Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The frill of it all

It's safe to say that I love ribbons. Indeed, my sewing room houses many a hat box and many a suitcase filled with a plethora of gorgeous, frilly ribbons. I seem to be forever fashioning oodles and oodles of flowers out of an abundance of pretty ribbons as embellishments; adding them  to whatever it is that I am stitching at any given time......quilts, bags, cushions, a hat, a jacket, et cetera. So often a project is begging  to have a cabbage rose, a pansy, a ballerina-like fuchsia or some other floral pretty to add a little pizazz, a little bit of oomph to it!

Mmm.....well I did say that I LURVE ribbons!!

It's also safe to say that I love cushions. Cushions are quick and easy to stitch. There are a gazillion ideas that one can pluck out of one's brain pan, to fashion a cushion, and they always add the final decorating touch to a chair, a sofa, or perhaps a bed.

So, I decided to stitch a cushion............a cushion in the guise of a basket with an overspilling abundance of beauteous, frilly, ribbon flowers to sit atop the basket. I selected a pretty floral fabric as a base for the bouquet of flowers and an upholstery fabric which reminds me of a basket weave for the basket.

 So I gathered a profusion of rainbow hued ribbons and began to fashion many flowers and leaves.
I fashioned masses of flowers and leaves; wired ribbon roses, pansies, ruched frilly zinnias and stitched them onto the cushion until they resembled a floral-filled bouquet of vibrant, dancing colour!

Every bouquet of sweet smelling flowers requires a butterfly to rest atop the pretty blooms. After all, Hans Christian Anderson once said, "just living is not enough, said the butterfly. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower." Oh, I so agree, though I must have many, many flowers!!

And......of course every basket of flowers requires a sentiment of love to be attached.

An everlasting floralicious bouquet, pretty forevermore.

Sitting  ever so prettily atop one of my upholstered parlour armchairs (upholstering preloved chairs is another love of mine) that I upholstered a li'l while ago.

Ooops....I don't know how this 'pretty' slipped into this post.......but this is yet another basket of flowers, cushion, which lives on the bed in one of our guest rooms. A room evoking a Japanese flavour.

Aaah yes......cushions, cushions, cushions....a gal can never have too many, can she?? After all, they add the finishing touch to any room!!

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  1. What generous baskets of flowers! The muted tones in the first basket match the subtle tones of your chair perfectly. Its an adorable bunch to give a spring lift to any room. Happy and sumptious. Truly delicious work!

  2. Wow! Both of your new cushions are amazing! And sew pretty! How creative!

  3. Can I say "yummy" even though no food was mentioned.... LOL..... Fabric flowers is a favorite thing of mine to discover. This has been over the top. Love it!

    1. You most certainly can, Beth!! I must admit that I have a penchant for whipping up fabric flowers.....perhaps I should be committed!!

  4. What a glorious cushion so bright and vibrant - I love it x

  5. That is a truly amazing and beautiful cushion! It looks right at home sitting on that gorgeous throne.

  6. Wow! The work involved in those.....lovely. Couldn't help but notice the sateen hexie quilt on the bed

  7. Oh wow.... L.O.V.E ! And to answer your question: absolutely,there is no such thing as too many cushions :-)

  8. Oh how beautiful and romantic! I love your ribbons, and all the lovely flowers and cushions you make, too!

  9. You are so incredibly creative! I also have many ribbons, mostly from my scrapbooking days - all neatly arranged by colour in zip lock bags in a shoe box. Ribbons are so pretty aren't they.

  10. Oh, what lovelies! Your creativity always amazes me! To take so many different elements and make something so beautiful out of them! Wow! Thank you for your kind words! They mean so much and seeing what you make helps with the winter blahs and dealing with hard things in Life! Bless you!

  11. This is an amazing work of art Kim!! Each flower is truly amazing, and I love all the details you've added with beads etc. What a wonderful Springtime idea, and it looks so happy on that lovely old chair. Your bed cushion is just as beautiful ... and I love that bedspread (quilt?) too ... did you make it? What a sumptuous place for a travel-weary guest :)