Saturday, March 28, 2015

Colour my Autumn

Colour my Autumn with glorious sunrises in God's majestic, open air cathedral.

Colour my Autumn with exuberantly coloured, Zinnias and happy, happy Cosmos. 

Colour my Autumn with beautiful, purple
Easter Daisies. 

Colour my Autumn with a bejewelled, floralicious bouquet of Dahlias and Zinnias.

Colour my Autumn with volume after volume
 of reading delight.

Colour my Autumn with gloriously coloured,
hexagon quilts hanging in the sunshine.

Colour my Autumn with swirls and swirls of sumptuous, luxurious ribbon delight.

Colour my Autumn with children dancing a happy dance
at the completion of their quilts.

                      ‘Tis toodles from me.
Wishing you a weekend filled with happy colour!

Linking up to the lovely Stephanie's, The Enchanting Rose.


  1. Hello Kim, it is very nice to meet you!
    This is a beautiful and very colorful post, just lovely.
    I would like to thank you for visiting my place and leaving such a sweet comment.
    I look forward to having you come often.

    Many blessings to you!
    Joy! Debbie

  2. What a beautiful, colour filled, feel happy post this is Kim. Thank You :-)
    I cant believe how wonderful your garden still is looking, so much colour still. Those zinnias & dahlias ... feels like i could reach into the screen & take a couple !!!! I have that apricot coloured dahlia, its great for picking. I also have a couple of the books in your pile, some great reading there. We are getting a good down pour as I type this - shall give everything a good drink of water. Those children look so delighted & rightly so ... their quilts are just beautiful. I would be jumping for joy too !!! Have a super weekend x0x

  3. Kim, what a beautiful way to color your Autumn! Zinnia's and Cosmos are two of my favorites. I plant seeds each year. They certainly do know how to color our world gorgeous! The quilt, the ribbon, and the kids with their quilts are all just fabulous!

  4. Colour to the max! Your paintbox has been let loose and overflowed into your quilts and garden. Still envious of your beautiful colourful garden xx much love , keep colouring our days.

  5. I've got a smile from ear to ear after reading your post. A riot of wonderful colour and happiness. Your hexagon quilt is wonderful as are the finished jeans quilts. You must be so proud having taught the children such a fulfilling and useful skill. Then there are flowers, ribbons........

  6. A blast of colour is much needed here today … your lovely pictures are making me long for Summer. The daffodils are out, but it's cold and windy today. Still the sun has been making a valiant effort all week. You've inspired me to get the camera and get out side for an hour today and go find where the colour is happening here.
    I love your cottage garden - the contained wildness of it is fabulous - I can almost smell those blooms.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Gorgeous colours, flowers, quilts and kids!Joy to our eyes!AriadnefromGreece!

  8. What an open, uplifting colour box of a post!

    I love the girls quilts; It's delighful to see how happy they are with their finished products.
    And the hexagon quilt ~ gorgeous.
    Enjoy the weekend...

  9. I long for the warmth and sunshine of your pictures. It's a lovely peek at what is soon to come here. We have a few crocus blooming, Hellebores starting, and bulbs up a few inches at most.

    The girls quilts are really lovely! Would you tell them how fun it is to see young ladies already creating beautiful work with needle and thread? How inspiring you are for them, Kim, and I'm sure so fun for you, too!


  10. I was so much enjoying all the bright cheerful flowers and colours and THEN I saw the denim quilts!!! How wonderful are they!!!!!!

  11. Autumn is a wonderful and colourful time of year, even without deciduous trees! Your garden is fabulous and your quilts so colourful too.

  12. Oh wow, what a feast for the senses.... loving all those pretty pics and beautiful colours - thanks for the blessings :-)
    Happy weekend and toodles to you too, lovely. Xxx

  13. Kim you keep doing it. One glorious picture after another. I am thankful I do not have to pick my favorite. We have been so long without color now I just went up and down through your beautiful pictures. And I know you are so proud of those young ladies. What a great job they did. They deserve to jump up and down. You should be taking bows!!!

  14. Thank you for the beautiful colourful post.Love the girls quilts and their happy faces!!
    The flowers are so beautiful and the sky too.

  15. Oh man!!...another beautiful visit to your blog. Thanks for
    sharing your very lovely pics with us.
    Cheers, Anita.

  16. That settles it. I'm planting Cosmos everywhere this year! I looooooove it. Beautiful pictures as per usual. Happy children : )

  17. Beautiful, colorful pictures. :) x

  18. you just coloured my world :) Wonderful feast for the eyes! I cant wait for summer and all it's beautiful flowers. Love the Quilts and the girls doing a happy dance :)

  19. Beautiful sunset love all the flowers I had a lovely spread of Cosmos last year they are so colourful. Love the Hexagon quilt! and ribbon flowers. And the flowers on the children's quilt are very pretty, nice books too, a feast.

  20. I wish you the happiest Autumn, Kim. Your colours are such a delight :)

  21. Hello Kim,

    Wonderful colours in your part of the world, I must say you have great taste in the colour of the picket fence, we have much the same on our verandah posts etc. Congratulations to the three young ladies. Their quilts are amazing, the photo of them jumping is so lovely.

    Happy days.

    p.s The book Two dogs and a garden is a great read isn't it.

  22. Gorgeous colours!! Have a wonderful autumn :)


  23. Beautiful creations, beautiful pictures!!
    Happy Autumn.:*

  24. These pictures are amazing! That sunrise is awesome. The girls have every reason to dance for join. Those quilts are all wonderful.

  25. While I'm still looking at a winter-weary spring scene out my windows (ie. brown grass, no flowers yet, bare tree branches), this post is a welcome sight!! Such beautiful old-fashioned flowers with great impact! Love the girls so happy with their finished quilts ... fantastic quilts!!

  26. Beautiful. Next to Roses, Zinnias are my favorite flowers. Great quilts!

  27. Oh my that sunrise is just lovely as is all your wonderful flowers. I want to make a hexagon quilt myself... the children made terrific quilts!

  28. Oh Kim, can I come live with you?! My, you live in a breathtaking area :) The colors and flower of this post took my breath away. And those quilts....amazing!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beauty with Roses of Inspiration. Happy hugs, dear one!