Sunday, February 27, 2022

A Strange Sunday


Hello lovely lovelies♡ It is Sunday evening again. I am sitting here wondering how do I prattle on about pretty stitching, quilts and flowers, with all that has happened this week?? Because prattling, it is; trivial even, while a despicable, emperor-like,  individual causes such heartache,  in his endeavours of grabbing power, intent on destroying millions of lives, crushing their souls.  Our world once again is living through another unhinged monster at the helm of his 'kingdom'. Somehow it seems irrelevant to chat about such things as sewing, pretty quilts; inconsequential even, when so many are suffering, but I suppose we do, don't we?? We stitch; and drink tea; pray, wait; and watch the devastating images, listen to the sorrowful human stories unfold on TV...or at least I do...and I say this without any humour or lightness of spirit.  

But prattle on, I will. What to do when one is feeling sorrowful?? Why, I go into my sewing room, sit for a while, drink in my cosy surroundings and begin to stitch. And....that is exactly what I have been doing for most of the day, really (besides taking happy snaps). I woke up at 6am and went straight into my sewing room  and began to prepare, and stitch more pentagons together for the quilt I am working on.  For each block, which is a twenty one inch square,  six pentagons are stitched together to form wedges; eight wedges in all. Thus far, two blocks are complete, as well as another set of completed wedges which will be stitched to the grey fabric. A slow process as the hand stitching of the wedges  to the fabric does take a while. 

The designer used about 40 fabrics for her quilt, but I am using many, many more as I want to have a scrappier look than the quilt on the pattern. For the squares at the end of the wedges I used the same fabric; a Liberty fabric called Flower Tops. I wanted a fabric that didn't stand out but disappeared into the background.

It is late in the evening. As I have stitched for most of the day I am sitting here watching the images on TV of a brave and courageous people. Thousands fleeing their homes, walking for what seems forever; boarding trains to seek refuge in other countries. Many leaving their fathers, brothers, husbands behind to fight and stand for their beloved country. Many, many others staying behind to defend their land. Why, I watched a news report of some making molotov cocktails to aid the military. Impossible! Once again another unhinged despot spewing out misinformation, further his insane cause. Another humanitarian disaster which is calling the world to act. Another week. I wonder what will transpire in the coming days?? As I sit here in my little place way down at the bottom of the world, I will be thinking of the beautiful Ukraine people; my heart whispering prayers to God......even stitch a little. Who knows, perhaps by next Sunday there will be a little more of my quilt stitched to prattle on about. Sending you all a little love on this very strange Sunday♡

Until the next time.......

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Sunday, February 20, 2022

A New Quilt ♡


Hello lovely lovelies♡ Welcome to my little place, this lovely Sunday afternoon♡ How has your week been?? Mine was crazy busy with not a lot of time for the quilting of my Hydrangea Cobblestones quilt. Sunday has rolled around again; and being thoroughly exhausted from this past week, I have spent today cutting pretty snippets of fabric, turning them into little EPP pentagons for a new quilt. Yes indeed, I fear I have started a new quilt. I didn't mean to, because I am quilting my Hydrangea Cobblestones, but my wrist is a little sore from all the hand quilting the previous week, so I thought I might start stitching a little gentle, English paper piecing, pretty. Just to mix my hand stitching up a bit.

I happened upon a pattern late last year which caught my eye. It is a pattern designed by Hugs 'n Kisses. The pattern is called Fairy Floss, but of course I will give my quilt a different moniker. =) I rarely buy patterns, but what grabbed my attention with this one was the design of the little EPP pieces dancing around in circles. They are like little jewels skipping around and around. It  reminds me of a wedding ring quilt; a design which I have always loved. Also, it contained all the paper pieces so I threw caution to the wind and purchased it. I am not going to make my quilt exactly as the pattern; as I would like to put my own creative slant to the quilt. It has been a little while since I have scratched my itch to play with fabric scraps, and enjoy a little english paper piecing♡ 

Another quilt where I will dive into my fabrics and scraps, and snippety snip smidgens of fabric with ditsy, flowery patterns. I will throw in some of my Liberty scraps, too. How lovely♡ It is always a very good day when there is a hint of Liberty loveliness♡ I rather love the grey background on the quilt in the pattern, so I am using a Kona fabric in the shade of Slate. The camera doesn't really capture the true shade but it is a lovely grey with just a hint of mauve. 'Tis so pretty♡

A little stitching of flowery jewels was a lovely way to enjoy my Sunday afternoon. Gentle hand stitching, with cups of tea thrown in for good measure. Gotta love a lazy Sunday afternoon♡ I will continue stitching my little pretties later this evening. Hoping, when your Sunday comes a-knocking on your front door, it is a pleasant one sprinkled with a little joy and oodles of loveliness♡ Perhaps take a little time to smell the roses♡ I must say the roses here, smiling at me while I stitch, are beyond intoxicating♡

Until the next time...........

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Sunday, February 13, 2022

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon♡


Hello lovely lovelies♡ So, here we are again, you and I, at my summery place♡ It is a delight to have you swing by; it truly is♡ Another warm and sunny day♡ Just lazing on a Sunday afternoon♡  I must say, I am loving all the warm and sunny days that have been rolling in day after day, week after week, month after month. I cannot remember a summer quite like this one. Not that I am complaining, mind you. As a gal who needs the sun's warming beams to give life to dem ol' bones of mine, I am soaking up all those glorious, sunshiny, darts of happiness. And....of course, sitting here in my fernery, 'tis a double dose of happiness as there are happy pots of flowery joy smiling at me; and of course in the garden beyond. Oh, and there are bovine (the four-legged kind...just to differentiate from the two-legged kind that one sometimes happens upon in this far rural outpost) munching away on grass in the paddock. As yet, I have not seen any of the two-legged kind munch away on grass in the paddock next door....but stranger things have been known to have happened. I have a love/hate relationship with the cows. The sweet, big brown-eyed beasts come a little too close to our fence and eat all my apple trees...and every other tree! Don't mess with me and my trees....nor my flowers!! =D  It seems the cows like to relax and drink in the beauty of the flowers, too. Anyway..............

Let's talk about all things hand stitching, shall we; because after all that is why you have come a-visiting.....isn't it?? Or is it to have a look at the flowers.....the hydrangeas?? Whichever it is, I have been quilting my Hydrangea Cobblestones this week. Lots of skipping along the lines, up and down; down and up,, zip-a-dee-ay.....♫♫♪♪♬♩. So much skipping (and whistling) that the centre panel of cobblestones is finished! How fabulous! Can you get an inkling that I am a happy gal?? Diagonal quilting lines, all following one after the other. Well.....sort of. The quilting isn't as defined on the front because of the busyness of the hydrangea fabric. One gets a better sense of the diagonal quilting on the back. Oh, and about the back, I must say it ain't too bad at all. =) Now, don't look too closely. Put that magnifying glass away!! =D

What's next?? Why, I am thinking some more quilting this evening whilst watching Vera; happily joining in with the other slow hand stitchers from all around the globe. Quilting around the centre panel, then starting the meandering, quilting stitches  of the butterflies fluttering around the border. I have a feeling this part is going to take a while.

Why, my calender reminds me that all around the world Valentine's Day is nigh. The day that comes but once a year, when sweet-faced cherubs with swathes of gossamer-like fabrics covering their modesty, appear with their chubby little arms laden with flowers and chocolates, gifting them to those whom believe. May a sweet little cherub find his or her way to you at your lovely place, this Valentine's Day♡ Sending you all a little beauty and LOVE this blue sky, sunshine-filled kinda day♡

Until the next time.....................

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