As some of you know, I am rather enamoured with hexagon quilts. Oh, all right; I confess, I am besotted with hexagon quilts. I love the hexagon shape. I love how the shape is repeated over and over again; the juxtaposition of each shape forming a beautiful tesselated pattern which fits neatly into each other without any overlapping. I love the myriad mosaic patterns which are conjured up. I never tire of gazing upon these hexagon beauties.

Below I have showcased some (I have fashioned others but unfortunately there are no evidentiary photos) of my finished, completely hand stitched, hexagon quilts that I have stitched over the last fifteen years or so.

My skipping along the yellow brick road of hexagons began when I happened upon a wonderful method for sewing hexagon quilts many, many years ago. This method is seen everywhere today, but when I started stitching these quilts there were very few around. Individual hexagons are sewn with the top fabric, the batting and the backing fabric all at once and then a little of the back fabric is brought to the front to form a narrow border. Then the finished hexagons are whipped stitched together at the back to form the quilt.

My first 'hexie' was fashioned from hundreds of scraps of fabric and I must admit it is one of my favourites. It is an oft-used quilt and I love how it has faded with age and has become wonderfully squishy-squashy. Indeed, this quilt is like an old friend! This quilt was stitched and completed in 2005.

The back of  these hexies are almost as pretty as the front, which means you have two quilts in one.

A bright and fun hexie quilt I made as a present for a little boy; stitched in 2011.

The seams on the back of this quilt are covered by lengths of fabric binding which adds to the scrappy look and gives a more visually pleasing finish.

This scrappy hexie was finished in 2017 where I wax lyrically about it here. It was a quilt which kept me sane in a very difficult period of my life. My husband had been diagnosed with cancer and spent a year going through difficult treatment and two major surgeries. Fortunately, we both lived to tell the tale. =)

This hexie was fashioned from gorgeous Chinese brocades my daughter bought as a gift for me whilst on a trip to China.

The front....

The back is rainbow-filled with gorgeous satins.

The next hexie quilts showcased were imagined by me. If my memory serves me correctly I began imagining these around 2004/2005. I wanted to use the gorgeous vintage fabrics.....brocades, silks, velvets, satins....and the pretty vintage laces, gloves, jewellery, ribbons, doilies, buttons and all those other pretties I have hoarded gathered over the years. I decided it would be wonderful to incorporate a lot of these pretties into some sumptuous, hexagon quilts. Yes indeedy, I am a gal whose heart swoons over vintage lovelies, but as a result of my addiction, my plethora of vintage lovelies more often than not, escape their rather confined environs, weaving their way throughout our humble abode, entangling anyone and anything that crosses their path. Hence, the eventual compulsion for them to be whipped up into gorgeous quilts and embellish my hexagon quilts to within an inch of their lives. 

I wanted to incorporate a sense of those crazy patchwork quilts from a bygone era into my hexagon quilts.  I love how there is no rhyme or reason to these crazy patchwork quilts. I love how these quilts are filled with glorious embroideries, swirls upon swirls of pretty ribbons dancing across the sumptuous fabrics, pretty buttons, vintage jewellery, opalescent beads. I adore how crazy quilts are filled with treasures from a stitcher's Aladdin's Cave. 

My first 'piece de resistance' was my pastel beauty which I fashioned and completed in 2008. I didn't write a post on it, only having taken a few photos of it. It was a time when my boudoir was a place of pastel loveliness.

My next sumptuous lace-filled, over-the-top, embellished hexagon pretty was a birthday present for a dear friend's 50th birthday. 'Little Miss Rhapsody in Blue' has a post enthusing her loveliness HERE. She, in all her exquisiteness truly makes my little blue heart sing. I think it makes my friend's heart sing, too.

My next luscious, vibrantly coloured, hexagon quilt celebrating a bohemian spirit can be read about HERE.

Before I was to put my large hexie templates away, I stitched this pastel lovely. I didn't write a post about this one but I did capture a 'few' happy snaps of it. It is the last of my over-the-top, embellished hexagon quilts that I have fashioned.

So there you have those of you who, over the years have requested I group all my hexie quilts under one they are. =)  Indeed, a stroll along my hexie-filled path where fabrics and a treasure trove of vintage lovelies and embellishments have taken me on a most delightful journey of experimentation with colour, texture and playful design. It is a path where I have whirled and twirled a confection of pretties around and around in a merry dance, and seeing where they have landed. Love, love, love the journey of the  random craziness all my hexies have taken me on❣

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