Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Li'l Bit of Happy

Hello all you lovely lovelies♥ 'Tis Sunday again. The day when I take it a little easier....the day of rest (well it is at least for me)..... the day for a little slow hand stitching. This week I have been enjoying a li'l bit of happy stitching. More fabric baskets and handles, which I chatted about here, have been stitched together. More playing with bright and happy reproduction prints.....and of course more playing with flowers cut from the garden.

More tiny circles of pretty fabric have been coaxed into flower buds and appliqued onto the baskets. I must say these little buds and leaves are the easiest to applique.....much easier than the flowers on my flower garden quilt.

If I am not careful my fingers will forget how to fashion flowers for my flower garden quilt. My fingers will forget the deft touch needed to shape those sometimes complex flowers. Funnily enough, if you leave appliqueing the more ambitious flowers even for a little while, you easily forget all those little tricks you discovered and learnt along the way. It is so easy to consign into oblivion those little things that make forming fabric flowers more facile, those little tricks that prevent you from going a little loopy after you have just formed what seems a gazillion tiny petals and having taken all day to fashion them. If I am not careful those helpful tidbits I have gleaned as I dawdle along the flower applique path, enabling a more pleasurable stroll.........well......they will slip from my memory. Aah yes....that memory of mine.....mmmm!!  Note to myself.....Must, Must fashion Cosmos so they can bloom on  my Flower Quilt, this week......if only to reprogram my brainpan and kick start the memory; to enable all the encodings in the nerve endings of my needle-pricked fingers to start computing again! 'Tis amazing the process of  flower applique....isn't it. =)

Another row of scrappylicious flower buds sitting in baskets...soooo much fun to stitch. This quilt is going to be queen size so there is a ways to go yet. As it is Sunday I am going to steal some moments  of a li'l bit of happy.......a li'l bit of hand stitching. Ain't Sundays grand??

Once again, the calendars all around the world show us that Valentine's Day is nigh. The day that comes but once a year, when sweet-faced cherubs with swathes of gossamer-like fabrics covering their modesty, appear with their chubby little arms laden with flowers and chocolates, gifting them to those whom believe. May a sweet little cherub find his way to you at your lovely place, this Valentine's Day. Sending you all a little beauty and LOVE this blue sky, sunshine-filled kinda day.

Until the next time..........

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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Buds in a Basket

A lovely Good Morning to all you lovely lovelies♥ It is a sunny Sunday morning down here; and as it is Sunday I am going to enjoy a little hand stitching.

Although some new fabric flowers have bloomed on my flower quilt this week, the subject of my delight today is a new quilt oozing with scrappy baskets of flowers, or perhaps I should say, flower buds. I was hankering after a little machine stitching and scrappy happiness so I have begun to fashion a new quilt. As I have been stitching my flower quilt since September last year, I just wanted to start something different; a new pretty oozing with scrappy loveliness.

I happened upon this beautiful book about 15 years ago, to keep for a sunny day. It is a book filled with delightful flower quilts. It is not often I follow a bought pattern for a quilt as I find my muddly brainpan overflows with enough designs and pretties to last a lifetime.....but I decided to live dangerously. =) I decided to follow another lovely's, fun pattern. I seem to recall at the time being taken by the beautiful and delightful scrappyness of each of the projects.

"A Bouquet of Quilts" is a book where the projects come from Nihon Vogue's preeminent quilting magazine, Quilts Japan. As this magazine is not widely available outside Japan, Jennifer Rounds and Cyndy Lyle Runner, as editors, decided to bring the gorgeous projects within the cover of this book to a wider audience. It is a wonderful book filled with enchanting quilts. There are a few which I would love to day. The projects within this fabulous book showcase Japanese quilters' fresh new perspectives on traditional western quilting. The pretties within truly are gorgeous.

I have decided to make the quilt "Buds in a Basket". Apparently this "dazzling quilt" appeared on the cover of  Quilts Japan (Issue 5, 2000). This quilt is the project that inspired the collaboration with Nihon Vogue and the editors of this book.

It seems Nihon and Vogue and I share a passion for reproduction 1930's and 40's fabrics. It seems I am in very good company then. =)

To add to the other reproduction 1930's fabrics that sit in my armoire, I have acquired a few more fun, whimsical fabrics to fashion the pretty baskets and flower buds. All the scrappy quilts I have stitched have some of the same fabrics but I love that. I love that each quilt has fabrics that I have loved for a very long time.

Fabrics of every hue, and sweet whimsical prints.

"Enough of the flowers, woman", I hear you say, "show us the quilt!!" Okay, here 'tis. The baskets are pieced and the flower buds and leaves are hand appliqued. When each basket is complete they are stitched together by machine to form a row.

I am finding this new quilt relaxing and fun to stitch. A little machine piecing and a little hand stitching....the best of both worlds. Although I am loving the designing and stitching of my flower quilt; this quilt is a  pleasant change, just for a little while. I am not really in a hurry to finish this quilt, nor am I in a hurry to finish my flower quilt. I rather love slow stitching. I rather love the slow mindfulness that it brings to my day. I will continue  with this pretty this week, alongside my flower quilt. I am thinking Cosmos are about to bloom on my flower quilt; and more pretty buds in baskets on this scrappy quilt. Oh, how I love to have several pretties on the go at the one time.

May you enjoy a little beauty, a little delight this coming week. May you find many pockets of  joy as you go about your days. As for me, I am going to enjoy this day, this Sunday, soaking up the warm sunshine kisses and a little, just a little slow hand stitching.

Until the next time........

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