Sunday, September 6, 2015

There's no place like home.............

Good morning to you!! We are back home again (the royal 'we' being my husband and I), and I must say I am loving being  back in our quirky li'l ole 'Home Sweet Home'. Cliche I know, but there really is no place like home, is there. I am delighted that I have been able to unpack everything after our little city sojourn, kick off our wintry boots and just enjoy our home......though we will be back in the city next week for my husband's operation. But for now, with the Winter of our discontent behind us and just a hint that Springtime is peeking around the corner of our country road, I am enjoying being at home and just 'being'.

With the rugged radiation therapy behind him, my husband is feeling well at the moment (as well as one can be living with a cancerous tumour) and has regained his proverbial horse appetite once again. His thinness aside, one wouldn't know he is 'unwell'. There is nothing quite like being back home surrounded by God-inspired  vistas to help one begin to heal......and of course the first signs of this sweet earth waking up with pretty daffodils, helps a little as well.

It is wonderful to sink deep down in our 'oh so comfy' bed  and soak in a bath tub again (the little cottage in town only has a shower), a shower I might add, where one has to walk under for an inordinate length of time to get wet. I am a gal that luxuriates in a bath. Even as a little girl a hot bath was always my preferred form of bathing. Living here in this far rural outpost, the word bathing brings a whole new different connotation to the meaning of the word. Being situated smack in the middle of farmland means we live on irrigation water. At the point of sale of our humble abode, I didn't for one moment, think to ask  the real estate agent if there was clean, the type that overcomes one and knocks one out by the fumes of chlorinated, kinda water. Coming from Sydney, and considering clean water to be a given, my naively put question to the agent was "is there plenty of water?". At the time of leaving Sydney, Sydney was in drought mode and as my husband loves gardening, a regular drop of good ole H2O was of utmost importance. I didn't think to ask....."and is it sparkling clean?"!!!! These days, when this girl bathes, it is with never knowing what amphibious creature, in the minutiae, will gleefully escape from the faucet!! But not to worry, the water is piping hot and besides, frothy, sweet-smelling bubbles tends to lull one into a false sense of security as to what is lurking beneath!! Aaaah yes......the bathing experience is not quite what it used to be........but I digress.

Though I have stitched a few pretties, it really hasn't been my usual frenetic pace. I have for the last couple of weeks been buried deep in the environs of my sewing room, reorganising everything. I bought a new work table, and a 'little worse for wear' cupboard, which of course demanded everything in my sewing room be tipped out, sorted, stored in some new box or hat box...... and put back again in a new home, making my sewing room function a little better.

It is only a small room so organisation is of importance. I find it annoyingly bothersome searching for yonks, for some pretty or some paraphernalia needed for the job on hand, that I know is somewhere but can't get to it quickly.

So, I arranged fabrics to happily cohabitate beside each other, in all their glorious colour and pattern behind glass doors. Eeeks.......perhaps it would be wise not to purchase any fabric for a while.....there is simply no room left. Note to self.......under no circumstance whatsoever must I acquire any more fabric!! But then......I don't really ever listen to myself.  I do confess, this 'armoire' is not the only one stored with textiles.......I fear there are several throughout our abode wholly devoted to this purpose. I am doing my darndest to lessen the high rise pile of pretty cloth.

I arranged pretty trims, ribbons; a little bit of this and a little bit of that in fun polka dotted, lidded jars. Ten glass jars sitting on a wonderfully aged shelf......if one glass jar should accidentally fall...............oh dear, perish the thought!

My new work desk. Love, love, love this trestle table!! Love the shelves below for extra storage.

I unearthed this really cool, rusty plant stand from the garden and found a new purpose for it. Love how it creates so much storage for more crap.......stuff of paramount importance!!

My cute as cute Bernina looks perfectly at home.

I added a new light to join my light that I tarted up and wrote about here. One can never have too much lighting in a sewing room,  can one!!

My 'new' cupboard that I happened upon in an op shop. Of course I gave it a lick of paint and roughed it up a bit. I have a propensity for peeling paint, scuffed furniture and the odd bit of rust. I don't know why I subsist happier surrounded by pieces of furniture that have seen better days.....I can only put it down to a deviant gene. My darling mum didn't possess the 'it's gotta be old and scruffy look'.......the lovely vintage look,, no, no....she would always roll her eyes heavenwards when I dragged a relic with a previous life home with me. The shelves are great for storing boxes and of course one can store hat boxes, beauty cases etc etc. I love the clean lines and behind the sliding glass doors is more pretty fabric.......and of course behind the wooden doors, more fabrics sit.

There is oodles of space on the shelves to store pretty boxes all individually labelled with little serviettes just in case my muddly brainpan forgets where everything is.

I gave the door of this cupboard a coat of blackboard paint. It is great for writing notes to myself, writing a quote or making a list of what project the kiddos are stitching. My brain pan is a wee bit muddly of late and I never seem to be able  to remember which kiddo is what making what pretty.

I also finished stitching my patchwork curtains that I made from the gob smackingly beautiful, Trish Guild fabric samples that a  friend gifted me a li'l while ago. I wrote about these too die for fabrics eons ago here. I had stitched curtains for one window but now the other window is dressed with some new pretty coverings.

Another task ticked off my list. I must say I am rather partial to the random prints and colours. Somehow they just all go together like Gable and Lombard, Bogey and Bacall, Rogers and Astaire.........or peculiarly, for those of you who live in the USofA......peanut butter and jelly.

The new curtains.

A new comfy sewing chair was needed..........a lovely white one, of course.

I love this beautiful rug. It's lovely and soft with the funkiest of designs. I spend a lot of time on the floor of my sewing room these days. More time than I probably should as I just can't seem to get up again....'dem poor ole knees'!!

Reorganising my sewing room has been fun. If for no other reason than discovering some pretty that I had forgotten about and delighting in it's loveliness all over again. 'Tis rather akin to finding lost treasure. I love the new spacious look. I love there is a big space in the middle of the room for me to make more creative mess!! is much more spacious when sewing lessons commence with my kiddos again. I am always on the lookout for some lovely suitcases in which to store more pretties, but for now my little sewing room will just have to do....not that I am complaining.

For now though, I will enjoy my home a little more before we return to town for the 'big day'. I might even lock myself up in my sewing room never to enter the real world again. My sewing room is such a happy place.

I feel it has been rather a long time since I last wrote. Paradoxically there has been much to say, but then.......nothing at all to say. My words seem to have been lying dormant of late, hiding within the depths of me, with no rhythm, with no periodicity. Perhaps they will come gurgling out in the not too distant future. But enough of deep ponderous thoughts. For those of you who have sent me lovely emails to inquire as to what has been happening in my li'l neck of the woods....thank you.

Until the next time...........

Enjoy the little things in life.

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that you're home and that things are going well for you and your dear one. I'm sure healing will be much better surrounded by the things he loves. Must say that your glass jars made me laugh because I have the very same thing - 14 of them, actually - all filled with buttons and all sitting above my head in my sewing room on a shelf. Woe betide the day that the shell might fall down!!

  2. There really is no place like home and coming back to it after an absence restores the soul. Your sewing room and all its interesting bits and bobs is just wonderful. What a gorgeous space for you. No surprise that you create so many beautiful things there.

  3. Oh Kim! What a post. I started out cringing.......bugs......but then soon forgot all that while I oooohed and ahhhhed over your gorgeous space. The floor! The corner windows, the curtains! That's it. I'm buying a plane ticket : )

  4. Hello there Kim, so lovely to read your post. I think I would feel most at home in your beautiful sewing space. There is not one single thing there that I would change. My sewing table is almost exactly the same as yours & I adore mine too. I read the other post about you giving your lightshade the "rose treatment" --- my mind boggles with this idea :-) I adore the old garden shelf in your sewing space & your new curtains are beautiful. I can certainly see why it is such a happy space for you. Hope your week ahead is a good one dear Kim. (I did have to laugh at your bath tub experiences as mine are rather similar, us being on bore water & all .... nothing a good dose of bubble bath cant cover up sometimes!!!!!

  5. So glad you are both home now and that you can both spend time getting back to some semblance of normality. Love all the little touches in your sewing room. Make something pretty - to mark the beginning of spring and to enjoy looking at each and every day as you both grow stronger.

  6. Oh how rejuvinating to have remodeled/organized your little piece of heaven on earth. Thank you for sharing it with us. Also glad our prayers are being answered and you and hubby are home. :)

  7. Hi there! What a lovely space to do your crafts in! Thanks for sharing it with us! Wishing all the best for your dear husband!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. Kim - my thoughts are with you as you struggle through these health issues. I think a hot bath and restorative sewing is just what you need. I love seeing pictures of the beauty you create around yourself. (I also wish you would fly to California and take a whack at my sewing space - ha ha). Take care of yourself.

  9. Glad to hear that Hubby is feeling better and I will keep saying a prayer for you and him. I love your crafts room. One day I hope mine looks like yours. Love all the pretty boxes and they are great for storage. The lighting is so perfect and I have to find me something like that for my room.

  10. Very glad to to you are both back and Mr Kim is well for now and hopefully even better after the op. I've enjoyed seeing your beautiful sewing room. It is a happy place indeed :)

  11. Oh Kim, it is ever so good to see you!! :)
    You have been on my heart and mind so very often, but especially this past month. I sent out a parcel to you just this past Friday, so you should receive it sometime after you return home again. It's a little "happy happy" because ...
    Much love, my dear!

    I can see why your sewing room is your joy spot, WOW! You have certainly created a beautiful place to work in.
    I love that you enjoy the "old" things. My mother-in-law would roll her eyes at me too when I would buy those treasures. Maybe it is because they lived with it and want nothing to do with it now?

    So good to hear that your husband is coming along well. Praise the Lord!

    Happy to see you, dear friend.
    Love to you ~ Debbie

  12. You have created a delightful little haven to wrap yourself in all those gorgeous lovelies and fresh clean space. A little self nurture goes a long, long way when life throws its uncertainties at you. It doubles your joy to be able to SEE all your treasures, rather than know you have them somewhere....

    Trust all goes very well over the next weeks!

  13. So glad to hear that you are home and that hubby is doing well. The return of appetite is great - my dad still has most foods tasting strange and doesn't eat much although it is slowly returning.
    It must be such a blessing to be home and just be able to potter around and refresh your soul. Your sewing room is so divine! No wonder you can create so many lovely pretties - I wouldn't want to leave that room ever! Except to go in the garden and admire daffodils. My favourite - mine are looking a bit ratty after a big storm last night. But the tulips are coming along.
    I am just so pleased to hear you are both doing well. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. My sweet, precious Kim, I can't even begin to describe how happy I am to visit your lovely blog and read your lyrical words. Oh friend, how I have missed you and your beautiful presence in the blogging community.

    I am glad you are well and I can imagine you are loving your time at home {{smiles}} I am also thankful to hear your husband is doing well at the moment. He and you remain in my prayers.

    Your little place of delight and loveliness is ever so charming and brimming over with cheerful colors. What an inspirational place to work and create.

    Have a blessed week, dear one. Much love to you!

  15. So pleased that you are both back home and in such lovely surroundings. After seeing your enviable and inspirational sewing conditions, I think our small guest room needs a make over - since we never have your sewing chair, looks so comfy.

  16. Hello Kim,

    Home Sweet Home. Love how you used magazines to prop up the shelf. I noticed the secret garden book, have you done much of it? Loved seeing your sewing room, so much detail in all the photo's.

    Happy days.

  17. A lovely post, Kim.
    Great news that you are both home and loving it.
    What a wonderful sewing room. So colourful--beauty everywhere. I love your new patchwork curtains.
    I'm keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. I'm so happy to see you and hubby are home and he is feeling ok, it's very true there is no place like home, it will give you time to relax and re charge before the next trip. I sooooo love your work room! it's beautiful, WOW at all the fabrics ans trimmings.. love it. I hope all goes well for you both on your next trip to the hospital. big hugs

  19. Wishing you and your husband the best for the operation.
    Glad you are enjoying being at home and lolling in the bath at your leisure.
    soooo jealous about your sewing room and lovely colourful jars of goodies and neatly stacked piles of delicious fabrics. I dont envy the job of sorting and rearranging a sewing room , I get too distracted when I do something like that and end up doing half a job
    Cheers anyway, much love Mon

  20. it's a wonderful, whimsical space, and i LOVE it!! the boxes, the still my heart, i could just sit in there all day!!!

    you're right about home, no place in the world i'd rather be!!!!

  21. Wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband! Love your craft space! So pretty!

    1. Thank you so much, Kelly. Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world. =)

  22. I'll be keeping you and your hubby in my prayers for a speedy recovery! I know that just being home will make him feel better.

    Your craft room looks so nice! You are so lucky to have a designated space in which to create! I bet you found all kinds of 'new' fabrics and notions!! I clean out my storage areas (yes, that's plural, I have stashes here and there and everywhere! Maybe someday....)

  23. I am in awe of your sewing room. What a beautiful spot to sit in, be inspired and create! Your post was one photo after another of pure sewing room bliss! I would love such a room to work in!
    Wishing you and your husband well.

    1. Yes, my little sewing room is a delight to visit each day....I am so thankful for my little space. Thank you so much, Linda for your lovely comments. Hoping you are having a lovely week.

  24. Kim, I certainly agree there is no place like home! I, like you love a hot bath to soak in each night. It relaxes me and I sleep like a babe. :) Wishing the best to your dear hubby!! Glad his appetite is coming back. Your sewing room is just darling. My heart skipped a beat when I spied those polka dot lidded jars! I also love the plant stand. My mom did not have chippy, crusty, or rusty in our home. Not sure where I got my love from, but I just can't get enough! Spring is my favorite season. We are headed into Fall and it certainly is a beautiful time of year as well.

  25. I had to stop to admire the view you have out your sewing room window, are those mountains in the distance? Great sewing room!

  26. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband's illness Kim, take care dear. Your sewing room is fabulous, I love it! It's a cheerful and welcoming place. Sending you hugs and sunshine, xx Wen

    1. I have received your lovely hugs and sunshine, Wen......thank you! Thank you also, for your sweet comments. Kimxx

  27. Kim, I so agree with you...there is no place like home.I´m so happy to hear that his appetite is back.I believe this is a good sign.I think both of you can restore energy in your own always helped us.I can relate to you´re deep thoughts...been there too.
    I love your sewing room,don´t even know where to start.The cupboard is so my taste,your gorgeous lamp,the jars and,and and....I´d love to have a room like this, it´s pure eye candy.
    Thanks for leaving me such a lovely comment.I´ll keep you in my heart and thoughts.Have a wonderful sunday.

  28. So good to check your blog and find this post. Have had you both on my mind. It's wonderful that your husband has the radiation behind him. Sending wishes for a successful surgery.

  29. My lovely friend, this post will be featured at Roses of Inspiration later today. Thank you for sharing your sweetness with us. Love to you!

  30. What a beautiful home! I am visiting from Roses of Inspiration :) May your husband be healed and God send you both His Comforter...

  31. Oh my goodness...your sewing room is a sight to behold! I can certainly see how it can be your place of refuge. I am so sorry to hear about your hubby's cancer. I do hope he continues to feel well! You are right, there IS no place like home. You have a beautiful way with words, Kim :) Blessings!

  32. Always love visiting your blog, such inspiration lives here. Hopefully the sniff of Springtime will bring some warmth to the soul. It is lovely that you are both home for now and a sewing room like that would have to bring happiness to you. Take care and enjoy.
    Hugs, Anita.

  33. What a lovely blog you have !
    I'm going and follow you with much joy !

  34. Kim, thank you so much for visiting my blog. First I wanted to say that I hope your husband feels better soon. I will say a prayer for him. Second, I love your blog. Your home is so beautiful - I am in the middle of unpacking and organizing my crafts etc. Just looking at your loveliness has inspired me to hop to it! Thank you!

  35. Oh my goodness - your sewing room is absolutely beautiful!! I am glad that you are back home and enjoying your baths.

  36. Your sewing room is perfection! With useful and pretty storage arrangements!

  37. Kim, you have a beautiful home and I love, love, love your sewing room!!!
    Thanks for your nice comments.
    Have a lovely day.

  38. My, what a beautiful space you have! I'm sure just being there is good for the soul.