Saturday, September 13, 2014

A tisket, a tasket, a pretty sewing basket

Before I begin to 'charm' you with the tale of my pretty li'l sewing basket, let me first say thank you to everyone who conveyed such loving thoughts re my last post. I have felt your warm hugs all the way down here at the bottom of the world......indeed they have warmed my days!

A li'l over a year ago I unearthed this sewing basket at my favourite market with the intention of tarting it up some time in the future. Oh the very distant future it seems.......but......I do get to these pretties..........eventually.

I have a penchant for collecting receptacles; baskets, boxes, vintage tins, crystal bowls etc in which to store ribbons, laces and all those bits and bobs that us needle workers hoard  stockpile in the name of all things stitching. I always stash away fragments from whatever I am working on. One just never knows when one will need a snippet of a doiley or a dash of lace in an exact colour when one is fashioning a pretty.

I adore sewing baskets from yesteryear. This basket with it's pastel coloured cane  just shouts there was never any doubt that this pretty would remain hidden in the corner of the market booth for all time eternal. And.........the lady was more than willing to part with it for a song, so she and me were both delirious with great joy!

The basket is in good condition so with a li'l fixer-uppering; the affixing of some pretty fabrics, a smidgen of trimmings and a li'l free hand machine sketch of a little girl quilting, me thinks my li'l basket will look quite spiffy.

Just a li'l machine sketching bordered with some pretties; with a touch of silk ribbon embroidery highlighting a trailing leaf trim, some ric rac (I lurve ric rac), some loop-de-loop cording and a whiff of pom pom trim.

Of course I had to, had to cover those rusty nails around the top of the basket, so I affixed a li'l ric rac. I just lurve ric rac....ooops......but  you knew that, didn't you!

As the interior was looking a bit ho hum I lined the bottom and sides with some pretty strawberry fabric. Soooo much snazzier than the colourless interior of before. This strawberry print is one of my favourite fabrics.

And....of course, me being me, I simply couldn't resist adding a li'l embellishment to the interior of the lid! See.....those snippets of past makeries do come in handy.

The tarting up of my pretty sewing basket didn't take very long.....not too long at all. Hallelujah! Oh I do love a quick stitching project. In this li'l corner of the world, a quick stitching project doesn't come around too often. A "quick stitching project" is not an oft-used phrase uttered in this li'l ole abode!

So another pretty to house some more of those stitching trappings that seem to escape all too often in my sewing room. I must say I lurve it!!

Now let me see......what other pretty can I stitch and while away an hour or two this weekend. I will get back to you.........shall I. Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend filled with some pretty stitching!


  1. Beautiful combinations of fabrics and trims to surround your amazing stitch sketching. Your creative ideas are delightful Kim.

  2. I love it so much. You make it look so much prettier.

  3. What wonderful fabrics you have used in the tarted fancy! Love the little quilting girl on the front. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. My mouth dropped at the sight of the interior strawberries, I literally gasped - soooo pretty and fitting and just FUN. I did so enjoy the surprise of the flowers and goodies you affixed to the inside of the lid - a really wonderful little gift as you open up. Much enjoyed - thanks for sharing!!!

  5. That loopy stuff! I love that. What a pretty surprise every time you open the lid too ; )
    Thanks for the hug yesterday : )

  6. Your sewing box is so pretty now it is transformed.

  7. Oh Kim, you continue to inspire me!!! I have a sewing box, I should bring it out and "tart" it up!!!
    Thank you for your continuously wonderful blog!

    1. Me thinks that every sewing box deserves a li'l tarting up! I will have to start paying you Beth if you keep showering me with your sweet comments....thank you!

  8. Love it!! I had a similar one as a girl and now wish it was still around to do this amazing makeover. x

  9. Hello Kim,

    I love your Strawberry Fields sewing box .Have a creative week.

    Happy days.

  10. How gorgeous is that! Those sewing baskets cost an absolute bomb around here and you have just driven up the price by making everyone desirous of making their own... it is lovely though and will be pure joy to delve into. So how many sewing baskets do you own?
    Your machine stitched embroidery is stunning as well!

  11. Wonderful the top the material the trimmings it all looks beautiful!

  12. You do have a most wonderful way of transforming quite ordinary items into objects of exquisite prettiness! This is just adorable :)

  13. What a transformation! It's beautiful and so very you :)


  14. Oh my goodness, that basket is just gorgeous with artistic hand dressing it up!!! You are one talented soul, yes you are! :)

  15. Oh. My. Oh, my, my! I "lurve" the "tarting up" that happened and that I can now safely think of myself as a person who stockpiles and not as a hoarder. Sew amazed at how much sweeter and prettier this looks! In awe of your creativity! Wanna come to my house and tart up a few things around here for me? LOL

  16. Your sewing box is so pretty now that it almost seems magical. I don't think you could have made it any prettier. I love the flowers on the inside lid. Your mind truly works in whimsical ways.

    P.S. I'm really sorry about the passing of your SIL. You're right, we've all been touched by cancer and it's a horrible thing. I hope your sewing continues to ease the heartache. Blessed be.

  17. Wow it's beautiful, so very pretty. :)

  18. AAAAhhhhhh how gorgeous have you made that? Its a beauty....D x

  19. Beautiful box, just the colours I love, pink, pink and more pink.

  20. What a fantastic job!!! You make it sound so easy!!!!
    Love it all!

  21. Great work, I am so impressed!

  22. Yum, yum and yum....I remember when every little girl would have a sewing
    basket like these when she was first learning to sew. Where are they all now?
    Love the dishy colours you have used on your creations. Very cool.
    Cheers, Anita.