Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Blessings to you!

This Easter,
in a confusing and perplexing world,
may I experience a sweet renewal,
of faith, hope and joy.

This Easter may I be thankful.

This Easter may I be joyous
for the gift of life.

This Easter may I ponder the beauty;
the rare beauty of new life.

This Easter may I again comprehend
I am truly loved.

This Easter time I am assured
that all is forgiven.

This Easter may I reflect upon
God's miraculous gift of His Son,
who gave His life and rose again,
you and I may continue to live with Him.

Oh, how wondrous!!

May you and yours, have a blessed Easter!

Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm just an ole bag lady......

No, no......not a homeless lady who carries her worldly possessions around with her in a bag.....but one who every six months or so, seems to feel the need to fashion a new bag. Though I admit, it is as if I lug around what seems to be all my worldly possessions in my bag, because when my hand burrows deep into the cavernous depths of my carryall, I never seem to be able to find what it is I am searching for. Am I the only gal who seems to tip my bag upside down with all the contents plunging out into a disarray mess, so I can find that one thing. I have a sneaky suspicion I am not the only one.

With the idea of saving this little over the shoulder number that I fashioned last year from becoming tattered and threadbare, I wanted to stitch a new bag.  I decided to whip up a new bag, with just a few pretties embellished on it.

But...before I reveal my new bag, let me first show you all the pretties from which I fashioned it.

I bought a teal coloured (it doesn't look at all teal here, but it really is) upholstery fabric and decided to use this sweet, butterfly  needlepoint piece, I found a few years ago at a market. Isn't the butterfly pretty? Amazing that someone tossed this out! Oh well....someone's treasure!!

I then plucked out a few doilies, ribbons and other fripperies from my treasure trove to audition them with the tapestry; and  then began to play.

Although doily overkill warms the cockles of my heart, after placing a doily here and a doily there, I decided to actually not use many at all. I know, unbelievable that I should show a little restraint; to not weigh down my bag with pretty overload; but there you go.

Somehow I like this arrangement better. I pinned down a lovely, royal blue, French wired ribbon which I  scrunched here and there, cinching it at close intervals; and added a brass belt buckle, a few pretty, crochet flowers and some ribbon leaves. Mmmm....yes....for this bag I much prefer a  more pared down aesthetic. Who would have thought that me, the doyenne of all things embellishment would only adorn sparingly. I really don't quite know what has come over me!! I suppose for once, I just wanted a quick project. Everything I have fashioned of late has taken an age to complete. =)

With a stitch here and a stitch or two there, before I knew it all the embellishing was finished. Yay...didn't take long at all.

After sewing the bag together I lined it with this funky fabric. Isn't it fabulous.....sooooo 1960's! For a gal whose favourite hue is blue, this fabric truly makes me dance!

I love my new bag. The pretty butterfly can now fly free. Much, much better to be seen around about town slung over the shoulder of an ole bag lady, than sitting in the said bag lady's armoire, hidden from the world.

Until the next time, have the most wonderful weekend, everyone. 'Tis toodles from me.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dazzle-icous Dahlias.......

.....and a host of bright, happy Cosmos!

Autumn has begun to inch it's way around the bend of our country road, bringing with it lovely, soft light and misty mornings which magically transform into balmy warm days.

We have become accustomed to the loveliest of warm Summers this year. Day after day of balmy, warm sunshine which is unusual for Tasmania. But before I deliriously go on and on and on about our Autumn flowers, let me first say the biggest thank you to all you lovelies for the sweet, sweet comments you gave on my blog anniversary post. I have placed all your lovely  names in a 'hat' and my husband's green thumbs have drawn out one of your names........but I will tell you where my little cushion is flying to, just a little later on.

Now to the finale of the Autumn flower show in our garden. It is beginning to cool down now and the Dahlias and Cosmos are in their last flush of flowers.

Cosmos grow like weeds in our garden. Can you believe we didn't plant a single Cosmos seed this year. That's the beauty of living here in this little paradise. The winds scoop up each teeny, tiny seed and plant it where they deem fit. Cosmos grow in profusion giving the appearance of meadows scattered here and there. They are the easiest of flowers to grow and are at their happy best when sashaying with each other.

Cosmos have bloomed every so happily along our side fence. Thirty five metres of happy, smiley faces. This profusion of Cosmos is all thanks to seeds from last year's flowers. Nature really does it best, doesn't it.

Maisie in the early morning mist. beautiful as the Cosmos are, the stars of the late Summer and early Autumn show are the Dazzle-icous Dahlias. I don't think there is anything more dramatic in the garden at this time of the year than the spread of vibrantly coloured Dahlias. They reign supreme in our garden.

Yes for Dazzle-icous Dahlias.....with a capital D!!

A carpet of gloriously coloured Dahlias!

I spy with my beady li'l eye, Dahlia, the exquisite, little flower fairy, sitting amongst the Dahlias. Remember Dahlia who was magically created in my sewing room a long, long time ago; well......she has fluttered by on the crest of the wind, for a quick visit.

Dahlia told me the wind had whispered to her about the Dahlia show this year, down here at the bottom of the world; so seeing as she is rather partial to a pretty Dahlia........or two, she decided she must visit her 'home away from home' once again.

Each morning I pick bunches of these splendiforous flowers to decorate our home or to gift them to a friend. It won't be long now till Old Man Winter unleashes Jack Frost's icy fingers, sheathing the garden and everything else with icy crystals, causing the flowers to scurry down into the depths of the earth where the magic begins in readiness for next Spring. good husband has delved his green thumbs into the 'hat' and drawn out a name who will soon be receiving my little cushion.

Drum roll little cushion will be flying over land and several oceans to JoAnn, of Scene Through My Eyes blog. Congratulations JoAnn , I hope my wee little gift makes your heart smile.

Once again, thank you lovelies for taking the time to visit me way down here and leaving such sweet comments. You have all warmed my heart. This blogging community truly is filled with the loveliest  of souls who inspire me each day.

Until the next time......