Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hey, it's good to be back home again, yeah it is............

Hello everyone. After being missing for a wee while, it is lovely to be back amongst all you lovelies. My husband has had his surgery and after 10 days of excellent care by nurses and doctors in hospital, is back home again, convalescing and taking it easy. Before I go any further I must say a heart felt thank you to those of you whom have emailed me, sent positive thoughts all the way down here and of course have sent petitions heavenwards for my husband's surgery and recovery. As always, your generosity of spirit has blessed my heart.

It is a delight to be back ensconced in our humble abode, surrounded by green velvety paddocks where  new-born calves sleepily snuggle close to their mothers and sweet, sweet bandy-legged baby lambs frolic with each other.

It is a joy to behold the expectant air of Spring, where the air is filled with delicious scents of early budding flowers. Wherever one goes, the eyes are delighted by the miracle of the awakening Spring season. The glorious trumpet-shaped Daffodils are slowing arousing, being tempted by the sunshine to raise their pretty faces, making a glorious spectacle and blessing everyone with their cheerful exuberance; as are the Jonquils, Tulips and other Spring blossoms. I am always amazed by the wondrous miracle of Spring and the blossoming of God's sweet earth. Spring truly is a provocative delight to the senses.

As I haven't stitched a stitch for the past three weeks or so, my sunny sewing room has beckoned me to it's sunny warmth; tempting me to enjoy a little stitching. Who am I to refuse?? Though I have several quilts which need to be finished, (my cathedral window and hexie) I am in the mood to stitch a quilt with no plan, no rhyme or reason nor difficult patterns. I am in the mood for a quilt filled with oodles of colour and pattern and yet again, some lovely linens.

Upon seeing this lovely quilt of Dee's of Dees Doodles a couple of years ago and filing it away in my brainpan under the heading "Must Stitch Pretties" now is the time to begin the begin. With the apprehension and worriment of the last month behind me, this past week I have snatched moments to piece strips of fabric bordering pretty linens here and there, into blocks and then joining the blocks together in an arrangement pleasing to my eye.

In this quilt filled with a plethora of pattern and colour, there are baskets of flowers.

There is a vase of Daffodils, sweet birdies and embroidered flowers galore.

There are pretty ladies in pretty dresses.

There are butterflies fluttering by.

There are gracefully elegant swans floating by.

And....of course there has to be at least one cup of tea.

Arranging the different blocks on my design wall. =))

My botanical book wall is the perfect backdrop for my pretty quilt.

Let the pretty birdies joyously sing.....Spring, Spring, Spring!!

Aah yes, what's not to love about pretty fabrics, linen lovelies, splendiforous Spring flowers and the odd birdie or two. It is lovely to be back in the land of bloggy loveliness. I am looking forward to visiting all your lovely blogs this coming week to have a bo peep at the gorgeousness you have all been up to.

Me thinks I will steal more moments in the embrace of  my sunny sewing room over the next week or so and enjoy a little more stitching happiness. I am loving stitching this quilt which is awash with pretty colour and pattern.  This quilt truly makes my heart sing the happiest of Spring tunes. Oh how wonderful it is to be back home again!

Until the next time......................