Thursday, November 14, 2013

'Twas the night before Christmas.......

.....well actually.........there are 41 nights before Christmas (just to reassure y'all in case you think that you have just awoken from a 3 months' comatose slumber and missed out on all that Christmas preparation joy....(you know you love it)...... before the benevolent and jolly fellow, attired in his mighty fine, red garb, squeezes his rather ample frame down my soot-covered chimney; to deliver some goodies and stuff them into my christmas stocking.

Now, I know some of you don't like to give this annual event a thought until the very last minute....until you espy good ole St Nick's shiny, black boots dangling from the chimney... (and I deeply apologise for bringing this to your attention)....but for me, this event seems to each year, come around quicker than Rudolf can find a battery for his nose. So.....because there are no little elves in this far rural outpost,  maniacally stitching away for the anniversary of goodwill and good cheer, I have decided that now is the time to start thinking about my christmas stocking, in which the good ol' benevolent fella might leave a little present or two!!

Yes, I am sad to say that there is just li'l ol' me....(I am  feeling your distress about my can wipe away those tears now)!! No sign of elves, working their fingers to the bone, in my humble li'l old abode. So, I suppose it is up to me to stitch my good self, a mighty fine christmas stocking, worthy of a visit of the eminent, rotund gentleman!!

Although I have stitched many a fine christmas stocking for friends and family, I have decided that this year I am going to stitch one for  my good husband and also, one for me. Me thinks that the time has come to retire the old  (that was stitched many a Christmas moon ago) and replace with a stocking or two, resplendently hanging from the mantelpiece, befitting of our 'parlour' in our humble abode!

So to the drawing board.

Me thinks an elegant and opulent Louis XIV Parisian style boot for me, covered in a slew of lace (who would've thought), flock velvets, satins, damasks; embellished with the odd button or two, vintage buckles, brooches, ribbons and whatever other pretties needed to make an oh-so-elegant article of high stepping footwear, befitting of the Sun God, Louis XIV!

And.......a court jester boot for my good husband. Me thinks that a Parisian boot smothered in lace and ribbons is not really his style!! Can't imagine why ever not!! I mean, really, if lace worn in royal circles, was the height of fashion and considered to be quite dandy for all in the 17th century, why not now!!! Now.....Louie (please excuse the informality) sounds like my kinda  guy!!!

So it's time to dig out my patterns that I designed eons ago and pin them to the base fabric. I have used a blockout curtain lining fabric as this will give the stockings a little body.

I have gathered a basket (the biggest one I could find)  of goodies..........scrumptious fabrics, swirls and swirls of ribbons, lace, doilies, braids, tassels, buckles, buttons et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I selected an assortment of fabrics and layered them onto the base fabric in an arrangement that is pleasing to my li'l eye. Then I added lace, doilies and whatever else I felt was spiffy. The more the merrier is my philosophy.  Now those of you out there in blogland who are minimalists; now is the time to cover your ears, because what I am going to say could be regarded as blasphemy!! I am afraid that I am a soul who does not adhere to the gospel of minimalism, that 'less is more'! Indeed, 'more is never enough' when creating a Parisian boot with which good King Louie would be immensely impressed. Naughty of me I know, but after all, I need to use some of my vintage treasures that I have acquired over all these years.

A closer look at the laces and fabrics that I have used. The laces in the bottom right hand corner are some of a collection that my daughter bought me in a flea market in Paris. One is part of a heirloom collar that I imagine was part of a 1940's dress. My Pip knows her mother very well, very well indeed!

Now it's time to start having fun and I am afraid, make an almighty mess!! I fear that when I start to embellish, my sewing room always resembles a site where a fabric and lace bomb has been detonated!!

Each stocking must have it's own individual name....after all we can't have St Nick stuffing the wrong stocking with fabric, now can we!!

One, two.....buckle my shoe parisian boot!! 

Oodles and oodles of twinkling, scintellescent stars have been stitched on with beads to the court jester boot...after all it is Christmas!!

I have lined both stockings with satin fabric.

Now I realise that my Parisian boot is rather slim (afterall it is an elegant look that I want to add to my mantlescape) but if dear ol' St Nick fills my stocking with fabric, maybe some lace, some stitching paraphernalia and perhaps a book (or two); this gal will be deliriously happy!! And....of course, if St Nick should place a drill, or perhaps some other kind of tool in the court jester boot, then my husband will likewise be beside himself with great joy!! 

Me thinks that my christmas stockings adds a certain 'joie de vivre', to our mantlescape when on 1st December our li'l ole 'chateau' magically begins to look a lot like Christmas!! Me thinks my rather elegant Parisian style boot and my good husband's court jester boot would fit perfectly in the hallowed halls of King Louie's Palace of Versailles. What sayeth you????

Until the next time....................


  1. Your boots are absolutely beautiful - I'm sure Louie would approve.

  2. Those are beyond amazing!!! What beautiful work you have done. I am sure Santa will be duly impressed and load them with all sorts of goodies!!!

  3. I am thinking that Santa will say those stockings are to small, and leave your mantle piece stacked high with all sorts of wonderful items. I am sure that Louie would be jealous indeed, of such finery!!

  4. I think Santa will be mesmerized by your stockings. They would befit royalty for sure. I love them both

  5. Wow Kim, your work is amazing! Alas I am something of a minimalist at heart but these boots are works of art, reflecting your creative genius and displaying your treasures in a useful manner at the same time. I hope you each find your boots filled with wonderful surprises!

  6. They are absolutely STUNNING! I am speechless!!!

  7. AMAZING! Will we get a photo of you both modelling them? Philippa xx

    1. Alas no, Philippa........both our clodhoppers are just a li'l would be a very tight squeeze, very tight indeed!! Not that I wouldn't mind stepping out in such fancy, couture footwear!!

  8. Amazingly gorgeous boots for Christmas - who else would have thought of them?

  9. Oh my goodness, these are soooooooo pretty! Yes, you deserve a new stocking, bedazzled in sequins and buckles and lace. Santa may be so impressed that he will want to leave twice as many goodies. :-)

  10. These are absolute works of art! Consider me blown away. Bravo! And may your stockings be filled with an assortment of delights in return!

  11. Oh WOW! These are just simply gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog because now I've found your delightful space here :-) I look forward to following your crafty adventures,
    love Gilly xx

  12. Oh my goodness, these are GORGEOUS. So sweet, your daughter bought you beautiful embellishments.
    Hugs, Loes

  13. How stunning and creative! Wonderful joy to see! Have a beautiful week.

  14. Great designs for those stockings, they are so beautiful, love the way you embellished them!

  15. Sweet friend, you are AMAZING! These are just the cutest boots/stockings EVER! I love your whimsical touch and the elegance of lace added to your projects. You have such a knack for creating beauty.

    Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I hope you're able to join us again this coming Tuesday. Hugs and blessings to you, lovely Kim.

  16. Sweet friend, I am in love with these and just had to feature them at tomorrow's party :) Thanks for sharing! Love and hugs to you!

  17. OH Kim, your talent and creativity just amaze me! You put such love into each thing that you do.
    I was wondering how you dear hubby is doing?
    Happy advent blessings are sent to you.

  18. These boots are adorable. Great job!!

  19. These stockings are completely...ONE OF A KIND. I love what you do but break out in a sweat and get physically ill when I even think about cutting up pieces of lace and crochet. Screech...I can't, I just can't!!