Sunday, June 11, 2017

Scrappy Happiness

This last little while, my days have been pleasantly filled with scrappy happiness. After stitching some considerable projects of late, I felt a desire to stitch something effortless and easy, something that wouldn't tax my pea brain. With this thought in mind I picked up my happy, scrappy hexagon quilt once more and continued stitching. Yes indeedy, lately my days have been pleasantly filled with a little hexie love!

Me and my little Bernina have been whirring away in my sunny sewing room, whipping up hundreds of little hexagons in readiness to hand stitch them to my quilt-as-you-go hexagon quilt.

Me and my little Bernina have been  building teetering, tottering piles of hexagons.

Old Man Winter has arrived downunder and though the mornings and evenings are a wee bit chilly, we have been experiencing lovely, sunny days. On these sun-filled mornings my sewing room beckons me. Stitching away with Old Man Sun overlooking my shoulder fills me with bliss.

Of course there are those days when Old Man Sun has others ideas about beaming his warmth on my humble abode. Some days for one reason or another he has decided it is a no show day, so it is these mornings I find myself sitting in front of the crackling fire hand stitching each hexie to the quilt.

Of course, long morning stitching sessions require many a cup of tea. =)

I originally stitched this quilt with the thought in mind of using it to throw over a sofa, but have now decided to make it into a queen size bed quilt for the boudoir. I know, I know, you are thinking "how many quilts does one woman need in her boudoir?". I already have my Cathedral Window quilt and my vintage linens, scrappy-licious quilt for the bed, but I have found with Old Man Sun casting his sunbeams all day in my boudoir my quilts are fading a little too quickly. Even though my favourite kinda quilts are those that are a little faded and have become squishy squashy after many washings, the quilts on my bed are paling a little too 'lickety-split' for my liking. So much time and effort goes into the stitching of a quilt that one would like to enjoy them for a long while. Hence the reason I need many a quilt so that I can interchange them often in order to keep the effects of all that sunshine at bay. Anyway, the more quilts the merrier, is what I say.

Notice how the fabrics on one side of the quilt have faded. This quilt has only been on the bed for four months.

Old Man Sun casts his sunny smile of happiness all day in my boudoir. I am that gal who every morning throws open the curtains to allow the sunshine's magical beams of warmth, light and happiness, permeate every corner. I am that gal who welcomes Old Man Sun, allowing him to embrace the rooms in my humble abode with all his brilliance.

Have you ever visited homes where on bright and sunny days the curtains are drawn all day? I have. I walk into these homes and feel a sense of darkness and cheerlessness. If only the occupants would fling open the curtains and allow the sunlight to invade each room, banishing the dimness of every nook and cranny, replacing these dark hidey holes with the whistling of Old Man Sun's bright and merry tune. If only they would allow their homes to be awash with warmth and sunny brilliance casting all those icky, dark shadows away forevermore. I don't know about you, but I find sunshine-filled rooms always bring a smile to my day. Somehow, rooms that are showcased by the sun seem to nourish my soul. Indeed, many a day I find solace sitting and stitching in a sun-drenched room.

But.....enough of me prattling on about Old Man Sun. Over the next little while I will continue to enjoy stitching my happy, scrappy hexie quilt. I also have been thinking about my next quilt. Hard to believe I know, but I am thinking my next quilt might just include a little hexie EPP stitching. Who would've thought!! =D Oh.....and there is a bag to stitch for a friend's daughter's birthday. It could be a little while till I 'chat' with you lovelies again.

Until the  next time..........