Saturday, May 3, 2014

When is a lamp shade not a shade??

Why......when it's a hat, of course! And not a run of the mill, plebeian kinda hat. Not the kind that stands (or perhaps sits) row after row, unnoticed in all it's prosaicness in a lighting store. But...the kind that oozes chic'ness', the kind that effuses elegance and fun!

Hat? I hear you ask. Yes....not a shade......but a hat! For a very long time now, this gorgeous lamp base, which my husband gifted me years and years ago, has clamored for a rather voguish fashion statement. It has worn a few hats over the years but now the time has come to set it apart from the humdrum of the lighting world. Not that my beautiful lamp base could ever be considered humdrum!!

Isn't it a beauty?? Daffodils, Irises, violets, tulips; winding their way around with butterflies flitting here and there. Now can you see why a  tiresome shade just would not do. Indeed, a bewitching and alluring milliner's concoction is the order of the day. And.....even if I do say so  myself doesn't it look perfect  with my botanical inspired hallway as a backdrop.

Oh, I have searched high and low in search of  something swank, but to no avail. Believe it or not, I found the perfect hat right here at home. In another life it sat serenely and unadorned on a lamp stand. So I stripped it to its au natural state and began to metamorphose it into an elegant concoction. Who would've thought that I would have a bevy of shades hats waiting to be tarted up. I know, I know, 'tis hard to believe!!

I did consider fashioning another hat from my dowry of embroidered pretties; and it's no secret that I am obsessed love these gorgeous embroideries, evoking this lamp will sit next to a curtain that I fashioned from embroidered doilies and tablecloths, I wanted to set my beautiful lamp apart. I desired it to make a statement. Sitting next to my embroidered curtain could be deemed as over kill.......even for me!!

I chose a beautiful Kokka fabric that I purchased a li'l while ago, that would be perfect!! Now, I admit I am benumbed with grief that I didn't take photos of the fabric, nor indeed of the process of making the shade, because to tell you the truth I was inspired and didn't give it a thought, until after I had finished my li'l concoction. I was monomaniacal with the task at hand! I only had a small window of time to finish and sometimes, photo taking and the detailing of each step for this blogging caper thwarts the creative process!! I picked up that creative baton and skedaddled like the wind, to the finishing line, without heed or thought of boring enlightening you with step by step happy snaps!! Sorry...but I'm guessing there are other luminaries (more proficient than li'l ole me) who can cast a li'l light on 'How To Make A Lampshade'.

But, don't worry, there are oodles and oodles of  'after' shots. Actually, so many that you probably won't ever speak to me again!!

One side.......pretty blossoms trailing up to the heavens.

The other side.......bluebirds sitting ever so prettily in amongst the flora, with butterflies

I am in love with the shape of this hat. It is rather reminiscent of something Audrey Hepburn might have worn. Think Eliza Doolittle at Royal Ascot....think Sabrina......or indeed of Audrey as Fred Astaire's muse in Funny Face!! Hat after hat of designer inspired concoctions that defy the imagination! Can't you, in your mind's eye, picture this li'l Cecil Beaton-esque number atop Audrey's head as she yells out to Dover to move his bloomin........ummmm....derriere!! I have seen a lot more outre at the Melbourne Cup Carnival!!


Can one ever have too many flowers, with a bird or two in the bush and  a flutter of butterflies?? Me thinks most definitely not!!

Oh dear I have just had a li'l thought, perhaps this rather lovely hat would look perfect gracing my curvaceous wire mannequin (actually it's not mine...I pinched it from my daughter...but I won't tell her if you won't). When she left our humble li'l ole abode to walk along the road of matrimonial bliss with her dearly beloved, she left it course, now it's mine!!

Speaking of Cecil Beaton, Audrey Hepburn and all things fashion, lookity look at this li'l number. Me thinks that I will have to employ our friendly sparky to transform my lovely mannequin into a lamp. Of course, he will think that I am a li'l potty, perhaps even a li'l muddly, but that's okay; anything to bring a little culture, a little savior-faire to his rather mundane day! I mean really, this li'l electrical conversion certainly beats extricating electrocuted and fried, itty bitty meeces from the back of one's stove and repairing the electrics before one's house burns down.....don't you think!!'s vintage!! Yes indeedy another quirky lamp (albeit with an understated 'hat'...but for this lamp....'tis perfect). This vintage lamp spends it's days (and nights) in my boudoir. Also have a bo peep at the luxurious butterfly vintage top. Again, my daughters.....but she was throwing this li'l number out (now I am hyperventilating)........ so of course I ripped it out of her hands. Some day, if I can stand to cut it up, I will do something with this. Perhaps a butterfly on an hexagon beauty?? But for now, it makes for a perfect prop.

Mmmmmm......oodles of possibilities!! I must say this tickles my fancy!!

But......for now, the final resting place for my beautiful lamp adorned with it's oh so elegant hat. I love the unexpected scale of the over sized lamp sitting atop this cupboard. I have probably broken every rule and design element relating to scale and proportion and 'busyness' in 'The Designer's Bible', but frankly ma dears......I don't give a damn!!

Oooh-la-la!! I do love it. Every time I pirouette along my botanical, inspired hallway, this beauty puts a smile on my face!! 


  1. Oh my giddy aunt. Can't believe how perfect that fabric is for a lamp hat. So gorgeous and doesn't it look right at home with the wallpaper and those fabulous curtains!

  2. Yep..your 'hat' covering abilities are amazing! I really like it on the antique form. Is there a right or wrong way to decorate, if YOU like it? I think not!

  3. I love your lampshade shape and the material is fabulous.. I love love it on the mannequin it is really swank get your husband to hook up a light fitting to it.. it would be wonderful. Dare I say it i am not sold on your gorgeous base and shade together..both are beautiful but maybe the photographs dont tell the tale of what is happening between the stunning base and shade. i think the shade needs the darker tones to pickup the beauty of the patterning and the base needs the light whimsical feel that your beautiful doily type shades project. Just my opinion If you love it it must be right and so far i havent see you get it wrong. Ill shut up now Monxx

  4. Oh this post made me laugh and laugh! Before starting to read I thought that perhaps the first photo was of a very beautiful urn for a dearly beloved's ashes. Of course, as soon as I began to read (the title gave it away) I realised that I was very mistaken. I adore those beautiful flowers adorning the base! And yes - it looks stunning against your botanical wall. I love your home. A quick glance around mine makes me want to paint every bit of dark brown wood (and exposed dark brown brick) white. I think the Kokka fabric looks great with the base. Two beautiful things put together always look great. And even though I know this response is very fragmented and all over the place, I must also say that I love Audrey Hepburn. Such grace and style! I'm glad you saved the antique butterfly top - it's amazing! I like it as a prop. And now I will go and get a dictionary to look up some of the words you used that I don't know!!

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE - that is all. :-)
    oh, and ps. Fabulous post m'dear, your creativity and enthusiasm is inspiring.

  6. You are one creative bundle of uniqueness Kim, amazing.

  7. What a collection of gorgeous pictures! That lampshade is just beautiful in every setting! You really must come and wear it at Ascot :)

  8. Lovely photos - all your floral projects are beautiful!

  9. That is one beautiful lampshade! The fabric is perfect for it and very complementary to the base. You have a lovely hallway. All that botanical bounty!

  10. It is a lovely hat - what fabric!! I have quite a few pieces of family vintage linens - do you know what - even though I love what you do with your vintage pieces, I can't bear to use them to any other degree than just what they were designed for. Maybe when I finally get caught up with your blogging posts, I'll will have gained the 'guts' to use one or two as you do. Maybe...