Friday, July 13, 2018

Tassie wintry mornings are what magic is made of!

Winter is in full swing down here at the bottom of the world. Both Maisie and I haven't let the frigid and icy fingers of Ol' Man Winter and Jack Frost dampen our desire for our early morning walks.  My trusty spaniel is always up for an early morning adventure. Indeed, if you don't drag yourself out of your cosy bed jump out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, you miss the magic of those early dawn skies. For if you are laggard, the drama and enchantment of the early skies can disappear in an instant.  The majesty appears for but a moment and then vanishes the next. And.....believe you me the skies, just before Ol' Man Sun peeps over the horizon and slowly arises is not to be missed. The theatre of the skies at first light; luminous, lucent, prismatic; is truly one of the most spectacular sights to see......and I might add, free for all to witness.

Most mornings me and my faithful shadow set out at first light with the waning, milky moon smiling down at us in the predawn sky. It sits there glimmering faintly, a slowly disappearing beacon as our footsteps crunch upon the ice-sheathed ground below us. I love the sound of footsteps upon the white shards of ice encrustations which smother the earth below. We stroll along many different paths. We follow the patterns, the dancing light in the sky. There is hushed beauty everywhere. Just Maisie and me, and the cows sleepily looking at us. Sometimes there is the very occasional sound of a faraway car journeying to it's owners place of work. There is not a soul in sight......even the farmers are a no show.

Some mornings are shrouded in the most beautiful mist. Love, love, love wintry mornings that are aglow in a veil of ghostly, opaque fog. Love strolling along the path with the blurred silhouettes of ancient, giant trees looming in the shadows. I almost expect to see a gothic character, akin to Heathcliff emerging from the mist........but then I remember, silly me, my Heathcliff is home tending the fire, keeping the home fires burning and cooking breakfast. =)

You never really know what beauty awaits you. Some mornings the skies are blue as blue and some mornings the sunrise paints exquisite, pigmented clouds as the sunlight dances through the sky.  Winter skies where clouds are splashed here and there are my favourite as the vibrant, impressionistic nebulous masses are astonishing in their chromaticity. Is it my imagination but do Winter and Autumn skies appear more spectacular than those of Summer and Spring?? I don't think so. I read the other day that there are scientific reasons why the skies appear more intensified in Autumn and Winter, but frankly as I am no scientist I could not begin to elucidate to you the scientific facts.

Then Ol' Man Sun peeps over the hills and the astonishment continues, bringing a brilliance to the dawn. Each sunrise fills me with awe at the light show before me. A light show filled with colour and pattern casting sunbeams everywhere illuminating all around me. I stand in my open air cathedral, always marvelling at the artistry and majesty of my Heavenly Father.

Each morning with the distant opalescent hills before me, as I witness yet another miraculous sunrise I am reminded of Psalm 121, my favourite, which says: 

"I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.
My help cometh from the Lord, whom made heaven and earth..........."

Beautiful rhythmic words, beautiful assurance; words which humble me, words which I hide in my heart each splendorous morning as I experience the grandeur of this landscape.

May each one of you marvel at the wondrous miracle of each new day. From this frozen but beautiful li'l corner of the world, wishing all you lovelies a most beautiful weekend.

Until the next time.............

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