Tuesday, December 23, 2014

'Tis Christmas

I do love Christmas. I love the way our humble abode transforms as if by magic, into a Christmas wonderland for a month. Each year I love to sprinkle a li'l Christmas alchemy, here and there, throughout our home.

Every year I think about changing our tree which I waxed lyrical about here last year; but I always seem to adorn our elegant tree in much the same way year after year. Boring I know, for those of you who love to have a new Christmas-scape every year, but it's just that I have fashioned so many of the ornaments over the years which hold a sentimental place in my heart. So, as long as I am able to clamber up and down the ladder, festooning frivolous fripperies upon the tree, I will continue the annual tradition. Besides the tree is such a handsome one, sitting rather elegantly in the corner of our parlour......why change it.

This year as I decorated the tree, I did so with mixed emotions. As I placed each name on the tree I was only too aware of those who are not 'here' this year. My daughter and her husband are living for a while in San Fransisco. San Fransisco seems such a long, long way away at Christmas time.

And then there is my sweet, sweet sister-in-law who passed away several months ago. As I placed her name on the tree so many thoughts of her and the lovely times we spent together came to mind. Then there is my mum. I wish I could sit on my front porch and enjoy a cuppa and a piece of Christmas cake, reminiscing about old times and have a giggle with her. My mum was the funniest person I have ever known. She had the best sense of humour, filled with fun, wickedness and drollness. Her jolly-ness was contagious; she had a peculiar way of  making the most serious person laugh. Oh I miss her. Does one ever really fill the empty void that only one's mum can fill.....I don't think so.

Our front porch with a pleasant outlook of our garden, is a lovely spot to sit and enjoy a cuppa in the sun. Of course Christmas has to have a li'l vintage charm added to the mix; don't you think.

A few birdies flew in to sit a while and hang about......it seems they love the ambience of our pretty porch and garden. They wanted to share the message of Christmas; the message that it is a season to reflect on the joy, love and peace that our Heavenly Father gifts to us every day.

Remember Dahlia?? She morphed from a simple dolly peg into the fairest fairy of them all. The tale of Dahlia's magical transformation was penned here. Dahlia decided not to spread her feathery, gossamer fairy wings and go to live with the little girls that stitch in the magic sewing room. Oh Dahlia did deliberate for an age, but she much preferred to stay in the purpley, bluey grey house with the bright pink door. After all there are soooooo many pretties to play with and keep her amused all day long.

Yes indeedy, our front porch is one very pretty and blissful place to sit and dream awhile!

And so........the Christmas magic weaves it's enchantment to li'l corners throughout the house.

This lovely wall quilt was gifted to me by my sweet friend with the magic stitching fingers, Miss Vicki of  'A Quilter's Mission" fame. Isn't it beautiful?? 'Tis perfect in every way.....from the gorgeous pretty pastels (I LURVE pretty pastels) to the lovely quote that says "Angels are always watching over me"......love, love, LURVE!! 'Tis a lucky gal that I am!

There has been many a vase of pretty flowers to welcome visitors who have entered the bright pink door, throughout the month of December.

And so….from my home to yours,
may you have a joyous Christmas
as you celebrate with your loved ones.

May it be a season for making beautiful
new memories!