Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spring is bustin out all over......

....well perhaps not exactly 'bustin'........but ever so slowly, the flowers are awakening from their deep winter sleep, to pop their pretty little heads from their wintry cold and damp beds and greet Old Man Sun (that is of course, when He decides to grace us with his presence and shine his radiant beams on my li'l corner of the world); with their smiley faces. Yes indeedy, the stage production of the flower kingdom, 'The Dance of the Blossoms', has well and truly begun down here at the bottom of the world. Each flower is waiting in the wings, until it is their turn to take centre stage and sway merrily across the stage, act by act, when, with the final crescendo, all of Spring's performers take their cue, burst onto the stage and join in the merry dance of Spring.

In our garden, the 'First Act' of Spring is abloom with daffodils, jonquils and tulips. The long and bitterly cold Tassie winter is just bearable, because there is always the promise of the most brilliant display of these bulbs. The William Wordsworth poem comes to mind, because wherever one goes in Tassie, one sees "a host of golden daffodils" (and every variation of the same theme) everywhere; not only in gardens but also along the roads, in paddocks; indeed in every nook and cranny. Funnily enough, in Tassie, tulips even grow by the seaside.

Oh....pardon me.....let me introduce y'all to Maisie, my ever present, faithful companion.  'Crazy' Maisie loves to 'garden'!! As a matter of fact, Maisie's favourite pastime seems to be digging in the garden....a pastime I might add, that her master, the gardener of the house, does not approve!! Maisie is always planting a new specimen of the plant kingdom.....a doggy, skeletal, animal substance; which try as she might, just doesn't seem to sprout and multiply!!

Sharing the stage simultaneously with these bulbs are the beautiful Camellias.

The 'Second Act'......introduces a wide variety of Irises; Dutch and Bearded; for their moment in the spotlight. The bare wintry branches of the Wisteria transforms into a visual delight of showy, pendulent clusters of blue-violet flowers, sharing the stage with the Irises; forming a spectacular troupe of colour.

Joining the Irises and Wisteria for the Second Act are the Azaleas, Granny Bonnets (one of my favourites) and the lovely Clematis. The Granny Bonnets (Aquilegias) are abloom in the prettiest of colours, blue, mauve, purple, pink, cream, crimson.....all providing a show of riotous colour.
Next, it is the Lilacs and Foxgloves time to shine with the Rhododendrons waiting impatiently for their chance to take centre stage.

The 'Third Act'  of the Dance of the Blossoms is well and truly under way spiriting along in spectacular fashion. Every flower is contributing to a magnificent show, every one adding their own beauty providing a breathtaking show  of colour explosion and fragrance.
I might add that the Forget-me-nots, Peonies, Poppies, Zinnias, Hollyhocks, Asters, Roses, Nigellas, Liliums, Hydrangeas, Cosmos, Canterbury Bells and so many more 'dancers' of the botanical world are all waiting for their turn to amaze with their vibrancy and colour. Yes indeedy, over the next six months gardens here in Tassie are quite simply breathtaking
Not only is Spring bustin out all over with colour and pattern in the garden........there is an explosion of colour and pattern of the fabric kind in my bright and cheery sewing room. The School fair is just over a week away and I have been busily whipping up oodles and oodles of fabric flowers, flower fairies and other pretties for my li'l stall. My fabric flowers have taken on a life of their own. It seems that  the folk in this rural outpost are wanting to take an everlasting bouquet of prettiness home with them. Mmmmmm......when I grow up I want to be a florist!
 Every colour of the rainbow is represented.
Blues, Greens.........

Oranges and yellows........
En masse, an overspilling yummy bouquet of floral prettiness.

I have hot glued the fabric flowers to both knitting needles and lengths of wire to make single stem flowers. The flowers look so pretty bunched in overspilling bouquets of floral extravagance!
Overspilling vases of my fabric flowers in situ, in front of patchwork curtains which I stitched from the Designer Guild sample swatches that my lovely friend, Margaret, bestowed upon me. Yes is springtime every day in my sewing room!!
 And last but certainly not least, Li'l Miss Dahlia has been joined by many other flower fairies, all waiting with great excitement to make their appearance at the School Fair. The more the merrier is Miss Dahlia's philosophy.....she just has more friends to play with!
So all in all, outside and inside, 'Spring is bustin out all over'. Me thinks that I might just sit in my garden swing, read a book, drink a cup of tea or two (in a fine bone china tea cup of course), chat with my faithful companion, Maisie; and drink in all that Spring loveliness. 'Spring is bustin out all over' everywhere in this li'l ole neck of the woods, one should take an hour or two or three and make the most of it....don't you think!!


  1. Such a brilliant idea to fasten the flowers to old knitting needles. They are gorgeous! Whatever Miss Maize is planting, seems to be agreeing with your garden. It is simply divine. To sit on that swing ( although I'd get motion sickness) and study that quilt with a cup of tea, would be the perfect afternoon.

  2. you ever stop? I am so amazed at your lovely garden and all of your great garden creations! Maizie is an absolute doll. How fun to have such a special friend. You certainly are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you so very much for sharing a slice of your corner of the world.

  3. What a lovely cold weather garden you have! Thank you for showing us all the pretties...

  4. Your garden is so beautiful. We're now coming into winter so I'm envious of you with spring bustin all over! I love your fabric flowers, good luck with the school fair.

  5. All your blooms are spectacular! How wonderful to be able to enjoy them so.

  6. Amazing! Amazing! Your garden is gorgeous and so are your fabric flowers! And here we are headed into winter!!

  7. Your garden and your fabric flowers are explosions of colour! Tassie certainly knows how to bring a wonderful spring, even if it begins slowly.

  8. You are full of magic and have sprinkled fairy dust over all and made magikal blossoms EVERYWHERE---I want to come and dance amongst the beauty...

  9. Amazing fabric flowers they look so magical in the vase like that.

  10. Amazing fabric flowers they look so magical in the vase like that.