Saturday, November 28, 2015

Of Cushions, Flowers and Friendship

Good Morning to you. Another week passes by ever so quickly. Another week of lovely sunny Spring days tempting pretty flowers to burst joyously from their garden beds, weaving blushes of iridescent colour throughout our garden.

As my husband is still unable to do any work in the garden for a little while yet, I have picked up the trowel and shovel and attended to the weeds. Oh my goodness, there are sooooooo many weeds, so many, I fear I will become a little garden gnome. I really am too old for this caper!! I am much, much too venerable to yank and heave and jerk for hours on end at these tenacious and pesky varmints!! But.....persistence is paying off. I am determined not to be overwhelmed by these abominable interlopers, these pesky pains in the proverbial, that persist in trying to overthrow the reign of my kingdom of pretty flowers. With dogged resolve I am determined to banish them to the next world!! I have taken residence in the garden, not a lot has been happening in my sunny sewing room; though I did stitch a cushion for a friend whose birthday is just around the corner.

Once again, I buried myself in ribbons and doilies. Yet again, I fashioned another basket of French ribbon work flowers. I never tire of fashioning an overabundance of flowers of the ribbon variety and though I have chatted about making a few of these flower-filled baskets before, one more can't hurt, can it??? And......of course each one is a little different. Besides, one of my dearest friends, for whom this cushion is intended, doesn't have one of these lovelies sitting in her home. With her birthday just a few weeks away, I needed to make something rather quickly. We have been friends since kindergarten and surprisingly enough, although I have stitched her many, many 'Kim Sharman' originals throughout the years of our friendship, I have never stitched her a basket of floralicious delight.

This time the basket of ribbon flowers sit prettily on a background of snippets of doilies randomly placed where they fell. I had a yearning to yet again, rummage through my embroidered pretties. I wanted pretty embroideries with flowers, the odd basket of flowers and butterflies. The fabric I chose for the basket is the prettiest silk fabric of interweaving pastel hues. I brought this lovely fabric a few years ago with the thought it would be an excellent choice somewhere down the yellow brick road of my stitching.

I never, never tire of fashioning these baskets of floral delights! let me see......which friend can I next stitch a basket of  blossoms for??

One by one, the addition of a pansy here and a pansy there, a fuchsia or two, and blousey roses with leaves peeking from behind, assembling another blooming basket of floral delight.

I chose a fabric with weaving vines of flowers with the odd butterfly fluttering by. A doily with a birthday sentiment is free hand machine stitched on a favourite doily. Aah....bluebirds of happiness casting a little magic on our friendship.

Though one of my joys in life is picking a fresh bouqet of flowers and gifting them to a friend for their birthday, in this case my friend lives two states away, so this cushion of floral delight will just have to do. I don't think my friend will be too unhappy. An over-spilling bouquet of gorgeous french ribbon blossoms which will bloom forevermore.

Although a beautiful bouquet of fragrance-filled flowers will always put a smile in a gal's heart, I fear within a week they always seem to metamorphose into a pongy mass of organic matter. Yes indeedy, me thinks a sweet cushion of an over-spilling bouquet of gorgeous, french ribbon blossoms blooming forevermore, is a more lovely sentiment in celebration of our friendship.

Wishing you all the most wonderful weekend. Take time to perhaps pick a pretty blossom......or two....oh.....and of course drink in their fragrance.

Until the next time........

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  1. Kim, you have outdone yourself again! It must be all that time spent in the garden.... all those posies brought smiles to my face!! What a lucky friend you have.

  2. Such a lovely gift for your long-time friend. When I was younger, I loved to spend hours in the garden. Such a peaceful place to be!

    Y ESAS ROSAS!!!!!

  4. I enjoy falling into the beauty of your posts! Your dear friend is really going to love her everlasting bouquet!

    1. What a sweet thing to say, thank you, J. It's not hard to have a beautiful post when one writes and takes happy snaps of pretty flowers. =)

  5. Kim, I am in awe of your beautiful handiwork. What a wonderful gift for your friend! I hope your gardening aches and pains diminish and you can dance with the flower fairies soon.

  6. Hello Kim,

    I just love your "Interflora" cushion, a great present for your Inter State Friend. As for those pesky garden weeds put them in some water and make a weed tea for your garden.

    Happy days.

  7. That flower basket is just brimming over with loveliness Kim = what a gorgeous gift for your friend. I would certainly much rather receive something as beautiful as that cushion in favour of a bunch of flowers anyday. I love all the doilies scattered throughout. Dont worry my friend - I have plenty of pesky weeds in my garden should you run out !!!!! Have a super weekend Kim - we have had good rain here for the garden. Saves me watering. x x x

  8. It has been a dull rainy miserable couple of days here and now they're calling for a big drop in the temperature tonight. Dropping in for a visit here and seeing those magnificent flowers just made me feel so much better!!

  9. I really love reading your blog, every time I visit there are such beautiful things to see. I love the gentle grace of everything you make, and it is such a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of the world. x

  10. Amazingly beautiful, your friend is very lucky and you are a very talented lady. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  11. Really beautiful !!! And so unique !!!!
    Have a lovely weekend !

  12. Breathtaking beautiful. Blessings

  13. That cushion is gorgeous, all the precious stitches you've made is just perfect.
    Hugs, Loes

  14. Beautiful cushion, your friend will be delighted.

  15. Simply beautiful needle work and flowers!! We have been doing our final clean up of the yard and I agree, if only my flowers grew like my weeds!!

  16. Good morning to you too! No pretty flowers will be forthcoming for quite some time as its -13 this morning : (
    Your cushion is just lovely Kim, and the birthday blooms will last forever!

  17. Good morning darling Kim and thank you for the joy you share !
    All these colours all the love you put in your works communicate such a deep, inner joy, and I'm so thankful for this !
    May your weekend be wonderful

  18. Those flowers look sumtious so pretty alttogether in a basket a beautiful exquisite floral cushion. Your friend will love it I'm sure!

  19. This is a beautiful cushion for a dear friend! I'm sure this basket overflowing with your handmade beauties will brighten her day every day! Lucky gal ;)

  20. HI Kim....I always forget your weather is opposite of ours! I'm nestling in while it's 11 degrees out.....don't miss those summer weeds that come with my rose gardens. And like you, just love the smell of the weed pulling is worth it! Your birthday basket of blossoms is gorgeous and looks like it was way fun to create!!! Enjoy the sunshine. :)

  21. This cushion is such a delight! Your creativity is endless :)

  22. Oh my gosh Kim, your friend will be in seventh heaven! Your work is just breathtaking! I don't know how you come up with such gorgeous designs. Do you ever sell your work? I would love to have one of your masterpieces!

  23. So sorry to hear about those pesky weeds! I hope you can get back to your sunny sewing room very soon. The cushion is really quite beautiful. You friend will not be able to stop smiling. The cushion embodies happiness. The bluebirds are my favourite :)

    -Soma xx

  24. Oh Kim...your sweet friend will surely be beyond blessed to have received such a lovely pillow! It is quite apparent that you are passionate about the gifts God has given you. Such beauty, my friend. Have a lovely week!

  25. Dear Kim you are such a sweetheart! What an exquisite basket of silk flowers for your dear friend & I do believe she will be thrilled with your handiwork! It's just gorgeous!
    Best wishes with the weeding!

  26. Ahhhh.... is there anything more wonderful than burying yourself in ribbons and doilies? :) I think not... Although, I think you would make an adorable garden gnome {{smiles}}

    I am sorry about the weeds, dear one, and I wish you all the best in taking care of them. I am like you and would much rather work with lace and doilies than pull wretched weeds.

    Your pillow is a masterpiece and each sweet touch sings forth the love you put into it. You are remarkable, my dear. Thank you for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. Hugs!

  27. Your baskets of flowers are absolutely Gorgeous, she is going to be thrilled with this lovely pillow. Isn't it wonderful to have a friend for so many years, I am still in touch with the girl I grew up next door to 51 years ago, although we live in different states now we still keep in touch! Beautiful work you do!!

  28. Paying a visit back to you from Stephanie's link party.
    Wow, am I ever impressed! What intricate and beautiful work you have produced. It is simply wonderful!

  29. Hello,

    I am visiting from Roses of Inspiration.

    What Loveliness! So many gorgeous, delicate flowers and intricate designs fill this post.

    I love your blog header as well. When I arrived (this is my first visit to your lovely place), I had to take several minutes to absorb that spectacular header before scrolling down.

    Merry Christmas and many happy days to prepare,

  30. How very beautiful, Kim - your friend is one lucky lady to be gifted with such loveliness! It is just the sweetest gift ever.....I can't stop gazing at the pure confection of it! I hope your weeding goes well - pesky little things - I know! I have resorted to cultivating them....*grin*. Wishing you time for a good long soak and a cup of tea for your troubles. Hugs xo Karen

  31. What a great post, Kim, and amazing photos to go with it. I just love your pretty flowers and would like to drown in ribbons and doilies as well.

  32. What a gorgeous pillow you've made by putting flowers on there. I love it!
    Your heading is also so well as the background. :D

  33. I can see why you never tire from making the lovely baskets,
    they are gorgeous. Some time in the garden is nice, but weeding
    isn't fun at all! lol Hope hubby is doing well.
    Cheers, Anita.

  34. It's too bad weeds grow so well.
    That's a wonderful basket of flowers. I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with such a beautifully crafted gift. It's so lovely!

  35. Your work is beautiful. I've never seen any like it.
    Visiting from Harvest Lane Cottage.
    Happy Christmas!

  36. Simply lovely work and so exquisite! Your friend is going to LOVE your pillow!
    Don't work too hard in the about using weed killer?

  37. Dear Kim:
    I love this pillow. What a labor of love, I love sewing with old vintage embroidery and crochet but haven't the skill for the ribbon flowers! Yours are wonderful!