Sunday, June 4, 2023

A Sweet Poppet's Quilt .......A Quilty Finish♡


Hello lovely lovelies♡ A beautiful welcome to my little wintry place♡ The month of June. Which of course means in this little part of the world.......winter!! But let's not talk about my least favourite season, let us talk about happy things. Let us talk about a quilt finish. Yep, the wee poppet's quilt is finished♡ Let us talk of sweet quilts, teddy bears, flowery lights, and sunshine; for today was the perfect sunny day for a wee photo shoot. =)

This wee poppet's quilt is one covered in Australian flora and fauna. Jocelyn Proust fabrics where there is a menagerie of sweet animals playing among Australian native flowers. Cuddly koalas, bashful bandicoots, swimming platypuses, hopping kangaroos, running wombats and adorable echidnas who slowly waddle along; all playing hide and seek amont the gum trees and pretty native flowers. Flowers such as lilly pillies, wattles, bottle brushes, Tasmanian blue gum flowers, waratahs. As for the birds perched high up in the eucalyptus trees; there are magpies, willy wagtails, cockatoos and kookaburras, all singing a merry song. I suppose this quilt is an I-spy-with-my-little-eye quilt, where my daughter and her wee poppet will enjoy many a delightful time looking at each-filled hexie, imagining stories of adventures in the Australian bush. The backing and border is a Jocelyn Proust fabric flourishing with stylised 'Corymbia Ficifolio' an Australian flowering gum tree.

I fashioned this quilt using the English Paper Piecing method with papers I have from the Sweet Sunday quilt which I made several years ago. I hand quilted this sweet quilt with the stitches marching in straight lines diagonally up and down the centre panel. For the border the quilting stitches do-si-do in a merry fashion around the flowers and gum leaves. The batting is 100% cotton, nice and light.....and snuggly.

As I sat in a cosy corner this morning with happy sunbeams warming my soul.....and my tippy toes, I stitched the binding. As I happily stitched away my thoughts could not help but think upon our wee little poppet who will make an appearance in a few months. To put it mildly we are all beyond ourselves with great joy. 'Tis so very exciting. The first quilt for our wee little poppet. The first of many, many more, I suspect. Have a lovely day, lovely lovelies♡ Thank you for delighting my day with your sweet visit♡

Until the next time............

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Sunday, May 28, 2023

A Cold And Rainy Sunday

Hello lovely lovelies♡ I'm sitting in the parlour, this Sunday evening (have been most of the day, actually) where as I looked out the window throughout the day, the vista as far as the eye can see changed from rain and mist....a little sunshine.....but as quickly as the sunbeams penetrated through the thick clouds, the happy beams quickly disappeared. The weekend has been one where cosying down inside has been the thing to do. The parlour, my place of choice in which to recline and relax.

The parlour 'tis the place to be on a chilly day such as today. 'Tis a lovely space. A calm and restful room. 'Tis a space filled with treasures which have been collected over the years. Paintings, prints, rugs, sofas, chairs, lamps, quilts, made for me by my girls when they were children.....books........oh yes, we cannot forget the books. There are many bookcases with many a book jostling for space. These inky treasures are everywhere, waiting for me to revisit them once more. For I am that gal who revisits favourite books over and over again. They are old friends to me. Some books are as delightful today as the very first day I picked them up. I can remember the thrill and excitement of picking up a book for the first time and embarking on a new adventure within the pages bound by a wonderful binding. Oh, how I love the binding of books! Books that I read over and over in my teenage years....they are all old friends that have fed my imagination and soul through the years. And....talking of books I have just started to read 'The Bookbinder of Jericho' by Pip Williams. I recently read her first novel 'The Dictionary of Lost Words' and loved it. Though, I must say there were parts that were heart-wrenching to me. I cried many a tear reading this book. I wonder if  'The Bookbinder of Jericho' will pull at my heartstrings??

Pete and I have sat in the parlour most of today......and yesterday, actually.  We have both been in the car  travelling here and there for most of the week, so we both desired to relax and not move too far from the fire. The weekend was one where it was too cold to venture outside. The glow of the fire with the wonderful warmth was too enticing. So, we read, chatted, drank copious cups of tea, nibbled on home baked biscuits and cakes. Oh......and I captured a few happy snaps. =)

I have worked on the wee poppet's quilt, too. I will join Kathy's, Slow Sunday Stitching party later. The diagonal quilting is finished and I am now quilting the border. I was going to have the quilting stitches march one behind the other in straight lines around the border but I changed my mind; having decided to hand quilt around the centres of the flowers and leaves. Not every flower and leaf, but here and there. The border fabric is flourishing with stylised 'Corymbia Ficifolio' an Australian flowering gum tree, so I thought quilting stitches do-si-do-ing around and around the flowers and leaves  would look more fun than straight lines. I have sat in front of the fire all afternoon and happily hand quilted away.

This cold and rainy Sunday I have enjoyed a pleasant day sitting in the parlour with my Pete; reading and hand quilting my wee quilt. This morning I lit many, many candles adding a warm, ambient glow to the room. It is always my aspiration to add beauty  wherever I am. =) Yes, I am that gal who must have a plethora of candles flickering, illuminating the room with the softest light, with reflections dancing in the glass and mirrors. Love, love, love a room aglow with soft candlelight. Oh, I must tell you a funny story about me and my penchant for candles. When we first moved to this little corner of  Tassie a farmer drove  by one very dull Sunday afternoon and looked in and to her surprise saw our little home alight with a plethora of candles. Apparently she loved what she saw. She went home and told her husband of what she had seen at our home and insisted that they buy a lot of candles. His response?? "What on earth do we need candles for???? We have electricity!!!!" Oh dear. I'm guessing candles are kept in the farmhouse for only those times when power outages darken their world. How sad. Life is far too short not to have a million and one candles aglowing; don't you think??

If you were to peek through the window into the parlour this evening, I wonder what you would see??  Why, like my neighbour farmer all those years ago you would see a room bathed in the softest of candlelight. Of course, I would invite you in. You could sit in a comfy sofa and warm your tippy toes by the fire. Oh, and you and I would partake in some tea and cake. Why, Pete would pop his head around the corner and say g'day. Doesn't that sound delightful?? So, so love my restful, homely little parlour.

Anyway........have a lovely Sunday, lovely lovelies, when it comes aknocking at your door♡ Take time to drink in those moments of beauty; and be thankful for those little joys of light♡ Perhaps light a candle or two♡ I'm about to snuff out the candles and go to bed♡

Until the next time....................