Saturday, August 18, 2018

"I wish you enough"

I love this poem. A couple of years ago I saw it on a wall in a friend's kitchen. The beautiful and touching sentiments resonated with me so I scribbled it down on paper, keeping it for another day. As I was tidying my sewing room this week, I found the crumpled piece of paper on which I had written the poem. Upon researching the internet for the provenance of this poem I could not, at first, find the author of this thought provoking poem, though after searching more deeply I found the copyright belonged to a man, Bob Perks.....and it stated he was the author.

I also discovered the touching story behind these words. It tells of a father as he hugged his daughter before she boarded a plane saying to her "I love you and I wish you enough". The father knew that it would be the last time he would see his daughter, as he was dying. A fellow who had witnessed the touching scene between the man and his daughter asked the father what he meant when he had said to his daughter "I wish you enough". The father said the saying was something he had heard his parents say over and over to everyone.  The father went on to say that when one said "I wish you enough" they want the other person to have a life filled with just enough good things to sustain them. This beautiful saying reminds me of the many precious little things I hide in my heart, to remember those blessings and be warmed by the memory of those good times when life is tough and sometimes, 'almost too much to bear'.

This week, besides pondering and thinking upon this poem and the beautiful story associated with it, I have fashioned another cushion overspilling with a basket of ribbon flowers. Another cushion; another opportunity to play with ribbons, coaxing them into floralicious delight. This cushion is not for me; more's the pity. It is flying over land and sea to a beautiful lady. I wish I was there when she opens it. I think she will like her sweet little cushion.

Thank you so much for popping by my little place. As always your sweet visit has cheered my day and sprinkled a little ray of sunshine into my rather chilly, wintry day. Wishing all you lovelies a week filled with 'just enoughs'. ♥

Until the next time............

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Oh, I do love a knitted cardie!

Oh, I do love a knitted cardie.....I do, I really, really do. Come to think of it there are a few pretty, summery cardies just waiting to come out of the wardrobe when Ol' Man Winter disappears to those northern shores. Why, I have read of late that the humble cardie is back in vogue. Not that in my eyes, this article of clothing made famous by Lord Cardigan was ever out of  style. But then, I am not really a gal who follows those fashionistas' faddish edicts, who deem what's in and what's not. I have always followed the beat of a very different fashion drummer  as I pirouette down the catwalk of life, sashaying those well padded hips of mine. I have always had a quirky fashion style, some would say a little eccentric. Who wants to look like everyone else anyway?? Certainly not I!! History tells us that Lord Cardigan invented the cardigan after noticing that the tails of his coat had accidentally burnt off in a fireplace. Well there you go, I will endeavour when next I warm my royal derriere in front of the open fire to be mindful of not singeing my tails, nor indeed my tail! =) 

But enough of Lord Cardigan and what's in and what's not. The purpose of this post is to inform you my purple, cable cardie is finished! Yes the last stitch has been knitted; the fronts, the back, the sleeves and the yoke have all been stitched up and the buttons are popping in and out of the buttonholes. I, so exciting, well at least it is for me. As you know I will never earn an income from churning out hand knitted woollies. Therefore, when I have finished a knitted woolly there is great cause for celebration. So go boil that kettle, gather yourself a pretty teacup, plump up those comfy cushions and in a celebratory spirit read on, whilst I unveil my purple, cable cardie. Don't worry, it won't be a long post. You will have read this post well before you drink your last sip of that ambrosial cup of liquid gold....I promise. =) I mean really, there can only be a few photos surely, of one 'little' purple, cabled cardie!!

So, so happy my purple, cable cardie is knitted and I can wear it all buttoned up.....yes indeedy I am a buttoned-up cardie kinda gal. =) My favourite cardies and jumpers for that matter, are ones that have a yoke.....preferably cabled. Why, just the other day I found another pattern for a cardie brimming with cables and a lovely yoke. looks like another cable cardie could be on my knitting pins in the not too distant future. But then......perhaps I should knit a woolly for my dear husband. It's been an age since I knitted a jumper for him. Me thinks he has been neglected in the knitted woolly department of late.

But....before I even begin to think about casting on another woolly, I would really like to finish the quilting of my Spring Blossoms quilt. Yes indeedy, the light at the end of my quilting tunnel is beaming ever so brightly. Another week or two and I will be waxing lyrical about my Spring Blossoms pretty. During this last while, though I have been feverishly knitting my cardie, I have also been enjoying some hand quilting as well. The last quilting stitch should be stitched in time for the onset of Spring. SO, SO EXCITED......both because of the anticipation that Spring is not too far away and that another quilt will soon be singing a colourful, Spring song!

Oh, just one more thing before I didn't finish that cup of tea before you concluded reading my banging on about my little cardie, did you??  You know I told no lie when I said this was going to be a short little chat. =) Thank you for visiting my 'almost Spring' little world. It is always such a delight to 'entertain' you for a little while. ♥

Until the next time..................

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