Monday, January 15, 2018

A Beautiful New Year to You!

A beautiful new year to you. 'Tis a beautiful new year down here at the bottom of the world. I am little tardy with my new year greeting I know, but here in my little part of the world, I have been chilling out enjoying beautiful and warm, summery days as they roll on and on. Down here, in my little part of the universe, there has been a rather relaxed kinda feeling. Nothing but a snail's pace is the order of my day; going for early morning walks watching the sun rise as it smiles in the sky, enjoying many hours by the pond and in the garden.....YAY OH YAY.....'tis Hydrangea time), reading a book or two or three, and among many other pleasant activities, stitching and finishing my Japanese silk, quilt top.......but more about my Japanese pretty later on.

Just because our garden is blooming in a concoction of gorgeous colours, I thought I would zoom some happy snaps to those of you, way up there who have been bombarded by snow cyclones, dark, dreary days and other such travesties that Ol' Man Winter is throwing at you. My goodness he has been nasty, hasn't he. I hope you are all okay. I suppose it will be my time to experience his wintry, frigid breath in a while, but I won't entertain that thought at all for the moment.

There is a profusion of beautiful flowers in the garden; Hydrangeas, Roses, Dahlias, Cosmos, just to name a few.

Some pretty pink roses, beautiful blue Hydrangeas and a swan or two or three. I love my latest bric-a-brac find, a gorgeous swan vase. I love the graceful, flowing form of it.

A friend gifted me this pretty tablecloth for very pretty.

Now to that finished quilt top. I am very beautiful (well I think it is)  quilt top, where scrumptious Japanese silks abound and a scattering of origami flowers flourishing here and there, is finished.

When the idea of a quilt fashioned out of Japanese kimono fabrics with origami flowers thrown into the mix, began to formulate in my brain pan, I confess I did wonder what was I thinking. My daughter had gifted me some of these beautiful Japanese silks so I decided I wanted to fashion a quilt showcasing these amazing designs. When 'we' first arrived in Tassie, I happened upon a stall at my favourite markets, where a lady sold Japanese fabrics that she had cut from vintage kimonos. I purchased quite a few and added them to the mix. A match made in heaven if you ask me.

As I have intimated on a few occasions, I have always found origami.....the art of folding paper into amazing creations, a tad puzzling. Indeed I found it impossible. I scratched my pea brain and discombobulated and puzzled over the "how to" I began to figure it out......well in any case, the simpler designs. I am so happy the last stitch of this quilt top has been stitched. AND.....I must admit I am happy with this pretty.....thus far.

Every morning, whilst on my walk I walk past a most beautiful lavender field. The fragrance emanating from this field is intoxicating. It belongs to a neighbouring farmer............the perfect backdrop to showcase my Japanese pretty.

This quilt is a rather large one. It is a queen bed size, with both sides touching the floor. Fortuitously, I had just enough Japanese fabrics to fashion this pretty.

I am happy to have grabbed my origami inadequacies with both hands with the stitching of this quilt. I am so happy that I gave fabric origami a burl, as I rather love this quilt top. The slow hand stitching of this quilt has put a smile in many a day. When I quilt this pretty, I am thinking I will use different coloured threads, following the design in each panel in a go-with-the-flow fashion. But for now........there are some more warm summer days to enjoy.

Until the next time.........

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Wishes

May your Christmas be filled with
wonderful wonderment as you gather around the warm circle of your family and friends,
with beautiful memories
swirling round and round.

May you cherish peace and goodwill as you reflect upon the real spirit of Christmas.

May your Christmas shimmer and sparkle as your joy brightens others’ lives. 

To each and every one of you ladies,
my heart is filled with gratitude and thankfulness for the many kindnesses you have shown me throughout this year.
Thank you all so very much for taking
the time out of your day to visit me
down here at the bottom of the world
and gifting me with lovely comments each time.
You all truly make my heart sing.
'Tis a blessed gal that I am!
May you and yours have the
most blessed of Christmases.

Until next year.........

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Summer Roses

Hello lovelies; as it has been a couple of weeks since I last penned a post (where oh where do the days go??),  I thought I would send a little happy colour and fragrance to your wintry world......that is of course to those of you whom are about to step into the dead of Winter. I know, I know, your wintry wonderland is rather beautiful, snow-capped mountains, hot chocolate in front of the fire, perhaps a little woolly knitting/crocheting and all that.....but for those dark, grey and gloomy about a little Aussie colour; how about a feast of gorgeous Summer Roses. As for those of you lovelies who live south of the Equator, you are probably knee deep in roses as well. Never mind, perhaps you would like a bo-peep too. =) 

The roses down here at the bottom of the world have awakened from an ever-so-long, deep sleep and have decided to smile with the happiest of smiles. Ol' Man Sun is beginning to cover us with his warmth and sunny brightness and I must say, the roses are a-glowing! Though we don't have oodles of rose bushes, the roses we do have are blooming in gorgeous hues, and I might add, the most intoxicating of fragrances.

A vision in pinks.

A vision in lemons, oranges and tangerines.

Honestly, a basket filled with roses truly is a vision splendid, not to mention the perfume wafting in the air is divine.

Roses, warm summery days and in a little while my favourite flowers of all time....the beautiful blue Hydrangeas. But for now I will just take time to smell the beautiful Roses. =)

Until the next time...........

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Tickled Pink

This past week, in this far rural outpost, I happened upon a quirky little shop which was filled to the rafters with bric-a-brac. A bright pink, painted shop with the name of "Tickled Pink", burgeoning with the funnest of antiquities. Needless to say I am tickled pink (sorry =D ) with discovering this little shop. Actually I am beside myself with great joy, even quite delirious with the discovery of it!!

Upon crossing the threshold of this fun shop my eyes ricocheted from shelf to shelf as to what once-loved relics were on offer. The proprietor who smiled at my oohing and aahing (I know it is hard for you to believe but I do quite often gush in establishments of this ilke) asked me "what things do you collect?" I had one of my "one-of-a-kind" bags over my shoulder; a bag decorated with a needlepoint, ruched ribbons, a vintage brooch etc etc. Well.........she said "I see you like needlepoints; do you sew??" I replied, "a little", to which she went on to say, "I have bags and bags filled with needlepoints  which I have been collecting over the years.........would you be interested in looking at some?" let me the Pope Catholic??!! Needless to say a few went home with me!!

Are they not all gorgeous?? Am I not one lucky gal?? AND.........there were so many more that I just might return at a later date to take more off her hands. 'Tis such a pity my good husband had to eat this past week, or I would have taken the whole kit and kaboodle home with me. I did ask him if the beauty of these pretties would sustain him by the sheer joy of looking at these pretties every day; if they would quell his hunger pains. Perhaps I could empty the bank of the pennies that we have been squirreling away; but even though he smiled, I thought perhaps not. He is still rather thin and I suppose I should be more mindful of fattening him up. As for me, I could forego a few meals this week. Come to think of it, my figure would be most thankful for undergiong a week long fast!! Seriously though, I must say all these glorious needlepoints lovingly stitched by others, were swooped up for the proverbial song, with not a great amount of cash exchanging hands.

Sweet girls!

The cutest cottages.

Vases of flowers......bouquets of, flowers, flowers!!

Grapevines and lattice!

AND......the piece de resistance......beautiful swans floating among the Water Lilies! Oh, the beautiful swans!!

The needlepoints are different sizes ranging in length from 10 inches to 20 inches. I don't know about you, but my li'l ol' heart goes pitty pat at the sight of these pretties.

Not only have needlepoints tickled my fancy this past week. Pretties of the botanical kind have put a smile on my dial. =)

These Rhododendrons bring to mind little girls' frilly and fanciful petticoats in the prettiest of pinks. Alas, they were not picked from my garden but I pilfered these divine flowers from a B&B garden. Oh, don't worry, I sought the permission of the proprietor before I attacked her bush. =) When these pretties have wilted away, I will pop the cuttings into the ground to see if they take root and gift me with pretty flowers in a couple of seasons. Everywhere you go in Tassie at the moment, the landscape is dotted with beautiful Rhododendrons of every hue.  =)

I couldn't help myself. A teacup filled with some Sweet Pea and Pansy love.

Oh, to lay on a bed of Wisteria petals dotted with Pansies and Granny Bonnets, looking up at the blue, blue sky.

A little more stitching of fabric, origami flowers to my Japanese quilt.

My brainpan is a bit light on in the elucidation of the intricacies of fabric origami, but I am plodding along okay.

Perhaps scaling tall ladders to pick Lilacs from way, way up high wasn't the wisest choice to make, but I have lived to tell the tale. Beautiful Lilacs greeting the blue, blue sky.

A vision in Lilac. =)

Needlepoints,, needlepoints.......another week filled with beautiful things. A cache of pretty needlepoints, sweet flowers and a little stitching makes for a most beautiful kinda week!

Until the next time.................