I am.......... that gal who is always looking out for 'that' chair to be gussied up, to be made beautiful again.  'That' chair to be given a new look; indeed, to be given another life. 'That' chair to be re-covered in needlepoints, or perhaps fabric and embroidered linens, or whatever other pretties are imagined; here and there, and sometimes....all-over; transforming what was once a rather underwhelming, sad and woebegone chair into a gorgeous, new creation.  It is amazing what a little bit of 'tarting-up' can do to a chair. The following are chairs which have been given a new life, a new purpose and may I say, adorn my humble little abode beautifully❣

Chair dancing in a patchwork of lovely needlepoints.

A slipper chair sashaying in appliqued irises


A little chair smiling in pretty cross stitch pansies.

Chair swathed completely in fabric, embroidered linens, and the odd remnant of passementerie.

A little chair with doilies hand stitched here and there.

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