Wednesday, March 22, 2017

A Carnival of Flowers

It all started early one morning. It was a simple thought in my mind. A simple thought to gather some flowers to dream up a still life; to capture my floral imaginings with my little camera and post it to my friend as a birthday greeting. Well that was the intention......BUT.........about two hours later it seems many, many still lifes of a carnival of flowers, magically unfolded! How does that happen?? =)

Oh, how I adore capturing real, painterly still lifes, abloom with gorgeous blossom after gorgeous blossom, with my little camera. Oh, how I adore playing with  floral arrangements, haphazardly arranging them together so that they dance in unison, not vying for singular attention but, en masse, content to shine in a rhapsodic and melodic bouquet. AND.....always, always, a background of messy puddles of beautiful fabric; in this case patchwork curtains in a selection of Tricia Guild fabric, which gloriously festoon the windows of my sewing room; is quite simply, the icing on the cake! Let the carnival begin!

Some of the roses have decided they are not finished with the parading of their beauty. Whilst some are beginning to close the curtain on their performance for this year, others, such as these glorious buttery yellow and pink roses are reaching their final crescendo. Indeed, for some reason or other these two rose bushes have saved the best till last.

Amazingly, the Hydrangeas are still producing new blooms. I went to gather a few and came in with about twenty stems. The size of the Hydrangea in the middle is twelve inches across......amazing!! Oh those pink roses; the fragrance is divine!

And then there are the Hydrangeas with a few of the buttery yellow, roses haphazardly thrown into the mix.

Be still my beating heart.

The softest blue-mauves and softest buttery lemons are the best friends, are they not??

But wait......those sweet Easter (Michaelmas) Daisies clamor for a happy snap or two. Their pretty, little, purple cluster of faces always make me smile. must not, must not forget the Cosmos. How can one forget the Cosmos?? Every year these blossoms of happiness pop up without any bangs and whistles; their only aspiration is to bring a sense of joyousness to whomever gazes upon them.

This floralicious carnival cannot close till the Dahlias frolic in their tutu-like, pretty petals. In their minds they are the stars of the carnival. The riotous colour of these prima donas certainly bring a festive spirit and irridescence to the carnival of flowers, but, I don't a top-liner of this show, the pretty blue Hydrangeas with the soft as soft, buttery yellow roses, must surely factor into the equation.  What say you??

There you have it. Early one misty, Autumn morning a few pleasurable hours, capturing the exhilarative beauty of each petal, of each flower, and puddles of a patchwork curtain; all singing the most lyrical and brightest of songs. Indeed, a cavalcade of deliciously coloured blossoms, a carnival of flowers filling the air with merriment and gaiety and many, many smiles.

Until the next time.......sending you a li'l smile to cheer your day.

Linking up this week to the lovely blog, Floral Passions: Floral Bliss, where all things botanical are showcased.

Monday, March 13, 2017

The week that was........

......was a gentle week. It was a week spent enjoying many things.

Enjoyment in early morning walks with Miss Maisie, walking along dusty country roads, meeting interesting characters along the way.

Having a li'l pow wow; secret animal business, me thinks.

Some members of the family aren't really into long country walks. Some are a little terrified of the bovine you meet in this part of the world, both the four legged kind and sometimes, even the two legged kind. =) Yes, some much prefer to nap on bedding fit for a queen; obviously a fellow of exquisite taste.  Have I introduced you to our Boo??  He is a rather aloof fellow. If someone perchance, should drop by he is out of here quicker than quick, heading for dem dar hills. He always considers strangers with a certain amount of distrust, a little suspicion. I don't know why.......I have a theory about black felines. We have had two who have lived with us in our home, and both have been rather aloof and have followed the beat of a different drummer. Besides, when not dreaming of a life without Miss Maisie, he is off catching creatures of the pesky, rodent kind. Boo understands perfectly I hate meeces to pieces!!

This past week has found much enjoyment in knitting my cabled woolly, delighting in it's progress. Progress is still slow, but I am loving all the lovely aran texture. The back is finished.....hip hip hooray! Now for the sleeves. Maybe, just maybe come Winter, this pretty will be hanging from my frame as I gad about town.

Enjoyment also, in planning another tarted up jacket. I was gifted an inspiration-filled book written by Mandy Pattullo for Christmas. Mandy Pattullo is a textile designer and artist who creates beautiful collages from vintage fabric and quilts and a plethora of other pretties. I have loved her work from afar for a while now, so when I saw this book in a book shop I hinted rather longingly that it needed to make one of our many burgeoning bookcases, home. This jacket has been sitting on my dress form, in the corner of my sewing room for much too long....two years if my memory is correct.

I am going to use old tapestries that I found at a market many years ago, and other bits and bobs. As it has been an age since I tarted up some pretty, I am looking forward to playing again.

A delicious jumble of needlepoints, ribbons, laces and a little bit of this and a whole lot of that. Probably too much of a "whole lot of that" for these neck of the woods.......but who cares. Not me. Eyebrows aren't raised heavenwards any more when I am seen out and about in an eccentric, tarted up's kinda expected.

Of course, I have been strolling through the garden cutting flowers for vases. The roses are in their last flush and  the Dahlias are still winning the prize for sheer lusciousness.

Are you ready for some floralicious delight?? Again, there is photo after photo overspilling with sumptuous, floral exquisiteness......old habits die hard. Besides, soon they will be no more and I will have to sit out a loooooong Winter without any blossomy prettiness. I am not looking forward to Old Man Winter returning to our happy li'l isle, armed with his arsenal of frigid tricks, one little bit.

The Dahlias. Those vivacious, vibrant, flashy Autumn showoffs of the floral world. 'Tis hard not to be filled with joyousness at the sight of these flowers. There is nothing demure about these beauties, they trumpet "look at me, look at me"!!

Of course, vivid, rainbow-filled, embellished to-an-inch-of-their-life, hexie quilts demand your attention as well. =D

As I say, one can't help but be feel a heightened sense of joyousness at the lusciousness of the Dahlias, or indeed "queenly" hexie quilts.

Then, there are the roses, in their last flush.

Soft, pastel-painted, with sunlight-kissed petals.....roses.

For those of you who are wondering if the heavens opened up this week and sent lightning bolts filled with creative notions on what to do with my au naturel lampshade......alas nothing. Not that I mind, as my imagination has been swirling and swirling around with other pretties. Thank you lovelies for your comments re this conundrum. It seems half of you prefer the cream shade to be left just as it is and the other half have decided it is sadly lacking in a li'l pizzazz and is in need of a little embellishment, a li'l oomph. This still out on this "the-world-will-stop-spinning-on-it's-axis", problem!

Until the next time...........a l'il love sent from me to you, this lovely day.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Of lamps, shades and pretty things.

Is it my imagination or have I been enjoying more restful slumber in my boudoir of sweet dreams?? It truly is the most delightful room. Me thinks one day, I just might spend all day in there. All day to lounge in bed and perhaps, knit, read, nap, stitch, drink tea and think nothing but frivolous thoughts. All day to just be. All day to  escape the world and it's tedious toings and froings. I know, I know, 'tis a shallow gal that I am. =)

"Cute teapot", I hear you say. I know......isn't it just the most darling thing. I fell in love with it at first sight. The strange thing is, would you believe there isn't a single  red design teacup in my humble abode. Unbelievable!! I will have to remedy this li'l dilemma, and fast!

But I digress. The point of this post is to wax lyrical about another new pretty. With a 'need' for a new lamp for the boudoir, and whilst out and about last week, I happened upon a pretty which would fit perfectly in the boudoir. Of course it came home with me. I have been looking for a lamp with a botanical theme for a while and when my beady li'l eyes spotted this pretty I knew it would be perfect.

The base of the new lamp has trailing vines and flowers and sweet birdies resting amongst the blossoms. The shade which is a cream one is perfectly acceptable....BUT......I thought a li'l machine sketching incorporating a vine or two trailing around the top of the shade,  overspilling with flowers with perhaps a bird nesting  among the flowers, could look rather winsome. Nothing too busy just a little vine or two.

The sweet birdie and flowers camouflage perfectly with my flower-filled feature wall.

Well.....I thought a li'l machine sketching would be spiffy but after a ridiculous amount of time dreaming up something that was half acceptable and then sketching flower after flower, vine after vine, with the odd birdie, I decided the lamp base can happily exist with the cream shade for a little while longer. Ordinarily, machine sketching is the most relaxing and fun thing for me but after beginning to stitch the design, both the design and the colours I chose, didn't sing a melodious song at all! Obviously my mojo is visiting elsewhere! How dare it!! So for now I will forget about gussying up the shade for a while and maybe think upon it another day. Or maybe....just maybe I will leave it!! What!! Did I say leave the cream shade au naturel!! Oh my goodness....what is happening to me!! Have I come down with some unidentifiable malady of the mind?? Have I gone stark raving mad.........!! Hope oh hope this affliction disappears sooner than soon!!

Maybe I'll find a little inspiration knitting my pretty, cabled woolly.

Yes indeedy, I have picked up my jumper yet again, and started to clickety clack away. Summer is fading down here so a little knitting is the order of my day. Mind you......not that knitting this woolly is terribly relaxing. There is much too much cranial gymnastics involved with the knitting of this pretty, but my fingers (and mind) have finally slipped into a rhythm where believe it or not I haven't unravelled any mistakes, at least not in the last day or two!!

Speaking of Summer fading into a bittersweet memory, I must say our Hydrangeas are changing into the palest of hues. The deep blues are turning into pale blues and greens. They truly are beautiful. For four months now the Hydrangeas have not disappointed.

The Summer garden, though it is beginning to evanesce to a beautifully, muted autumnal state there are still some flowers that will not give credence to the thought of slipping away. The Dahlias are still showing off their vivacious and flashy faces and the Cosmos......well.....they just do what they always do.......delight with their bright happiness.

"You looking at me!!!!" Upon getting a little too close with my camera to this fine fellow, he "put up his dukes" and proceeded to come at me. I am supposing he didn't take too kindly to me or my camera.

Upon's a thought, perhaps if some Shakespearean character could fill the boudoir with mellifluous strands of soft music........maybe......just maybe my mojo would return!! =D

Until the next time, may you have a joyous week, with a sprinkling of a li'l floralicious delight.