Monday, August 4, 2014

My goodness time flies.........

.....when you're having fun....and it seems even when you are not!! It's been a li'l while since I last put fingers to keyboard but I have been buried under this blasted floor to floor, queen size hexie quilt that I am stitching for someone. It's taken an age to put together and I fear I have oodles more to stitch. I hereby make a solemn pledge to never, never, NEVER make a quilt with LARGE hexies consisting of fabric other than 100% cotton and definitely, no, no, NO satin backing ever again. There it I will have to abide by my affidavit now!!  I have signed it with blood from my pin-pricked, calloused finger!!

Of course, this oath doesn't include little hexie 100% cotton 'quilt as you go' quilts. I am chomping at the bit to start another little hexie quilt.....but not just yet...perhaps in another life!

Of course, if this hexie was the only 'pretty' that I had been stitching these last couple of weeks I would have gone quite simply, stark, raving mad. Coming up for air at intervals, I have for the sake of my sanity, filled small moments of time filled with bright, happy and fun stitching.

Last week, whilst out and about, I bought some Moda Playtime 30's itty bitty charm packs. I adore 1930's fabrics and I adore scrappy quilts where one doesn't have to give much cerebration into the design and stitching of these quilts. I love scrappy quilts where you randomly place itty bitty squares all together. I couldn't resist these sweet, love, LOVE!!

As well as the charm packs I decided to cut 2.5" squares from remnants of doilies from my dowry of cloth. I save every fragment of my embroidered lovelies as there is always some stitching project for them to prettify, as I skip down my yellow brick road of stitching. Of course I won't have enough of the 30's Playtime charm packs so I am adding oodles of scraps from my melange of fabric scraps to the mix.

I have stitched these pretties here and there to mix it up a little.

Though I admit that I am drawn to quilts that present a wee bit of a challenge, there are times when I love to stitch row after row of pretty fabrics with not much thought other than making sure that the corners align. It really is like child play and doesn't overwork the brain pan.

Square after square, row after row of sweet fabrics, my postage stamp quilt is flourishing into an assemblage of happy, bright colour. I haven't made up my mind as to the size....perhaps a throw, or perhaps a bed size quilt....either way I am having fun playing with this pretty quilt.

But for's back to my giant hexi quilt.

A happy week to you, filled with oodles of stitching!