Sunday, May 4, 2014

Oh what a tangled web I weave!!

A very tangled web indeed! Chilly Winter days will have drifted into warm Spring days, before I invisibly weave this chaotic disarray of coloured twisted yarns into my jumper. Really....the things I do. Perhaps next time I really shouldn't. (Note to myself: Under no circumstance should you knit by the seat of your pants ever again; nor, should you make it up as you go.....ever, ever, EVER again!!) Me thinks I am cured of the malady of experimenting with all things that fall within the category of 'Woolly Ventures' least for a week or two!! If nothing else these spaghetti-like strands look very pretty in all their unruliness.

I am still click clacking away on my second sleeve....I know, I know.....B O R I N G!! 'Tis very wearisome for you, clicking on post after post to see nothing else but the various phases of my woolly jumper! But what is a gal to do.....I would like to post something for 'Wool on Sundays' in support of the sisterhood of knitting and crocheting.

This week a honeycomb pattern in mauve and a lovely brown....or perhaps it is fawn or taupe. Whatever the gradation of this delightful 'tis.

 But the really, really gob smacking, hands down, highlight of this post is..... (have I piqued your interest yet....)

If you remember, a few weeks ago, whilst enjoying a mighty fine coffee at a seaside cafe, I happened upon this gorgeous yarn storming of a bicycle. me and my good husband decided to venture out for a sunny Sunday afternoon drive and of course the jalopy took it on it's own volition to navigate itself back to the cafe. The bicycle in question is now wearing the most gorgeous crochet fancies around it's wheels!! Now this is just too, too scrumptious!!

Well if that do beat all!! I can't wait to return to have a bopeep at what other exaggerated, imaginative woollies they dream up!! Until next time........

Linking up to Janine's lovely blog Rainbow Hare for "Wool on Sundays"


  1. That old jalopy is to die for, how a bit of wool can make something hard and metal look so inviting and beautiful?! Enjoying too the changes of colours and patterns in your jumper, so much texture and interest, great project. :D

  2. Yes, the yarn-bombed bike is pretty amazing, but your sweater is no slouch either. I am in awe of your creativity!

  3. I like seeing the patterns and colours of your jumper wonder wooly! I love the colourful wool patterned bicycle thanks. :)

  4. That bike is something else. Wonderful photos! and I love the honeycomb too.

  5. Looks pretty swish for a bike..there will be no riding bikes through puddles and on wet days.
    Jumper is looking excellent. Gotta admire your perseverance, I definitely would have given up by now especially without a pattern. loving the mauve wool pattern

  6. I could never be bored by your posts - *sigh* - your honeycombing is do die for! Just the most beautiful, soft looking pattern.

  7. Wear your jumper inside out and call those spaghetti like strings a 'feature'! Your adventures are awesome.

  8. Happy woollying to you too, Kim! That is surely the best dressed bicycle ever! And I like that honeycomb pattern. I'd not have thought of pairing purple and browns - it's a beautiful combination. I love your winging-it-improv knitting :)

  9. The bicycle is a real "WOW." But then so is your sweater. I understand about "never" again whilst in the middle of a project like yours.... But just like childbirth, you will forget the pain and go for another project! (LOL)

    1. Haha.....I am afraid that I am one gal that has never quite forgotten the pain of childbirth....but as for another project, you are probably right. No doubt there is another "live by the seat of my pants" project not too far down my yellow brick road of creating.

  10. I still can't believe all the different stitches you know in your head. Amazing. The bicycle is just over the top : )

  11. Your knitting is amazing! The back may look like spaghetti but the front is a delight to the senses. that bike looks like it has your name written all over it.....

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