Sunday, June 23, 2024

Woolly Goodness ♡


Hello lovely lovelies♡ A lovely, Sunday morning, welcome to my little place, where woolly goodness abounds♡

This week I crocheted my woolly pretty each day and all of a sudden, before me is a finished, crochet woolly. I'm besides myself with great joy! =) 

A jumper dancing with granny squares of colour, colour, and then some. Last week I was in the process of joining all the granny squares together with the join-as-you-go method, front and back; which left the sleeves to be made. I also crocheted a scallop border along the hem and neckline. The sleeves are clusters of double crochet in the main scuba blue colour with pops of confetti-like colour tumbling towards the edge. Love all these pops of colour. Happy little mosaics of happiness.

This is my fifth garment that I've crocheted and can say that I've fine-tuned little elements since I first began to skip along the woolly crochet path. I have found with learning to crochet and then fashioning cardies, and now a jumper;  quite a bit of problem solving happened along the way. But this is always the case when one experiments, makes it up as one goes along, and happily plays. We creatives always seem to be problem solving; are we not??

Gotta love a swan, gliding gracefully among tangled, loop-de-loopying woollyness ♡

Another crochet woolly to keep me warm these chilly, wintry days.  I've been wearing all my crochet woollies a lot this last little while. Will I fashion another?? You betcha! I'm thinking a  crochet pretty in blues, pinks, mint greens and white for spring would be rather nice.  But for now, a little break from crochet. For Slow Sunday Stitching later this evening I'll be hand quilting my Crazy Flowers quilt. I have to fly as I'll be out and about all day. Have a wonderfully colourful day, lovely lovelies♡

Until the next time......

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Cosying Down And Stitching ♡


Hello lovely lovelies♡ A lovely welcome to my little home♡   Come on in. The lights are a-glowing,  the fire is a-blazing and the kettle's boiling for a cup of tea ♡  Let us have a cosy chat, shall we??

Another week flashes by to the land of memories. A wintry week of rainbows, pelting rain, frosty mornings, cozy fires, sunny days, wintry flowers, crocheting......and a little hand quilting.

My daughter who has just spent two weeks on a vacation, road tripping through Canada, asked me...."and what have you been up to mum...what's new with you??". meandering through gorgeous Canadian landscapes here, just the same ol' same ol' really. BUT......the same ol' same ol' in this little place in which I live is rather wonderful, thank you very much; for each day I wake up thankful that I get to live in this little corner of God's sweet earth. Though, mind you, I wouldn't mind exploring and holidaying in Canada, (especially as Canada at this time of the year, would be basking in summer). I must say though, living here in this far rural outpost rather feels like I'm holidaying every single day.

This week I pulled out my Crazy Flowers quilt and enjoyed hand quilting. Desiring this pretty to be finished by the time Lady Spring floats in on a gentle spring breeze, I decided I had better get a move on. I started this quilt in 2022 with the thought of making crazy patch flowers from smidgens of scrap fabric. I machine stitched fabric scraps onto an octagon shape, then English paper pieced the octagon-shaped flowers and squares together. The quilting is easy and rather relaxing with the stitches do-si-doing around and around the flowers. I will continue hand quilting this pretty this afternoon for Slow Sunday Stitching. Adding a little springtime joyfulness into this very wintry day.

The crochet granny square vibe continued this week. More granny squares were crocheted and  I'm now joining these together to form the front and back. The sleeves still need to be crocheted. 

Armfuls of proteas were pilfered from my friend, Trish's garden. I left some on her bush.....but not many. =)

The tea is made if you would like to pop in. Oh, and there's cake, too, lemon coconut cake. Yum! There's always time for a natter, and a cup of tea♡ AND.....there's always time for cake ♡

From my little home to yours, have a wonderful day, lovely lovelies♡

Until the next time......

Sunday, June 9, 2024

More Woolly-ing Around♡


Hello lovely lovelies♡ Just sitting here in front of the fire, crocheting and woolly-ing along, with wool in oodles of happy colours.  Yep, I'm granny square-ing again.  The fire is crackling, which is a wonderful thing as outside my window the landscape looks very wintry.  Though the sun is shining it's a little chilly. It is June; and Old Man Winter has arrived.

I don't feel like stitching today. I don't feel like quilting. Crocheting is going to be the order of my day. To tell the truth I haven't picked up needle and thread for several weeks. Deary, deary me, I would really like to have the quilts I'm quilting ready for spring but at this rate, I've got Buckley's. =)

I finished my green crochet cardie. I joined the granny squares together and a scalloped edging again is skipping around the cardie. I always like the scalloped edging as it's both pleasing to my eye and is quick to do. I crocheted plain sleeves in green with a border of mauve and purple at the cuff. Another warm and comfy cardigan that I love to wear. And I must say, there is hardly a day of late when I'm not wearing one of my crochet pretties.

To use up leftover wool from my crochet pretties I'm fashioning another garment for me. I think this time I might fashion a jumper. A crochet pretty to wear around the house. I wear a lot of cardies and jumpers.....vests, for say, eight months of the year. There are oodles of acrylic and synthetic woollies in the stores but I prefer to wear pure wool, and pure wool garments are expensive; hence my need to make woollies. And, I prefer to wear wool that has been 'grown' and manufactured in Australia. After all, Australian merino wool is highly regarded throughout the world. It's on the record as being the best. Sometimes I will purchase wool from other countries; New Zealand wool is lovely, but mostly I seek out Australian.  I prefer to wear pure wool. No acrylics for me. It is a pure wool snob, that I am. =) When my darling mum taught me to knit as a wee child; back in the days when the woolly mammoths roamed upon the earth, she said....."Kimmy......always knit with wool, wool and wool". Another thing she impressed upon me was to handwash woollens in a wool soap and lay the garment flat to dry. And I must say rarely do I wash knitted garments in the washing machine. I'm a handwashing woollen, kinda gal.

But...back to my new bundle of granny squares. Some of the colours are leftover from my first cardie and I added a couple of shades of aqua, and a teal to the mix. I need to purchase balls of wool for the main colour, for the joining of the granny squares and the sleeves, but I'm still dithering about which shade.

Oh, what a tangled mess I weave. 

Time for a cuppa and a little granny square-ing in front of the fire. I'll see some of you over at Kathy's place later on.

Have a lovely Sunday, lovely lovelies. Let your light shine brightly; and with kindness, in your little corner of the world ♡

Until the next time.......