Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Room with a View

Every day my sewing room seems to lure me into its creative grasp, teasing me to while away an hour or two and just play. Previously, in my other life I sewed on the kitchen table, which was a tad problematic as my creativity used to morph into a life of its own, escaping its rather confined boundaries and weaving its way throughout the house entangling anyone and anything into it's messy textile web.
But now I have my very own sewing room. Hallelujah!


A room where everything has its place. A room where I don't have to unearth fabric, lace, buttons and other sewing paraphernalia to find the required bits and bobs for whatever creation I'm working of all, my sewing room has the most amazing view. A vignette of lush green paddocks which changes daily with a roving kaleidoscope of black and white bovine, a country winding road, aged gum trees perfectly placed as if nature had the view from my window in mind when planting each seed; and majestic purple opalescent mountains off into the distance. 

A view that calms and inspires.  A view that provides the most breathtaking sunrises, incredible Monet-esque sunsets where the sky's canvas is painted with glorious hues of fiery orangey reds or the softest pinky purpley blue hues, which then transforms with a final crescendo into the theatre of the night sky, where thousands of scintillescent stars smile down at me. It is truly magical.


My view heralds the changes of each season. From the sun-filled days of Summer, to the cooler days of Autumn where the leaves change from green to a glow of yellow, orange and red; to the icy cold days of Winter, where there are ice-sheathed paddocks as far as the eye can see; to the warm days of Spring when the earth begins the dance of new life with masses of pretty flowers popping up to greet the sunshine.


Aaaah yes........the view from my sewing room is truly serendipitous!!