Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Behold I stand at the door and knock!!

No....it's wasn't the Good Lord knocking on the door of my li'l olde abode, that afternoon....(that door was opened in what seems a lifetime ago; in my youth)....but a dear friend in the guise of an angel, standing on the threshold of my humble abode with a beaming smile. Margaret came bearing wonderful gifts. And what were these gifts? They were swatch after swatch of the most beautiful Tricia Guild (of Designers' Guild fame) fabrics!
Now Margaret, who is rather blase about all things pertaining to textiles and design, (she shakes her head in complete befuddlement as to my state of asphyxiation each time I see a "must have" fabric) was  nonchalant as to why I should be so incredulous at the sight of her present. "It's just fabric" she declared!!! Margaret had never heard of Tricia Guild, nor indeed was she aware that Tricia Guild is one of the most influential and creative forces in the world of interior design. She just simply did not understand as to why I would oooooh and aaaaaah at the sight of each splendorous swatch! Apparently, a designer friend of hers was getting rid of these treasures and asked if she knew of anyone who could make use of them. Margaret, of course, instantly thought of me; her quirky, head in a textile cloud, friend!

I might add that these are not itty bitty swatches...no, no....BUT 1/2 metre lengths of gorgeous 100% linen, silk and cotton fabrics. Every colour of the rainbow is represented. The colour palette is a gradation of colour; from mellow hues to bright, dancing hues. Colour upon colour of pure and unadulterated  prismatic delight!

So.......after sipping many a cup of tea in my parlour that afternoon, Margaret and I chatted about all things Tricia Guild and poured over many of the sumptuous photos in 'one or two' of my Tricia Guild books! It's safe to say that when Margaret left my home she was well versed in all things Tricia Guild, seeing the Designers' Guild textile world of pattern, colour, texture and innovative design with new eyes. She had seen the light and had stepped over to the other side, into the redemptive, bold and colourful land of Designer's Guild!

Yes indeedy......it was one of those "I think I have died and gone to heaven" kind of afternoons.


  1. Oh my.......you are one lucky gal!! Beautiful fabrics, and a beautiful friend to have brought it to you!!!!

    1. Yes indeedy Vicki......I am a very, very lucky gal!!

  2. What an exciting afternoon! I must admit I had never heard of Tricia Guild either, but now know a little better, thanks to you.

  3. It was the highlight of my week Karen! If you should ever come across any of Tricia Guild's books, have a 'Bo Peep'.....she is truly inspirational!