Sunday, November 18, 2018

Much Ado About Spring

There is always much ado about Spring, isn't there, and quite rightly so. It is a season that holds so much promise as each day a new floralicious pretty, unfurls. It is a season that shoos away Ol' Man Winter's icy stranglehold and gently warms the landscape, and as if by  magic sprinkling it with a delicious piquancy of both perfumes and colour. Each day rolls slowly by gently leading one to a wonderful expectation of lazy Summer days.

As you may have guessed by now, Spring is celebrated with a feverish excitement here in my humble abode. I walk most days in the garden with my trusty spaniel shadowing my steps, and when time allows it sit awhile before the pond either with needle and thread in hand slowly stitching some pretty, perhaps reading one of  those "can't put it down" kinda books, sharing morning or afternoon tea with my husband who enjoys a brief respite after tending the garden, or indeed just sitting, reflecting on most anything.

I cannot believe the season of Spring is almost over and is strolling towards Summer. Once again the garden has gifted me with the most delicious of  floral delights. It never fails to extend it's hand and present me with the most beautiful of bouquets daily. Bouquets overspilling with Daffodils, Bluebells, Pansies, Irises, Ixias, Foxgloves, Orange Blossoms, Lilacs, Clematis, Forget-Me-Nots, Granny Bonnets, Wisteria, Love-In-The-Mist.......(don't you love this evokes many thoughts of all manner of amorous goings on deep within the steamy mist. =D ), Roses....the floral parade marches on and on.

Spring is not only a season celebrated by me, all the critters seem to feverishly celebrate the song of Spring. The chubby bumble bees, the lady bugs, the dragon flies, the fish in the pond, the sweet little birdies......all are frenetically darting from flower to flower doing their Spring thing.

As the days slip into Summer let me share with you just a few (well perhaps more than a few) delights from the garden with which Spring has filled my basket.

My trusty Spaniel, she rather loves flowers too. Isn't she the sweetest pup??

Of course when Maisie is not inspecting the beauty of each flower she is off chasing the ducks in the early mornings.

There has not been much 'ado-ing' concerning my garden quilt. Very little stitching of it has been enjoyed of late so this week I decided to plant some Foxgloves......well one to be exact. My goodness this little flower took ages to manipulate each petal, each leaf.....some twenty six hours....but whose counting....I AM! I suppose I will 'plant' a few more of these pretties, though I am not looking forward to this as they are so very fiddly to fashion.

Around these parts Foxgloves are usually seen everywhere but this year they haven't appeared. I believe the powers that be have deemed them to be weeds so have eradicated them......but what do they know. If they are considered to be weeds then they can take over my garden anytime. I love to see these pretty, tubular bell-shaped blooms pop up in the garden each Spring.

Slowly, slowly do the flowers on my quilt grow.

Why, as it is Sunday afternoon me thinks I will enjoy a little slow stitching right here in my sewing room and watch the black and white roving kaleidoscope, spectacle that is outside my window. I have auditioned some pansies tickling their toes in the water, so perhaps I will begin to stitch these pretties. A little stitching, then me thinks a spot of afternoon tea on the swing seat beside the pond. Sounds like a most excellent idea if you ask me. Aah.....don't you just love lazy Sunday afternoons?? I know I do.

Later this week both my daughters are flying in and we are all off for a little holiday in Hobart, the capital of Tasmania. I am so very excited.  With one daughter living in the USofA and one daughter living in another state way up north,  it is always a joyous occasion when we are all together. It is a rare occurrence these days for us all to catch up. I will be away from my little place for a little while but will visit all your lovely places when I return to my little place.

Before I scurry away for a little stitching let me say thank you to all you lovelies for your sweet comments re my last post. Each one of you bless my days. May your week be blessed with sprinkles of beauty.♥

Until the next time...........

Sunday, November 11, 2018

What is it about flowers??

What is it about flowers?? What is it about flowers that resonates with my being?? What is it about flowers that feeds my soul?? What is it about this floral addiction of mine from which I have no desire to be cured??

Is it the universal language of flowers?? Is it the symbols that traditions and folk lore have alluded to for each flower; love, purity, friendship, gratitude, innocence, remembrance, affection, loveliness, celebration.........yes, yes and a resounding yes!

Is my addiction, my penchant for flowers something that manifests itself in the beautiful garden in which I wander each morning, secateurs in hand to cut a pretty flower or two? Is it the divine fragrance each flower gifts?? Is it all the pretty dresses each flower wears?? Is it the symphony of colours within the spectacle of a garden. Is it the beautiful reminiscences a flower brings to mind.....recalling those memories one hides within one's heart?? Is it the beautiful floral fabrics from huge, blousy blossoms to tiny sprigs.....which I am drawn to?? Is it the glorious floral-inspired paintings from the sublime brushstokes of Monet, Margareta Haverman, Margaret Olley, Van Gogh to name a few which I have always loved?? Is it those quilts where blossoms flourish all over that captivate me, and the cushions I have fashioned where  a concoction of ribbon flowers dance with floralicious delight?? Is it the pretty floral patterns on vintage tea cups and teapots that sit ever-so-prettily on my dressers, with an air of expectancy waiting to take part in a little tea ceremony each day?? Is it the  books which line the shelves of my burgeoning bookshelves, where page after glorious page delight me with photographs or botanical artworks of floral gorgeousness, taking me on a magical journey where flowers abound??

What can I say. The answer to all these questions where it appears I may just well  have a predilection to all things floral, a 'slight' floral addiction, is yes, yes and again I say yes. That's what it is about flowers. It is all the above and more; where it seems to me that the beautiful flowers are what pops up time and time again in my creative journey. It is the beauty of flowers in all their glorious representations; in Mother Nature, in paintings, on fabrics, on quilts, in embroideries of bygone eras, in, so many intangibles of why I love them so. Flowers touch me, inspiring me daily from deep within my being, nourishing my imagination.

Indeed, for me there are few things that are  as alluring as flowers. I do not say this lightly. Although I live in a little patch of paradise and marvel at God's wondrous creation every day, from the majestic mountains that surround me to the clouds in all shapes and forms dancing across the sky playing the game "can you guess what I am??";  it is the flowers in all their guises and colours which thrills my soul the most.

Flowers are a veritable pot pourri of magical delight. They make my heart smile. What is lovelier than a gift from a friend of a sweet smelling bouquet of beautiful blooms when one is feeling sad, or perhaps to celebrate a special occasion. A bouquet of overspilling blossoms, cinched together with a pretty ribbon is truly one of life's simple pleasures. AND....of course a home with a vase or two of blossoms in every room is one of life's beautiful delights. Indeed, it is a rare thing not to have a vase of pretty blooms somewhere in my home; even in Winter, where only a single flower might be seen to cheer my day. 

The flowers which have put a smile on my face, indeed, the flowers that have satisfied my addiction this last little while are the Irises and sweet, sweet Lilacs.......Iris - royalty, wisdom, valor..........Lilac - spirituality, purity, innocence, love and passion.... hence a little (just a little) photo shoot was required. =)

This last little while I have been deeply saddened by the news that some beautiful ladies whom I have met here in my little place find themselves travelling down difficult and torturous paths. Others too, whom of late have had loved ones pass away and have had to say their final goodbyes. Beautiful ladies whom though I have never met in person, I feel we are kindred spirits. Sometimes in life we are faced with hardships that are almost too much to bear. I have sat much in my garden this week. I have thought of you with much love and prayed to my Heavenly Father that He may wrap his arms around you, your family and loved ones and give comfort that only He can give. On my morning walks I have looked heavenward and prayed for you. As I think of you, may I gift each one of you a beautiful bouquet of flowers filled with much love. Wish oh wish I could knock on your front door, greet you with a warm smile and an engulfing hug and gift you with a bunch of flowers.....but I cannot. Please know that way down here at the bottom of the world, there is a lady who is thinking of you with much love♥

Until the next time.....................