyme or reason; some change beautifully, but some are a dismal failure.

Care to see the view from my windows?? =) 

As I have been sitting looking out my windows, I have been covering more little pentagons with pretty scraps of fabric and stitching all these pretties together. Four blocks are finished, with two blocks having been prepped in readiness for some stitching later today. Then there will be only three blocks to do. I haven't joined any of the blocks together yet as I don't know whether or not I want to add something else to the centre of each block. The pattern has embroidered details but I'm not a fan. I rather like the thought of nothing at all in the middle. I could do small dresden flowers in the vein of the pentagons; but I also like the notion of lovely quilting designs instead. This would give the quilt a modern aesthetic, which I rather like. Don't need to make up my mind yet, though. For now I will just keep on playing with little scrappy pentagons. 

I have named this quilt 'Skipping Around The Garden Path' with homage to the memories of a little girl skipping around paths skirting formal gardens. All the little connecting pentagon wedges remind me of a formal garden design. As I stitch around each wedge it feels as if my fingers are skipping around each flowery pentagon with needle and thread.

Those of you of a certain age, do you remember the skipping ropes we had as children?? You know the ones; those with pretty patterned, wooden handles at the end of colourful rope?? I wonder, are there such skipping ropes anymore?? I suppose the ones that are sold these days are those "Jump Rope for Heart" get-your-heart-pumping-cardio-workout kinda ones. Much to my chagrin, I can't really skip sad, but such are dem old knees of mine. Only in my dreams do I skip or run with skipping rope in hand along the garden path. Oh to be a child again. =) Oh, skip that thought.....I rather love where I am now at this stage of life, in this little place. I don't really want to go back and do it all again.

Before I go, the name of the lady my Pete pulled out of the hat for my little giveaway, is LJ. How exciting! Linda, if you email me your address I will pop the sweet little purse and all the other goodies in the post later on this week, and it will wing its way to you.

Please take care this week, lovely ladies♡  This coming week, may there be sprinkles of smiles filtering through the darkness of these days♡Each day seems to be more shocking than the previous one. May we fill our days with thoughts and prayers, wrapped in yellow and blue, sending them on the wings of a dove to the people of Ukraine♡

Until the next time.................

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Sunday, March 6, 2022

Summer Days♡


Hello lovely lovelies♡  March has rat-a-tat-tat  on my bright pink, front door and settled in bringing with it cooler mornings and evenings; and the slightest of change in the light. Another week written into the history books. Why today, there is a sense of what awaits in the coming months with the winds howling and swirling around my humble abode. Another week. One where we have observed yet again the conflict between democracy and autocracy. Another week witnessing the worst of humanity; BUT, we have also witnessed the best of humanity. It brings tears to my eyes to see images of millions of people from all around the world surrounding the Ukrainian people with prayers, support and love; and practical help♡ So many heartbreaking images being relayed, along with heart warming stories of the unity of the resilient Ukrainians, and country after country protesting and rallying in support  of the people of Ukraine. Such powerful images and stories.

Here in Australia, all down our east coast floods have devastated many people. Lives have been lost, and homes and businesses destroyed. These are turbulent times, aren't they, but the Aussie way is to keep on keeping on.

With the arrival of March it means that summer for us down here has nearly gone. And oh, what a summer it has been. Day after day of sunshine and warmth with the odd day of rain thrown in for good measure. I don't think since we arrived in Tassie fourteen years ago, that we have enjoyed such a warm and long summer. Of course, all my Taswegian friends have melted in the heat, but to me, a gal who hales from Sydney and is used to month after month of stinking hot days, I rather loved it. I will be a bit sad when the heat disappears and the cold settles in. But that's okay. is, as there are three months of glorious autumn casting spectacular autumnal hues everywhere, to delight my days.

Summer always means celebrating my birthday. As always a fabulous day was enjoyed with some fabulous gifts received. This year I was gifted a book. Not so unusual as people know books are my very favourite present, but this year I was gifted my favourite Gothic classic, Jane Eyre. I can still remember when I first read Jane Eyre. I can remember how old I was (a young teenager) and the exact place where I was (at a friend's home, where I continually raided her bookshelves). I have always loved the story of the fiercely independent Jane Eyre and the aloof and fascinating Edward Rochester. I have read it many times. Indeed a few copies sit on my shelves in my 'library'. What is so astounding about this edition of Jayne Eyre is the cover and the illustrations on the pages within. Oh, it is the most beautiful edition♡ I am that gal who always loves a book with a beautiful binding and cover; especially if illustrations of gorgeous flowers abound; my husband knew it was the book I had to have. =) And.....of course he was right on the money. =) I might add the flower illustrations on the cover of the book are, so beautiful♡

It truly is a beautiful book♡

The summer garden was amazing. It was and continues to be a sanctuary from the madness of the outside world. Off to the garden I go, to be quiet, to pray, to think.......or sometimes to think nothing much at all really. Unbelievable, but sometimes my mind is a complete blank. The hydrangeas were amazing. Each hydrangea bush heavy with flowers. The best they have ever been; though, the hydrangeas now are beginning to don their pastel-hued dresses in readiness for autumn. The fragrance of the roses was divine this summer. For three months now there has been a vase or two of fragrant-filled roses somewhere in my humble abode. The gladdies were a tad disappointing, but enough flowered to stand tall in vases throughout my home. At the moment the dahlias and cosmos are the stars and they will continue to delight for a couple of months yet. Vase after vase of dramatic and dazzling dahlias in my home, and bunch after bunch gifted to friends. One of the joys of my life is to able to put a smile in another's day by gifting them a happy bunch of flowers. There is always a reason to share one's flowers. Truly the loveliest gift of all.

The fernery too, was a place where my feet invariably took me. It is a place where the plants and flowers seem to  relish hanging out. As long as I watered these regularly they were happy to just be there. The spiders love it too, as do the bees from time to time, buzzing in making a bee line for the potted flowers, doing that bee thing.

During the summer months I have happily stitched away on my Hydrangea Cobblestones quilt; which I am slowly hand quilting. I have begun to slowly hand quilt around the border in a meandering fashion. Just drawing the pattern as I go. A mini quilt was fashioned. The best fun was had diving into my Aladdin's cave of pretties eventuating with a very funky and hip girl suddenly bursting onto the scene. Fun, fun, fun! I started to stitch a scrappy EPP quilt, where scrappy pentagons are stitched together in a design and then stitched to a backing fabric. 'Tis fun playing and petting my stash of fabrics; discovering some old friends once again. This week I stitched another block. The blocks are in bunting-like fashion hung from ric rac in my sewing room to give me a better sense of placement of the pentagons in making the next block. My design 'wall'. =)

Care to join me in the unwinding of the camera roll??

This past week saw an anniversary of sorts. A blogging anniversary. Yes indeed, I have been prattling on about stuff and nonsense for nine years. I can't quite believe I have been beaming my musings and happy snaps into cyberspace, landing into others' homes for all this time. appreciation of the beautiful support and kindness you have shown me through these years, and for the millions of smiles you have sprinkled into my days every time you visit me, I would like to gift one of you lovely lovelies a thank you, thought. Yesterday I was in one of my favourite quilt shops and happened upon a sweet little purse in the guise of a sewing shop, from the company Vendula London. As I wandered around the shop I filled it with a few pretties; a couple of itty bitty Bonnie and Camille charm squares, some needles and pins.....just because. Just because gifts are the very best of gifts; don't you think?? If you would like this sweet purse to head your way just say so when you comment. =) I will let you know in a couple of weeks to whom my little gift will be winging its way. 

Last week I mentioned how sometimes it seems nonsensical that I should prattle on about quilts, flowers and other such pretties in times like these when the world is in such turmoil. But, perhaps the beaming of a little beauty into cyberspace is my way of fighting evil. A bit of a stretch???? Perhaps, but I suppose sometimes we need to keep on keeping on with what we do. We need to keep on keeping on making our little world a little cheerier, a little lovelier. Perhaps to sprinkle a little beauty and hope; and loveliness into another's day helps someone♡ I would like to think that each one of us adds a little beauty, inspiration and kindness to each other's day♡ I know sometimes when I am feeling a little how's-your-mother, you lovely lovelies cause my heart to smile♡ Thank you♡ From my humble abode to your lovely place, sending you sprinkles of love this Sunday♡

Until the next time...........

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