Sunday, May 31, 2020

So.....that was Autumn

A lovely welcome to you on this Sunday morning♥ The calender reveals to me it is the last day of autumn. It is a rather chilly morning reminding me that the imminent arrival of Old Man Winter is nigh. This autumn was a rather memorable season in many ways. First and foremost because we have been locked down in our homes for most of it, and it is only now that the restrictions are beginning to slowly ease. Day after day has melded seamlessly into the other and though each day has silently recorded the  change of the season, there has been no gadding about the countryside to drink in the beauty of the landscape's changes as would normally be enjoyed. On a smaller scale I have watched the beautiful but subtle changes in the garden, slowly preparing for a long winter; but it has been strange not to experience the delights the autumnal Tassie countryside offers on a grand scale.

Autumn was witness to Easter, Mother's Day and for us a birthday of great note; which were all celebrated within the confines of my humble abode. Again, 'twas rather strange because for these occasions we would normally venture out to celebrate, making the most of these special days, and for the BIG birthday there were many plans to celebrate in grand style but was not to be.

In the garden March and April showcased the dahlias, though now, in one fell swoop Jack Frost has burnt them, leaving behind a mass of lifeless, organic matter. The cosmos were wonderful, but they too, have succumbed to Jack Frost. Their seeds have dispersed from the pods, settling down into the brown earth until next spring, when once again nature will miraculously germinate the seeds and begin the cycle yet again. The hydrangeas are past their best but before Jack Frost's icy fingers touched these as well, I picked bunches to bring inside to dry, and in the process changing into fabulous autumnal hues as only hydrangeas can do. 'Tis no secret I  think there is no more long lasting and beautiful flower than  these mop-head beauties.

 As I am not a social butterfly I have rather relished all the time that has been spent in my home this autumn.  I have been stitching my Sweet Sunday quilt dancing with Liberty fabrics.  Day after day has been enjoyed, pleasantly hand stitching this quilt. Notwithstanding the human drama and tragedy  unfolding all over the world, I have sought beauty in the little things. Enjoying those everyday occurrences. The quiet times with my Heavenly Father, a pretty flower in the garden, sweet bunnies hiding in teacups, a little book reading, a tree changing it's green frock to a concoction zinging with gorgeous burnished tones, the paper-like falling leaves dancing on the wind; delighting in the gift of pyjamas overspilling with  hydrangeas (who would've thought that down here at the bottom of the world there could be pjs with such a delicious print), so many wonders that I delighted in, day after day after day. So much of this autumn was enjoyed looking at, touching and stitching scrumptious Liberty prints. Day after day the enjoyment of gazing upon and stitching these gorgeous Liberty fabrics, caused me to be thankful that the slow hand stitching of something pretty helps me to reflect upon the positive, the lovely, the beautiful.....thankful for all those small blessings that come my way.

Let us retrace my days of the gloriously hued season that is called autumn......shall we.

I have enjoyed hand quilting my Sweet Sunday quilt this week. Simple hand quilting around the perimeter of each hexie is what I decided upon. Elementary I know, but I am loving the simplicity of this as some of the hexies are quite busy. I am rather loving the back as well. The plain blue shows the simple hexie shape perfectly......oh....and I am happy with the quilting. I must say I am even smiling at those disobedient stitches that will not march behind the others in a straight line. I am happy-ish that they wander off. Try as I might to corral them and cajole them to march  one, two, one, two, in sync with the others, I know they won't. Oh that the dulcet tones of Doris Day singing Que Sera Sera I can faintly hear wafting in the distance???? There you go......what will be, will be. =)

So.....that was my autumn. A season that flew by quicker than quick. Let us hope that winter flies by with an even greater velocity of speed. I have an inkling, though, that it won't. So not a fan of Old Man Winter and his trusty sidekick, Jack Frost. Let's just say I won't be putting out the welcome mat for the pair of them at my bright pink door. Thank you so much for popping by and catching a 'few' glimpses of autumn here at my little place. It is my wish that in some small way I have sprinkled a little beauty to your day, even perhaps quieten  the noise and chaos of this world in which we live......if only for a little while. Thank you for the gift of your visit, you always make me smile This afternoon I am going to join that little band of lovelies all around the world, pick up my needle and thread and delight in a little Slow Sunday Stitching, a little hand quilting on my Sweet Sunday pretty.

Until the next time............

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

A Li'l Sweet Sunday Quilting

A lovely hello to all you lovely lovelies♥ 'Tis late Sunday afternoon here and later this evening I am going to settle down and enjoy a little hand quilting while I watch TV. My Sweet Sunday quilt top is finished. Yay! This week I have been stitching little hexies to the border. I decided these sweet little  six-sided polygons (this I do remember from my school days) would skip around the edge in a straight line. Because I am  mathematically challenged and could not, would not, did not calculate precisely between each hexie; I just butted them up to each other and crossed my fingers and toes that the space at the end of each row was of a smilar distance. Quite incredibly, believe it or not, it worked! I simply found the centre (back in the day, the concept of symmetry sunk into my brainpan) and just worked outwards to the end. I suppose the moral to this tale is to work out all those detailed, impossible mathematical measurements to the nth degree  before one embarks on a quilting adventure; or indeed follow the pattern; but truly, where is the fun in that. =)  As always I merrily dived head first into my sweet Liberty fabrics and kinda made it up as I went along. That's how I roll.

I found the embroidered flounce to have a lot of little puckers as I stitched the hexies to it and I know these will not disappear as I quilt, but I guess I will just have to live with it. I suppose, I will yet again have to adopt the attitude of satisfactionism and not perfectionism. Oh, the botheration of quilting!

For the backing I couldn't find a fabric that would play happily with my Liberty hexies. I could've bought metres and metres of Liberty fabric but at $50 per metre this was not an option. Instead I bought a blue bed sheet. I know a tad boring, but as this quilt is for me and no-one really looks at the back (except you of course) it will just have to do. I hunted for an all-over Liberty-like fabric dancing with flowers but could not find any. So 'plain Jane' it is. I would have preferred a busy, ditsy floral so that all those imperfect quilting stitches that I know will appear more often than not, would be hidden in the busy print. Now ALL my quilting imperfections and sins will be laid bare for all to see. I deliberated muchly over how to quilt this pretty, deciding upon simply quilting around each large hexie. With all my embroideries I am of the thought that this would look best. Again, the KISS method of quilting is to be the order of my day.

My Liberty stash has been decimated to a messy jumble of smidgens of scraps. 'Tis a bit sad really as they did look rather lovely in all their togetherness. I will save these itty bitty, slivers of fabrics for a sunny day when I fashion another Liberty inspired pretty. 

But for now, I will sandwich the quilt together, place it in my quilting frame and begin the begin..... a little imperfect handquilting. Yes indeedy, a rather pleasant evening of slow stitching. Ain't life grand! Thank you for popping by my little place. I do hope you are all keeping well. May your day be a cheery one, sprinkled with sunshine and snippets of beauty♥

Until the next time............

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