Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rome wasn't built in a day.......

....or so the old adage says. Neither, it seems will my little town, my little streetscape where quaint Victorian houses, wrought iron fences, happy children, very chic ladies, the odd beetle car or two, et cetera, are slowly appearing on the horizon.  No, I am afraid that my little town is certainly not going to be 'built' in a day, or even a week, nor perhaps even a month!! Inch by inch, or in the lingo of us Aussies, centimetre by centimetre, my little town is slowly being built, thread by thread.

It seems that there is a covenant put in place designed to protect the character of my little town!! Yes indeedy, a covenant that strictly stipulates and demands wonky buildings......walls that are a tad crooked, cute, cute Victorian-ish houses oozing charm, with pretty facades and gabled roofs, slate tiles, fretwork....the list goes on; all combining to create a happy little community!! It seems that the town planner responsible for the planning of this li'l town has watched far too many movies from "The Golden Years of Hollywood".

So with the plans having been drawn up and after much deliberation, approval given; the building has begun. 


Thread by thread the houses are slowly being built, transforming a blank canvas into a charming streetscape.The builders have been working overtime, indeed burning the night oil, building quaint Victorian houses and terraces.

The interior designer has been whipping up a creative storm, stitching pretty lace curtains for all the windows and doors, hanging the odd candelabra to be seen from picture windows and placing pretty window boxes at the windows, filled with pretty flowers spilling out in a profuse fashion.

The landscaper is working her magic, creating gardens, building intricate wrought iron fences and gates and arches; laying cobblestone footpaths, creating a water feature or two, planting an abundance of flowers and trees that children can climb and hide in until their mothers call them in for dinner.

 Children flying their kites high in the sky.

 A little girl swinging ever so high in the sky....mmmm...hope that bough of the tree is mighty strong!
An oh so chic lady sitting under the shade of an old tree, on a wrought iron bench seat (mmmm...don't know how comfortable it is) stealing an hour or two from everyday life with her pert little nose in a book.
A couple of oh so chic ladies taking their cute li'l puppy dogs for a walk.
 A sporty miss enjoying the sights on her bicycle.
Oh, and the odd beetle car and an oh so cool vintage sports car. Obviously a couple of car enthusiasts checking out this new town.
 AND.....the piece-de-resistance.......a bona fide, horse frolicking carousel........(mmmmm...hang on.... is that the honeyed, mellifluous voice of Gordon McRae, singing "My Boy Bill", that I can hear wafting off in the distance.....surely not)!! I told you that the town planner has watched a few too many Hollywood musicals!!

All in all, these 'drawings' have taken oodles and oodles of time to stitch. Although the stitching of these whimsical scenes was not without its frustrations it was mostly fun and enjoyable. I had a general idea of how I wanted my little streetscape to look, but I must admit that I kept thinking of new things to add as my little town started to take shape, thus resulting in a densely stitched piece of fabric which is approx. 2 metres x  30cms (80" x 12").

Though I am reasonably  happy with my streetscape, I can hear my Year 10 art teacher in my ear, taking me to task about several elements that 'blind Freddy' could see are not quite right! "Perspective Kim.....perspective.....dimension Kim....dimension....blah, blah, blah......", I can hear him say! Oh well....I guess my little town's imperfections (of which there are many) will just have to do. After all, I did want whimsy (the fabric that inspired this stitching is rather whimsical).....not an exact representation as seen by a 'perspective enlightened' trained eye.......(something I remember vaguely from my art classes of old). Obviously my eye is a little dim these days!!

So that's enough doodling with machine and thread for now. The town planner/architect/landscaper/ builder/designer, is going to have a little holiday, a little R&R, away from the frenetic activity of the little town; leaving the stitched panel on the shelf for a li'l while; before the humming and whirring of construction starts again.

Afterall this gal (who seems to wear many hats) has to put on her teaching hat and prepare a plethora of sewing fun for her little kiddos who, without fail, keep appearing on her door step......oh....and start stitching some other fun projects that are forming in her brainpan!!

I might even view a few "golden oldies"  where inspiration for Victorian maisons let me see.....perhaps..... "By the Light of the Silvery Moon".....or even....."On Moonlight Bay"....where Gordon McRae and Doris Day's  declare their undying love for each other through melodic song!!!

Here's to all kinds of pleasant "golden oldies"  viewing and fun stitching!!


  1. It's really wonderful - so magical!

  2. I am sitting here with furrowed brow, wondering how in the world you come up with these wonderful ideas. You are totally MEGA talented!!

  3. How wonderfully creative and fun! Such a unique and interesting piece. I will be interested to see what you end up making this into......

  4. Oh my. I CANNOT believe you are 'drawing' all that with thread. Such charming detail! The hours you must into it already...

  5. You are AMAZING!! I love every single stitch - the scenes are so beautifully emotive. How much thread did you use?!! I will be watching with great anticipation to see their continuing journey!

  6. I adore this stitching you are doing! Keep going, it's lovely!

  7. What a masterpiece!! Everywhere you look there is something else to catch your eye. It is amazing! It is wonderful!! I love it!!!

  8. I cant believe more people haven't commented on this, true artistry. I am particularly fond of the merry go round , Amazing work. found you through blog chicks- gradually working my way through