Sunday, June 13, 2021

It's Enough To Drive Some Up The Wall


Hello lovely lovelies❣ Welcome to my little place where bold pattern and colour has been the order of my week. Myriad of little leaf-shaped patterns have been affixed to the wall of my Flowers in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere quilt. There I go again......singing 'that' song over and over. I am afraid this happy little tune is stuck in a groove in my brain, rather much like a broken down record. I of course underestimated just how long the 'wall papering' process would take. I supposed I would have the wall finished in a week to show all you lovelies, but no, I am still sitting here, placing each leaf here and there; but that's okay as I rather love playing with each leaf. I rather love petting all my fabrics. It is always a pleasure for me to re-visit all the lovely fabrics, for yet another time. 

I suppose adhering leaf after leaf onto a 'wall' is enough to drive some up the wall, but me, no; I am having a lovely time. I am loving the explosion of colour and pattern that is unfolding before my very eyes. All the bright and joyous patterns and colours before me are the perfect antidote to the grey, rainy days that have been the order of my wintry week. What I am not enjoying though, is the explosion of fabric that has taken over my usually orderly sewing room. Truly, it looks as if a fabric bomb has been detonated and fabric blown to smithereens. I joked to someone this week saying that if a burglar were to perhaps peek through my window he would see an unholy mess, and thinking I had already been burgled, move on to try his luck at his next intended address where treasures await. Goodness, I am always amazed as to the mess I can whip up in such a little time, with very little effort at all. I am so very good at it.

As I adhered leaves to the wall I began thinking about what fabric I would use for the binding, which would cover the  edges of the leaves. I thought perhaps a solid fabric, but what colour to use?? Black?? Purple?? Mmm....not really. I saw in my mind's eye that a solid cover would look too heavy and too defined. Perhaps a patterned fabric?? But it would have to be a design that blended seamlessly with all the explosion of colour and pattern which sat on the 'wall' before me. So, I went shopping. And....after an inordinate amount of time being betwixt and between, auditioning many bolts of fabrics.....this one.....that one.....I decided on a print which I felt would be perfect. A patterned fabric where there is an allover pattern of flowers and paisley designs in colours of purples, greens, blues and white. I rather love how it blends seamlessly between each patterned leaf.  I love how the binding causes the pattern on each leaf to pop. Yes indeed, a splendid choice, me thinks. With the binding fabric all sorted, I cut lengths and lengths of strips on the bias to make the binding, using my Clover bias tape, thingamajig. After gluing each strip lengthways along the edges of the leaves, I then began to hand applique the binding down. I thought about machine stitching the binding but I thought I might do that later when it is time to quilt. But then I may not; remember, I am making this up as I go. =)

I am off to hand stitch some more binding along my leaves and yes, I am still singing 'that' tune'. =) Such a happy little song. Have a lovely Sunday, lovely lovelies May it be one filled with loveliness, flowers, quilts.....and whatever makes your heart sing❣ Take care❣

Until the next time........

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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Flowers In Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere

Good morning, lovely lovelies❣ A  lovely welcome to you❣ How delightful you have stopped by for a little while, here at my little wintry place. So, so happy you decided to visit for a little Sunday joyousness.

So....I have decided to design and stitch another quilt!! Oh, I am still quilting my flower garden quilt, (I intend to quilt a little of it later on today and join other lovely ladies at Kathy's place, for a little hand stitching) BUT, I just felt the desire to start a new quilt. A quilt which I have been wildly imagining for a long while. My flower garden quilt is now at the stage of quilting the borders and as that is a tad humdrum to report upon, I am beginning a new pretty. Besides, haven't you seen enough of applique flowers, skies, ponds, birds, butterflies and quilting stitch upon quilting stitch??  I would've thought you had seen enough to last an eternity. =) I haven't put this quilt on the back burner completely. I will still snuggle under my quilt, quilting it during the winter; I am just not blogging about it for a little  while. Me thinks my pretty will make its last grand appearance, sashay back into the limelight, when spring comes aknocking on my front door. By then it shall surely be finished and all ready for a show and tell in the spring garden. After all, a quilt spilling over with spring and summer flowers demands to be photographed in a spring garden, don't you think??

The new quilt is called 'Flowers In Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere'. How about that, the name before I even stitch a stitch!!!! Those of you who are of a certain age surely remember the song sung by the Cowsills, The Rain, The Park and Other Things, also known as I Love the Flower Girl?? Just one of those feel good, happy songs from the 60's. Well, for some strange reason the chorus popped into my mind last year and believe it or not the birth of an idea, an imagining of a quilt was born. Being a child of the sixties, and a bit of a flower girl (who would've thought) I used to sing and dance to this song all the time when the radio was belting it out into the airwaves. Isn't it strange where us creative types pluck our fanciful thoughts, our wild imaginings from?? I am always fascinated from whence my inspiration emanates. So the name of this quilt came into being. Amazing for me really, as I am that gal who can never think of  the name of a quilt until nearing the end of the stitching. Just a little aside; I have thought of a name for my applique flower garden quilt, but, I will keep that under wraps until it is seen in all it's finished glory; as there is a story to tell behind the name. Such a tease, that I am.

Anyway........Flowers in Her Hair, Flowers Everywhere,  has been in my imagination since last year. It will be an art quilt to be displayed on a wall. Another quilt designed and planned on an imaginative whim; another imagination swirling around and around  gathering momentum in my rather muddly brain, breaking out into the land of reality as it cannot be contained in the land of thoughts,  the land of dreams anymore.  So,  throwing caution to the wind, I have begun to play once more.  Although I have a picture in my mind of what I want to do, and what this quilt will look like, I will again make it up as I go. I will again draw and design as I go and throw fabrics and embroidery threads up into the air and see where they land. Nothing is set in concrete, I will just go where my heart leads me. It will be a quilt where there will be some machine stitching, a lot of hand applique and a lot of embroidery....there might even be a little machine sketching.

Imagine if you will, a room where the walls are covered in floral 'wallpaper' reminiscent of patterns one would read about in an Arabian Nights' tale. Walls covered in an explosion of colour and pattern, something one might see adorning a wall of a riad in Marrakech. There is a girl sitting on a plump, upholstered cushion covering a window seat. She is looking through a large open, picture window to the garden beyond, where flowers of every species are jostling for space. Perhaps, there will be a 'Maisie' dog in the guise of a springer spaniel, sniffing the flowers. On second thought, there will most definitely have to be a Maisie dog peeking from the flowers.  The girl is dressed in a pretty bohemian dress where flowers cover the fabric, and her hair is in a loose chignon with blossoms here and there. Perhaps a comfy sofa in the corner of the room and a table on which a pitcher of overblown flowers, rest atop it. Comfy cushions, a few books, a cup of tea; perhaps a kitty....who knows what will find its way into this quilt. BUT, this one thing I am quite certain of...there will be flowers, flowers, flowers....everywhere❣

I dithered and dithered about many scenarios regarding the wall. What fabric did I want?? Did I want one fabric with blossoms all over. Did I want to embroider here and there?? Did I want to do broderie perse?? Whilst I was oscillating, I searched all over for that one perfect fabric but to no avail. Then I remembered a book I purchased an age ago titled Leaves Galore, by Sue Pelland. It is a quilting book with many quilts, made by using her Leaves Galore Templates. Within the covers is a quilt she has designed which I particularly fancy, and one day hope to fashion. The quilt is called 'Magic Carpet Ride'. Perfect!! It just adds to my imaginings of an Arabian Nights aesthetic for the wall. All of a sudden all the stars aligned. Well, at least in theory. It is yet to be seen if my wild imaginings will be as fabulous in the cold light of day, as they are in my rather fog-like, mysterious head. It just goes to show that contemplating one's belly button for a very long while does come up with one experiencing a light bulb least sometimes.

So, the very first thing I have done is gather  together a plethora of fabrics from my stash for the 'wallpaper'. Floral designs covering the gamut from large flowers to ditsy designs. I traced leaf shapes using the Leaves Galore template onto vliesofix paper. Then I ironed each shape onto fabric, cutting each one out. Now to play with all the patterned shapes to form the wallpaper. Just playing. Just enjoying the design process. Placing shapes here and there in an arrangement which is pleasing to my eye. An explosion of colour and pattern, really. Hopefully, when next you visit my little place, my Arabian Nights 'wallpaper' will be on the wall, for all to see.

Oh, I happened upon some gorgeous flowery fabric this week, to fashion myself a bohemian dress for spring. Some pretty fabric, add a vase or two of flowers.......and voila!! Old habits just never die. =)

I am off to channel my 60's inner-flower-girl self, put a flower or two in my hair and enjoy my Sunday. Have a lovely day, lovely lovelies. May your day be filled with happy tunes and flowers....and a sprinkling of beauty❣

Until the next time......................

Now.....speaking of happy tunes.....just a little 60's fun, happiness and fabulous harmonies.=)