Sunday, October 25, 2020

Christmas is A-Coming.....and a Giveaway

Hello lovely lovelies❣ 'Tis early Sunday morning here. One of those sunshine-dripping, spring kinda mornings. One of those mornings where one just wants to slowly sip a cup of tea, in a pretty teacup, looking out to the garden beyond and be thankful that this day has been given to enjoy. The calender has nudged me that it is the 25th day of October. Goodness me, in two months time you and I will be waking to the sounds of Christmas Day. I wonder what Christmas Day will be like this year?? I suppose a Christmas Day like no other. With all that thas happened this year, one cannot really plan for such events, as COVID is a day by day proposition, isn't it. I wonder if families will be able to gather together this year as has always be done; or will Christmas Day celebrations be one where family members are limited and social distancing has to be adhered to??

I know 'tis a bit early to chat about the festive season, but I wanted to have a little Christmas giveaway to sprinkle a little cheer into the day of one of you lovelies. I wanted to sprinkle a little Christmas joy in these uncertain times. Nine years ago I penned a tale about the fashioning of a a Christmas stocking in the aesthetic of a rather elegant Parisian boot evoking the times of King Louis XIV; and a court jester boot for my husband. I wanted to add a little 'joie de vivre' to our festive mantlescape; and to be honest, nine years of skipping down the flower-lined path of this thing that is called life, I still love them as much as I did when I first fashioned them. If you are in the mood of a little light reading or a humorous little tale ( the time.....I thought it was) then you can skip along the twinkling Christmas path, lit with festive sparkle and be amused (or bored) and read my tale of  'Twas The Night Before Christmas........HERE.

Why oh why did I divert you to my Christmas tale of old???? Why, I am desiring to gift a Parisian boot somewhat similar to the pretty I fashioned for my mantlepiece all those years ago.

I fashioned this pretty (along with others in every hue) for a craft fair I was participating in about ten years ago. As with my Louis XIV style Parisian boot, it is a pretty with a jumble of lace, vintage fabrics, jewellery, ribbons, buckles, ruched ribbons......and all that bedazzles.  It has been hanging about in one of my armoires all these years and is wanting to escape, to add a little joie de vivre to some other lovely's Christmas mantelscape. There is another Parisian boot as well to choose from. For those of you who prefer a more traditional christmassy aesthetic, this one is a boot singing a Christmas carol in reds and golds, with sweet little cherubs and lovely laces, gold tassles and beading. Mmm....a Parisian boot smothered in creams and antique laces; or the more classic red and green pretty.......I wonder which one you will choose????

My deepest apologies for broaching the subject of Christmas with you a wee bit early, but, with the postal service as it is all over the world, I thought I had better throw caution to the wind and attend to this little matter sooner rather than later. Why, I have heard rumours and scuttlebutt about the mail  in the USofA, (if perchance my little pretty should wing it's way there) of the longest delays with the delivery of packages and letters, so I had better post this little pretty, early. Who knows, perhaps it will arrive at someone's doorstep before (fingers crossed) Christmas Day......or Christmas Day 2021.......if at all. =) One never knows these days. I will just have to send it on a wing and a prayer. I have sent cards to my daughter and son-in-law in San Fransisco and they have taken an age to arrive at their doorstep. It's just the way it is these days. There is not a lot we can do about it. The new normal I'm afraid that we all have to get used to. Oh.....I just had a thought. A ridiculous thought, but you know;  there is always the possibility of bringing out the retired stagecoaches of yesteryear, and four trusty steeds to deliver my could work. Why, is that the honeyed voice of Doris Day singing whip crack-away, whip crack-away, whip crack-away, enroute to in the distance?????? Why......I do believe it is . =) Sorry, much too many viewings of Calamity Jane!!

All humour aside, if you hanker after a little Parisian Christmas boot hanging somewhere in your home this Christmastime; adding a little sparkle, a little shimmering glimmer to your days, then please say so in your comment.....and don't forget to mention which pretty you prefer (if indeed, you feel inclined to say hi). I fully understand that a Christmas stocking dripping with  lace and other such fripperies is not to everyone's taste.....I won't hold it against you. =) Thank you for visiting my little place. I will let you know next Sunday where my little Parisian boot will live forevermore. Have a beautiful day, lovely lovelies❣ Thank you for gifting me with your sweet visit

Until the next time.............

Linking up this week to Kathy's Slow Sunday these pretties were entirely stitched by my needle pricked fingers and and I seem to recall that they were hand stitched on a Sunday, well, not in their entirety, as they did take an age to fashion. Why, with my hand on my heart, I speak not with forked tongue. =)

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Spring is A-Buzzing

Hello lovely lovelies❣ How are you all, in your little corner of the world?? Down here spring is a-buzzing. The flowers are continuing to sashay rythmically to the slow cadence of spring. There is much loveliness to drink in. There is a cheerful jumble of  floraliciousness everywhere. The bees are a-buzzing, too. After what seems like little activity over the winter months all of a sudden these little honey creatures are flitting here, there and everywhere, busily collecting pollen and nectar from the flowers; and I suppose going back to their beehive to do what bees do, making beautiful hexagon-shaped hives, and both making and storing all that lovely honey. Gotta love a hexagon-shaped beehive❣ I am always a happy gal to think that in a small way, our little garden benefits and enhances the biodiversity of the landscape.

These last few weeks the blossom trees have been delighting me, and as the flowers finish and gently fall to the ground in the spring breeze, carpets of petals have formed; so beautiful. The deciduous trees have begun to cover the bare branches with masses of beautifully shaped, green leaves. Of late the garden is gifting me with bunch after bunch of irises, foxgloves, azaleas, granny bonnets.......and still the pretty bluebells abound. Why, one of the joys of my everyday is to pick lovely bunches to bring inside, casting cheeriness to many a corner in our home. Truly, a simple thing such a vase of flowers always sprinkles joy to my day.

I have been enjoying moments playing photographer and stylist, too, as you I do. =) Delighting in the capturing of happy snaps of the garden; playing with favourite quilts, dotting them here and there among the blossoms. I know, I know; I have way, way too much time. =)

There has been much delight in the stitching and the completion of the piecing of  Lucy's quilt. Triangles have been stitched to the edges and there is now a border of hexies skipping around the polka dot border. In each corner I used leftover hexies from my Spring Blossoms' quilt and stitched them onto a hexie-filled fabric. Now 'tis time to quilt. To keep it simple and because I want to finish this quilt and get back to my flower garden quilt, I am only stitching around each large hexie. As always I am heeding to the KISS philosophy......'Keep it Simple Stupid' case you are wondering.  When it comes to hand quilting, it is a philosophy that works perfectly for me, as my quilting stitches are never impeccable. They seem to march across the quilt  in a sometimes rather disorderly manner. Try as I will they just will not behave.

Oh dear, there is a glut of happy snaps, are there not???? But......when spring beauty abounds it would be such a shame if I didn't capture a sense of the explosion of floraliciousness down here. I am always delighted to share with you the beauty of my li'l spring place. The blossoms that dance on the flower stage each week are fleeting and they must, must be recorded.  This is one of the reasons I pen a record my life of simplicity, day by day......week by week.......and it seems....year by year. But, for now I am off to enjoy a little hand quilting and think upon happy things. I am going to join others all around the globe who celebrate each Sunday with a little delightful slow hand stitching. 'Tis with a joyful heart I thank you lovelies for your sweet visit. Hoping I have sprinkled a little spring, blossomy loveliness to your day❣

Until the next time...............