Sunday, October 24, 2021

And The Parisian Boot Goes to..........................

Hello lovely lovelies♡ How can it be that Sunday has arrived at my bright pink, front door quicker than quick, again?? It seems like only yesterday I was chatting to you. But, it's been 7 days since I was here. =) I know not where my days disappear. I suppose they hurry to the place of yesterdays, where memories gather, perhaps waiting to be remembered; or pondered upon. Usually on Mondays I guesstimate what pretties will be continued or perhaps started. Will I do 'this', will I get 'that' done during the week; seemingly  thinking upon rather grand plans of what I might achieve. Upon thinking about the coming week, I like to think there will be  oodles of stitching and creativity to show you the next Sunday, but sometimes my plans just don't come to fruition.

This week was a bit like that. Oh, a lot of slow hand stitching was enjoyed; it just looks like there was not. Another round of octagons and squares are do-si-doing around my hydrangea cobblestones path. Twenty six octagons and twenty six squares......and yes, I am counting. =) I think there are enough cobblestones laying across the width of the quilt....well, that is my thinking today. Of course, I could change my mind tomorrow. =) I am supposing I will only add to the length. Then I have to decide what other fabrics I will use to make it a queen size quilt. I have a hare-brained thought percolating, but that is for another Sunday. I know...such a tease.

I have been enjoying a little knitting, also. The left side of my jacket has grown a little. I must say I am  loving knitting this pattern. My muddly head and my knitting needles are finally in sync. Both have settled into a  groove with the pattern, which is rather nice. My friend Trish and I have been spending time together on Thursday afternoons happily clickety clacking away with needles and wool. Trish, too, is in a groove. Her jacket is coming along leaps and bounds.  I must say, she and me solve an extensive amount of the world problems each Thursday afternoon. If only the powers that be would pick up the blower (a phone, for those of you who are not in-the-know of Australian slang) and have a chat. =)

As for the flowers, Dutch Irises are beginning to flower here and there. Very soon they will be everywhere. The tall statuesque form of the bluey, purple irises are rather lovely to the eye. Lady Spring has floated by on many a breeze sprinkling flowers all around at her bidding. First there were the daffodils; then the blossom trees, bluebells, forget-me-nots, tulips, snowdrops, waratahs, magnolias, azaleas, rhododendrons, and now the snowball trees and clematis are coming into their own. I am waiting patiently for the lilac panicles to open and fill the air with the heady scents that only lilacs can gift. Oh, and all of a sudden, the glossy green of the hydrangea leaves are growing. Oh, happy day! Flower after flower, at their allotted time has put on the most deliciously abundant show. I must say though, that winds reminiscent of that nasty frigid fellow, whom I shall not name, has gusted through some days causing the flowers to be less than presentable. No matter, it's not as if I don't have a glut of flowers to make me happy♡

But , as certain as Old Man Sun rises in the east and smiles upon my garden (and me) there are always a few happy snaps of flowers. You know that......right?? After is my signature. =)

A basket of irises for you; tied with a pretty blue bow♡

Care to stroll with me in the garden, and drink in the beauty??

Oh look, there's my sweet, sweet Maisie. She loves irises, too♡

"Enough of the happy snaps", I hear you say, "what about the Parisian boot"?? The names of those of you who are not adverse to a little lace and vintage fripperies on a Christmas stocking, were gathered together in a hat and the name my husband drew out is the lovely Sarah, from the lovely blog, Quilting By The Sea♡ Sarah, if you could please email me your address, then I will post your little Parisian boot to you.  I hope it sprinkles many a smile into your day.....into your Christmas. I am quite certain the little Parisian pretty will settle in among all the gorgeous pretties you fashion♡

So, as my Sunday afternoon floats into evening, I will knit more pretty cables on my jacket. Later on I will visit Kathy's place and join in the merriment of the happy band of slow hand stitchers. It is a delightful group of ladies, and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening, gazing upon others' lovely makes and be inspired by each one. Another Sunday evening with thoughts of seven whole days in which to stitch or knit, perhaps design a new pretty......and most certainly stroll in the garden, capturing a plethora of happy snaps. Oh, and there is another week, another seven whole days in which to glory in the  spring beauty that embraces me. Have a beautiful week, lovely lovelies ♡May you glory in the beauty of this week, too♡

Until the next time.............

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Back to Hydrangea Cobblestones......And....A Giveaway ♡

Good Morning lovely lovelies♡ A beautiful welcome to my little place♡ Just sitting here enjoying a cup of tea, listening to the audio Book of Psalms narrated by David Suchet. Such a euphonious voice he has; nothing at all like the one he voices as Hercule Poirot. So, listening to him reading the Psalms while I watch Old Man Sun sleepily rise from behind the mountains is indeed bliss. What a miracle a sunrise is. Love, love, love sleepy Sunday mornings. It looks as if my day will be singing with sunshine. Love, love, love happy, sunshiny beams♡

The spring garden is beginning to unfurl in all its loveliness. The blossom trees are out in full bloom, though the falling blossoms are now beginning to catch a ride on the soft spring breeze, forming petal-filled carpets on the ground. For the past couple of weeks the bluebells have been the stars in the garden, so of course I had to, had to pick a gazillion of them before they are no more. I must say too, that there are carpets of forget-me-nots everywhere; so, so pretty. Very soon it will be the irises and granny bonnets....oh, and the foxgloves....time to shine. The bluebells will be the stars of my little happy snaps, this week.....along with my happy, hydrangea cobblestones, of course♡

Having finished the sweet baby quilt last week, for which I must say thank you for the gift of all your beautiful comments; I have pulled out my Hydrangea Cobblestones quilt out again to hand stitch. Such happy fabrics. Blue, blue, hydrangeas everywhere. Can one ever have too much of the hue blue?? Me thinks most definitely not! Lots of octagons and little squares have been stitched on, skipping around the outside. Two more 'rounds' have been added. Such fun! Though, upon my beady little eye perusing the progress, that persnickety eye of mine went to a spot like an arrow to the bullseye, and spotted something scew-whiff. Nothing major, just one little octagon not quite in the right spot. I suppose I should've let it be; most would; but me being me, a recovering perfectionist, I had to fix it up as I just know it would have niggled me forever. So I carefully  unpicked the offending octagon and replaced it with another that was more pleasing to my eye. Gosh, it took a little while, as I do tend to stitch tiny little stitches very, very close together when doing EPP.   But now, all is well with my little octagonal world. My hydrangea cobblestones quilt is slowly growing.

A basket of bluebells for you♡

Now.......about my little Giveaway. I'm still sorting (slowly) and culling stuff and happened upon another Christmas stocking, in the form of an 'oh-so-chic, Parisian boot, which I fashioned many years ago. I gifted a couple of these pretties last year to some lovely ladies, so, as Christmas, the season of goodwill will soon be at our doorsteps, a thought crossed my mind; why not gift another stocking to one of you lovely lovelies. I am wanting to spread a little early Christmas joy. My Parisian boot has been hanging in the dark abyss of an armoire (I had made it, along with some others to sell); much better to be out seeing the light of day, adorning another's home.  So, if you hanker after a Christmas Parisian boot dripping in lacey and vintage, cream and gold frothiness to gussy up your home, just say so when you comment, and I will put your name in a hat  and my husband might just well draw out your name. Fingers crossed♡

Bye for now. May your day be filled with touches of beauty; and may you enjoy sprinkles of joy throughout this coming week♡ Thank you for skipping along my flower-lined, hydrangea cobblestone path with me. Every path should have bluebells and forget-me-nots kissing the edges. Later on this evening I will continue stitching some more pretty cobblestones to my quilt and also visit Kathy to see what all the other lovely ladies are hand stitching. Then tomorrow I might visit Judy's place to see what pretties are on everyone's design walls.

Until the next time.............