Friday, October 7, 2016

A woolly finish

Drum roll please........a little louder.....I cannot hear you!! The fashioning of my woolly blanket is could's a wrap. =) HIP HIP HOORAY !! Let's reminisce just a little, in how my lovely woolly came to be.

The stars were all aligned the day I happened upon a pop up shop, where this pile of vintage pretties waited for me to take home, with the thought perhaps of repurposing them. Sitting all together was this pile of soft-as-soft scarves, all the way from bonny Scotland, all oozing gorgeous, pastel loveliness. Wasn't I just the lucky gal??

I decided to take the shears to them (OH NO!!) and cut them in varying sizes to start a patchwork blanket. In assembling the squares, I thought knitted cable strips would look rather spiffy to marry the patches together.

Unexpectedly, when out and about yet again, I happened upon some more pastel loveliness, so without a second thought I brought them home and threw them into the mix. Mmm......perfect....those stars must have aligned yet again. The pretty pink and mauve scarves give this blanket a little more oomph.

The last couple of weeks my knitting needles have spent many an enjoyable hour in a clickety clack, rhythmic fashion working on my very, very, very long cable strip......182 cables to be exact....give or take a few.

With the last stitch knitted I stitched the cable strip to the outside of the blanket. The cable strip seemed to go on forever but me thinks it is well worth the effort, as it hugs the blanket rather nicely, finishing my lovely woolly perfectly.

My luxuriously, soft woolly looks ever so pretty resting on a carpet of Camellia petals, don't you think??

I have loved fashioning this soft-as-soft, pretty woolly. The lovely mohair scarves punctuated by the cable strips will enjoy another life, keeping many a soul's tippy toes toasty and warm, providing many, many indulgent moments of cuddly loveliness.

Wishing all you lovelies the most wonderful weekend. If perchance, you should pop by for a lovely cup of tea, our pretty blooms will softly kiss you on the cheek.

Until the next time.........

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