Monday, January 15, 2018

A Beautiful New Year to You!

A beautiful new year to you. 'Tis a beautiful new year down here at the bottom of the world. I am little tardy with my new year greeting I know, but here in my little part of the world, I have been chilling out enjoying beautiful and warm, summery days as they roll on and on. Down here, in my little part of the universe, there has been a rather relaxed kinda feeling. Nothing but a snail's pace is the order of my day; going for early morning walks watching the sun rise as it smiles in the sky, enjoying many hours by the pond and in the garden.....YAY OH YAY.....'tis Hydrangea time), reading a book or two or three, and among many other pleasant activities, stitching and finishing my Japanese silk, quilt top.......but more about my Japanese pretty later on.

Just because our garden is blooming in a concoction of gorgeous colours, I thought I would zoom some happy snaps to those of you, way up there who have been bombarded by snow cyclones, dark, dreary days and other such travesties that Ol' Man Winter is throwing at you. My goodness he has been nasty, hasn't he. I hope you are all okay. I suppose it will be my time to experience his wintry, frigid breath in a while, but I won't entertain that thought at all for the moment.

There is a profusion of beautiful flowers in the garden; Hydrangeas, Roses, Dahlias, Cosmos, just to name a few.

Some pretty pink roses, beautiful blue Hydrangeas and a swan or two or three. I love my latest bric-a-brac find, a gorgeous swan vase. I love the graceful, flowing form of it.

A friend gifted me this pretty tablecloth for very pretty.

Now to that finished quilt top. I am very beautiful (well I think it is)  quilt top, where scrumptious Japanese silks abound and a scattering of origami flowers flourishing here and there, is finished.

When the idea of a quilt fashioned out of Japanese kimono fabrics with origami flowers thrown into the mix, began to formulate in my brain pan, I confess I did wonder what was I thinking. My daughter had gifted me some of these beautiful Japanese silks so I decided I wanted to fashion a quilt showcasing these amazing designs. When 'we' first arrived in Tassie, I happened upon a stall at my favourite markets, where a lady sold Japanese fabrics that she had cut from vintage kimonos. I purchased quite a few and added them to the mix. A match made in heaven if you ask me.

As I have intimated on a few occasions, I have always found origami.....the art of folding paper into amazing creations, a tad puzzling. Indeed I found it impossible. I scratched my pea brain and discombobulated and puzzled over the "how to" I began to figure it out......well in any case, the simpler designs. I am so happy the last stitch of this quilt top has been stitched. AND.....I must admit I am happy with this pretty.....thus far.

Every morning, whilst on my walk I walk past a most beautiful lavender field. The fragrance emanating from this field is intoxicating. It belongs to a neighbouring farmer............the perfect backdrop to showcase my Japanese pretty.

This quilt is a rather large one. It is a queen bed size, with both sides touching the floor. Fortuitously, I had just enough Japanese fabrics to fashion this pretty.

I am happy to have grabbed my origami inadequacies with both hands with the stitching of this quilt. I am so happy that I gave fabric origami a burl, as I rather love this quilt top. The slow hand stitching of this quilt has put a smile in many a day. When I quilt this pretty, I am thinking I will use different coloured threads, following the design in each panel in a go-with-the-flow fashion. But for now........there are some more warm summer days to enjoy.

Until the next time.........